Thursday, August 10, 2017

Lots of Adventures (work in progress)

1- after botching a bad burglary, thieves take a civilian hostage and take him/her to their hideout.
2- thieves enlist the party in helping them steal back confiscated food stuff from an evil noble.
3- thieves have broken into a church and have taken a powerful religious relic.
4- thieves are holed up in someone’s mansion and threaten to burn it to the ground.
5- thieves are randomly robbing houses and slaying the residents; the PCs need to find a common trend in the crimes and predict where they will strike next.
6- captured thieves are being put on trial for stealing a magic item from a noble, but they claim it was justified.
7- thieves are returning all the items they have stolen and are willingly going to prison, but are doing so because they know it will give them access to the castle’s treasure vault.
8- thieves have been appearing out of nowhere to rob people and then vanish into thin air.
9- thieves are casting aside their thieving ways to help secure the freedom of a community held under a tyrant’s boot.
10- thieves have taken a child’s sweet roll and intend to use it in some form of perverse magic ritual.
11- a neutral-aligned dragon threatens to destroy a town unless her stolen egg is returned.
12- a good-aligned dragon lands in a castle courtyard and demands that the lord within come out and make amends for the wrongs his ancestor committed long ago, thus fulfilling an ancient covenant the dragon had made with the ancestor’s victims.
13- an evil-aligned dragon lands in the middle of a town and threatens to set fire to the community unless slaves who are skilled at mining are delivered to her lair.
14- an evil dragon lands in a community and captures a sage, whom he brings back to his lair.
15- a neutral-aligned dragon seeks after someone to enter a crack in the floor of her lair to retrieve a lost magical item that has fallen down into shadow.
16- a neutral-aligned dragon, disguised as an attractive person, invites the PCs up to the mountains.
17- an adult dragon serves as a mount to a newly arrived warlord who flies over a city and demands that its citizens surrender to him.
18- a terrifying dracolich lands in a city and empties out the denizens until only it remains, allowing it to commence digging through buildings as it searches for something it lost back when alive.
19- an evil-aligned dragon repeatedly lands in a town and makes off with cattle and horses.
20- an evil dragon demands that someone comes to his lair to claim the virgin that was intended to be a sacrifice for him; she apparently has a rather sour disposition and refuses to leave under her own power.
21- some children playing in a cave have accidentally discovered and opened a hidden dungeon entrance.
22- farmers digging a well have accidentally excavated the roof of a buried castle.
23- miners digging for silver in the mountains have discovered the outer wall of a vast dungeon complex.
24- sages comparing maps have discovered the possible location of an ancient, buried temple.
25- an old librarian found a manuscript detailing the whereabouts of a secret labyrinth buried in the woods.
26- after buying an old castle, a wealthy family found a key to a hidden entrance in their fireplace, which they think leads to an old and vast catacomb under the foundation.
27- a quake caused a crack to form at the bottom of a pond, draining it and revealing a forgotten fortress.
28- locals say an abandoned manor, once empty and lifeless, now has lights in the windows at night.
29- while swimming through a clearwater pond, a diver discovered an entrance to a dungeon hidden among the pondweeds.
30- while making out in a nearby ruin, a young man and woman accidentally fall through a moss-covered trap door leading to a secret maze infested with giant centipedes.  The couple is physically unharmed, but have since broken up after one of the centipedes suggested that the girl could have gone with a much better boy.
31- while attending a fancy dinner party, the host or hostess is killed and the PCs are accused of the deed.
32- after murdering a lord’s wife, the killer fled into the sewers.
33- a rich and powerful merchant is murdered just as it is learned he is on the verge of bankruptcy.  The murder was committed while he traveled aboard a ship with other wealthy merchants, some of whom have had bad dealings with him in the past.
34- a famous bard is strangled to death while she attends the performance of one of her rivals.
35- local lords are poisoned to death during their weekly game of cards and dice.
36- during court proceedings, one of the local barristers is shot by a crossbow rigged in the rafters above his seat; a cord running out one of the windows served as the means of pulling the trigger.
37- a feud between two merchant guilds culminates in one guild master being stabbed in his sleep, but his rivals deny involvement.
38- the high priest of a goodly church was killed and an ancient codex that details how to summon powerful demons was stolen from his library.
39- an arcane master was killed by his pupil and his tower transported out of the city and up to the mountains.
40- the master of the thieves’ guild was slain and his followers are waging war in the streets and alleys over who gains control.
41- the statue of a maiden in the middle of town is actually an evil sorceress whose pupils have come to release her from bondage.
42- an old statue up in the hills is actually a petrified giant and his kin are looking for someone to restore him to his former self.
43- a ring of dancing elf maidens in a grove were petrified by their enemies to prevent them from casting a ritual that would seal away an underworld demon.
44- the grotesques situated atop a shrine are actual gargoyles and have started awakening at night.
45- a statue of a golden dragon in the middle of a city is a real dragon, and has intentionally petrified itself to wait for a time when it can fulfill a covenant to protect the city in its greatest time of need before it finally dies, (a potion of de-petrification is buried at its feet).
46- the statue of an old, beloved king hides the entrance to his tomb where his body remains frozen in perpetual battle with a demonic lord.
47- hidden deep in the woodlands, a petrified celestial stands in a hidden garden with her head missing; its return promises great blessings to be bestowed.
48- a stone-shaped bard sits in a town square, forever in the act of playing his pipes.
49- outside of town, a burned down orphanage is filled with statues of children (they had been polymorphed into stone before the fire by a mysterious benefactor to protect them from the flames).
50- a terrible beast’s petrified body lays half buried in a canyon, but now the earth trembles and stone about its skin begins to crack and crumble.
51- some farmers have purchased land, but must pass through territory belonging to gnolls.
52- pilgrims are holed up in a ruined tower to escape swarms of giant spiders that have infested the first floor.  They cannot leave the tower until the lower levels are purged.
53- clerics and a paladin are traveling through bandit lands to a shrine out in the wilderness to retrieve some sacred texts.
54- mages are setting out to look for rare spell components out in a wilderness area and need protection.
55- supplies are being delivered to an out of the way town that has fallen on hardships, but orcs and goblins have set up an ambush.
56- a band of evil mages are bringing caged monsters to a large city while disguised as a trade caravan.
57- freed slaves are fleeing to another country, but their former masters have sent assassins to follow.
58- the heir to a sizeable fortune has come of age and needs to travel to her home land to claim it, but her scheming relatives have sent a mage assassin to slay her on the road.
59- a trio of armored minotaurs are blocking a trade rout while their masters erect a wall and gatehouse in preparation for war.
60- frightened tradesmen speak of a wounded black dragon sleeping in the middle of a well-traveled road.
61- mages have cast charm spells on wealthy merchants and are luring them in to sign away their worldly possessions.
62- clerics of a lesser known evil god are luring in confused and emotionally feeble individuals and creating a dangerously proportioned following.
63- people are vanishing in a small, coastal town built near a cave where an Aboleth lairs.
64- dark elves secretly enter the city streets at night and drag homeless people down into the Underdark to become slaves.
65- a strange community built between a gap in the mountains is welcoming travelers in, but secretly are sending the travelers deeper into the gap where a dragon lairs.
66- a misty town filled with odd people who are actually ghouls and their master, a powerful lich, has cast an illusion over the community to lure in travelers and transform them into ghouls.
67- a noble family has been taken hostage by a force of mercenaries until they sign over their lands.
68- giant ants have tunneled into a city and are carrying people down to their hive.
69- the daughter of a high cleric has been taken to a shrine in the wilderness and is being prepared as a sacrificial offering to an evil deity.
70- strange performers visit communities and kidnap children so as to use magic to charm them to be pickpockets and cat burglars, which they abandon once they take their loot and leave.
71- a gang of over a hundred hobgoblins riding on wargs terrorize villages on the borders.
72- a city is attacked by wild men riding on flying drakes.
73- goblins riding owlbears assault an elven outpost, believing the elves to have an ancient artifact.
74- kobolds riding on a Bulette attack and destroy farmlands; they wish to clear out the humans so as to seek out a dungeon supposedly buried beneath a field.
75- skeletons riding on skeletal horses ride in from the ocean and assault a castle overlooking the beach.
76- a mage riding a young dragon attacks a city as he attempts to slay the heir to his enemy’s fortune.
77- merfolk riding a dragon turtle attack trade ships secretly carrying poisons being used against them.
78- intelligent bandits riding gryphons assault trade routes by attacking from the sky.
79- lizardfolk riding dragonnes storm out of the swamp and set fire to gnomish fields.
80- sprites riding pseudodragons swarm into a city and cause magical mischief to the locals while others of their number steal coins from a bank.
81- a guild of thieves has joined forces with planar beings to acquire magical items.
82- tribes of bugbears and hobgoblins unite in an uneasy truce as they prepare for war against elves.
83- two evil dragons have united in order to claim treasure from a palace treasure trove, which they intend to divide between themselves.
84- a beholder and a clan of Illithids have joined together in a quest to draw in more slaves from the surface world.
85- a lich lord has joined with a demon prince in order to claim a powerful, underground ruin.
86- two churches of different evil deities have temporarily joined to overthrow a kingdom.
87- bullywugs and lizardfolk are joining together to push outsiders out of their swamp.
88- neutral gnolls seek for refuge in a castle and ask for assistance in repelling a host of orcs.
89- goblins and kobolds, realizing their frailty on their own, have combined into a ponderous force that seeks to purge all gnomes and halflings from their borders.
90- all kinds of vermin; rats, spiders, insects and bats, are swarming over the country for an unknown reason.
91- an evil cleric is enlisting idle young men and sending them out on raids.
92- an evil druid is corrupting sylvan creatures and sending them to attack farmlands.
93- a fallen paladin is drawing away members of his old order and turning them against the community.
94- an evil, mysterious elf suddenly appears, leading a band of goblinoids, all equipped for battle.
95- an evil bard with an enchanted flute is leading a host of dire rats against a castle community.
96- an evil sorcerer emerges from the sewer with a small band of medium-sized clay golems and begins attacking the market square.
97- an evil Halfling is seen going around, sprinkling magical powder on potted plants.  Later these plants transform into orc-sized plant humanoids that attack the community.
99- an evil mage delivers a crate filled with homunculi to a dinner party.
100- an evil mage has animated all the furniture in a town and is having them attack the locals.
101- a ring of standing stones has been activated by a novice mage, opening a portal to the ethereal plane.
102- a strange cabinet in an old wizard house has opened, revealing passage into the plane of air.
103- the valley goes ablaze as a hidden dungeon containing a gate to the plane of fire is disturbed.
104- a great, black mass is spreading across the land and is drawing things into the plane of shadows.
105- water endlessly bubbles up from a geyser in the middle of a field, which turns out to be a gateway into the elemental plane of water.
106- acolytes of a powerful demon cult have built a secret temple in the wilderness and have opened a small gate to the hells in preparation for the arrival of a lesser demon prince.
107- the discovery of an ancient ruin up in the mountains has also revealed a gate, which may bring travelers to parallel universes (other campaign settings).
108- a curious box (telephone booth) has emerged in the middle of the city.  Occupants who step into it and place a tethered device against their head (phone) are transported to a strange, technological society (the real world).
109- a deranged illusionist has cast an exceedingly powerful illusion over the palace, causing its denizens to believe they are in a terrifying, metaphorical nightmare.
110- after a cataclysmic spell is miscast, an aperture opens in the sky, leading to Nirvana and disrupting the order of the Modron society; now Primus has declared war on the material plane.
111- smoke billows out of a coal mine after a wicked mage releases a fire elemental into it.
112- a newly discovered vein of ore causes a mine to expand deeper into the mountain where it meets with a long, forgotten dwarven vault.
113- a brand new mine unintentionally delves into a cave system overgrown with carnivorous plant life.
114- drow elves dug into an abandoned silver mine and now use it as a launching point for secret raids.
115- an earthquake triggers a landslide, which uncovers a vault that was built long ago to seal away a powerful dracolich.
116- miners have discovered an opening into an ancient maze built around a cavern where a great tower rises from floor to roof.
117- miners are vanishing inside a mine where a cult of necromancers secretly conducts experiments.
118- after a heavy rainfall, miners are sealed into a mine by flood water and need rescuing.
119- gold discovered in a river actually stems from an abandoned dragon’s hoard, which now causes several rivalries to form over who claims the treasure.
120- having learned of the resting place of a powerful artifact, a greedy king forces his people to excavate an enormous hole until they reach the location of the object.
121- a sect of evil clerics seeks to overthrow the king and place a member of their order over the people.
122- strange idealists are stirring the people up to violence against their leaders.
123- evil monks are standing at the entrance to the palace and preventing anyone from entering or leaving.
124- the king’s family members have gone missing and an epistle demanding that the king step down appears in the mouth of a severed boar’s head, which has been laid on the court’s banquet table.
125- orc and human brutes have set up ambushes all around the city where they attack traders until the king pays them a heavy ransom.
126- the townsfolk are assailed by vermin conjured up by druids who demand that they stop cutting down trees in their sacred places.
127- gangs of giants are bombarding the castle walls with large stones, demanding the return of a stolen magic item.
128- monstrous humanoids demand equal treatment by the local authority while secretly plotting the overthrow of the community.
129- plagues afflict the community after a king ordered a sacred shrine be ransacked for holy items.
130- the king and his counselors are being held captive in the royal hall by a strong adventuring party.
131- a tribe of gnolls are wrongfully accused of raiding farms and slaughtering livestock.
132- two Halfling clans are attacking each other over a feud that began centuries ago.
133- dwarves have opened a secret mine in the mountains and an evil king is attempting to find out what they’re looking for so that he may take it for himself.
134- an elvish idealist is attempting to unite the demi-human races against humans, blaming them for all the ills of the world and believing that they should serve longer-lived races as slaves.
135- half-orc families are being persecuted by gnomes and dwarves who hate them for their orcish blood.
136- an underwater merfolk settlement is crushed by a sinking ship and the aquatic denizens demand retribution for the damage to property and lives lost.
137- illithids openly demand human sacrifices to feed their elder brain under threat of utter destruction.
138- lizardfolk and kobolds compete against each other over the same dungeon.
139- humans from two different cultures are openly contentious as cultures clash.
140- elves have banned all trade with humans until a captured elven sage is safely returned.
141- a powerful stench from the sewers is troubling the people in the city; monsters must be the cause.
142- nightfall remains constant with no dawn in sight as a lich’s curse takes hold of the land.
143- ice covers a town each evening as a powerful wraith floats through, holding up a strange, blue torch.
144- a community is troubled by horrific crying that comes from a sealed-off storehouse.
145- every night on a full moon, howling from thousands of possessed wolves torments a village.
146- rain continues to fall and threatens to wash a town away until the cause is sorted out.
147- campfires appear in the valley beyond a city, but when investigated only bones and strange symbols can be found, denoting a coming doom.
148- murders of crows amass, marking the arrival of a mysterious, undead swordsman stands at a crossroads, waiting for a worthy challenger.
149- during early morning hours, fog settles in on the lake and a mysterious boatman is seen on the waters.
150- during the night, a procession of spectral funeral goers vanishes into the church, and following this, one of the pillars in the church collapses, revealing a hole that leads into a secret crypt.
151- relics from a church have been stolen by bandits who intend to use them against the state.
152- a mage’s amulet, which nullifies magic, has been stolen by an assassin who intends to use it against an archmage.
153- crafty rogues have stolen the king’s crown and scepter and are traveling to an enemy kingdom.
154- the official signet ring and seal of the kingdom’s scribe have been stolen by brigands who intend to produce false paperwork, allowing them free access to restricted areas.
155- the head of an important statue has been broken off and stolen outside the royal family’s crypt.
156- the museum in the middle of the city has had an exhibit robbed and a set of ancient, but powerful wands stolen by deviants with ill intentions.
157- a famous brewery has had its recipe book stolen by orcish competitors.
158- a devious goblin has stolen the flying broom and rod of paralysis from a witch’s hut and is flying about, zapping innocent people as a distraction for other goblins who are digging up into the city streets.
159- the clothes of a magistrate have been stolen and someone is masquerading as him in seedy places.
160- a nobleman’s wig has been stolen by a bald goblin and he cannot go out in public until it is returned.
161- wicked clerics have raised up the skeletal remains of a powerful warrior, still dressed in his magical armor and bearing magical arms.
162- evil druids have created an abomination out of plant matter, which has the strength and power of a hill giant; they have set it against the castle walls.
163- necromancers have taken the bones of dragons and fashioned them into a horrifying skeletal creature of humanoid build.
164- evil gnomish mages and inventors have produced a giant clockwork spider that fires lightning from its abdomen and sprays acid from its mouth.
165- an alchemist/necromancer out in the country has produced a flesh golem out of troll flesh, which allows it to rapidly regenerate wounds to the point that attacks are totally ineffective unless set aflame with oil.
166- an evil and exceedingly wealthy mage has created thousands of icy creatures the size and strength of goblins in her estate’s cellar and has set them out against a town.
167- a mad priest who worships a lesser vermin god has sent a vast army of spiders out of the sewers.
168- the statue over an old fountain comes to life and attacks anyone who draws near; the fountain hides an ancient artifact, which has been buried under its foundation.
169- an orcish shaman has imbued one of his best warriors with terrifying strength, giving him the size and strength of a giant so that he can stand at the head of an army of orcs.
170- an inventor has produced a wonderful apparatus that brews fabulous ale through magical means, but something has caused it to go haywire and ale flows like a river out of his tower; someone needs to climb against the endless torrent of ale to his workshop at the very top and shut off the apparatus.
171- the flower girl in town is actually a highly-trained Halfling assassin on the run from another kingdom.
172- an elderly gentleman is actually a mage who has been alive for centuries and seeks after the same power that caused his longevity before it falls into the wrong hands.
173- one of the city guards is actually a warrior of great fame who has chosen to hide his identity to avoid his enemies.
174- the man performing in the town square is actually an evil bard trying to acquire enough popularity to be invited into the palace where he intends to perform a deadly song for the court.
175- the strange hermit who lives near the cemetery is actually a necromancer who intends to attack the town with the reanimated corpses of their departed.
176- the peculiar, overly excited woman wandering the streets is actually a powerful planar entity who has come to see how mortals live on the prime material plane.
177- the old woman who always sleeps in the chair in front of the Inn is actually a retired mage who searches the astral plane in her dreams for her lost love.
178- the old bronze statue the town’s children play on in the alley is actually a golem.
179- the old, boarded off town well is actually an air shaft to an underground vault.
180- the town’s old cleric is actually a hero who sealed off a vengeful demon.
181- goblins come in the night to set augers against a mighty dike, which holds back the ocean.
182- gnolls set fire to the fields and make off with flocks while the villagers put out the flames.
183- bugbears dislodge boulders from the mountains onto a small town below.
184- orcs have hedged in a walled town on all sides and demand continual tributes.
185- many trolls encircle a community built near swamplands and attack at night, requiring the town to keep many bonfires continually burning throughout the night.
186- two ogre clans compete over raiding the same town, causing the town to be doubly bombarded on both sides.
187- a family of hill giants come down from the mountains every few months to topple a town’s windmills.
188- an army of hobgoblins steal away the youth of a town, making them into slaves to help dig away at the mountain in search of some hidden treasure.
189- kobolds sneak into a town at night through the well and raid a storehouse of its food.
190- bandits demand “protection fees” from local communities and threaten with violence if payments are insufficient or late.
191- an argument between a mage and his apprentice cause a held demon to escape their circle.
192- hundreds of imps sealed behind a false wall in a library are accidentally released and torment the town.
193- while studying the energies that comprise different planes, a group of mages accidentally bring a terrible elemental creature into the prime material plane.
194- the large monster kept in one of the king’s hidden vaults has escaped and is on a rampage.
195- a young clutch of dragons, recently turned loose by their mother, are converging on the same kingdom.
196- creatures have escaped a druidic prison and are swarming out of the woods toward farmlands.
197- goblins come from below ground and plead for aid from local authorities to help them contain an underground invasion that threatens to spread to the surface world.
198- criminals escape from the castle dungeon and have swarmed an Inn where they hold the patrons and owner hostage.
199- after a recent quake, a crack opened in the fields, releasing giant insects into the area.
200- heavy rainfall has flooded a pond, bringing an infestation of aquatic monsters dangerously close to a village.
201- an evil lord is sending his soldiers into a peaceful kingdom to demand taxes and tributes from its citizenry.
202- all of the roads leading into a trade town are being blocked by military guards who demand food and provisions.
203- thugs enter a popular tavern and demand tributes from all of the patrons and its owner.
204- nobody has heard anything from the residents at the local castle and now strange men in black cowls are demanding increased tax payment.
205- the city armory has been deprived of every weapon and now a band of well-armed thugs are preventing anyone from entering or leaving the city until their demands are met.
206- a vast organization of thieves have infiltrated all of the major homesteads in the farmlands of a great city and are cutting off food and other supplies unless paid a rich tribute.
207- lizardfolk kidnap a nobleman’s daughter as she travels through their swamp and demand ransom.
208- an evil church has moved into a town and demands that their worshipers make difficult sacrifices.
209- an evil wizard has produced a powerful zone of darkness over the land and demands gold in order to dispel it; no other mage seems able to do so.
210- clever merchants have produced a sweet that is highly addictive, requiring people to lust for more than they can afford.
211- a political organization orchestrates the assassination of a ruler, believing that the next person in line will be a better choice, but the next person begins a bloody regime.
212- a heroic paladin suddenly turns against her order and reveals herself to be an enemy to all they stand for.
213- a loyal servant to the party helps them through many adventures only to turn on them and become their most bitter rival after they claim a powerful artifact.
214- an ancient ally to the elves helps them defend against a goblin invasion, but suddenly turns on them when the battle is over, taking advantage of their weakened state.
215- a kind warrior helps the heroes find passage into the heart of an enemy fortress and then betrays them by uniting with their foes against them.
216- a seemingly feeble specter begs the PCs to help it return to its grave site where it fuses back to its body and rises again as a powerful lich.
217- a seemingly evil assassin attempting to murder a seemingly innocent merchant turns out to be an agent for good attempting to save people from a dangerous man before he unleashes a plague.
218- a seemingly chaotic man is being held in prison after being wrongfully accused of starting a brawl.
219- a silly, clumsy mage hires the PCs to help her delve into a deep dungeon where she acquires a powerful rod that grants her the evil powers she has been lusting after.
220- a lich haunting an old tower turns out to be neutral, rather than evil, and trying to recover his journal so that he may remember who he is and finally be put at rest.
221- two farming communities are openly fighting each other over access to the same water source.
222- the druidic tribe of the bear is invading the druidic tribe of the wolf’s territories in the wilderness.
223- a peasant town hangs in the balance as two tribes of orc battle over who gets to raid them.
224- upon the death of the king, angry mobs in favor of and in opposition to the newly appointed steward are clashing in the streets.
225- mountain passes become unsafe as two clans of giant fight over territories in the loftier terrain.
226- feuds amongst underground kingdoms are forcing monsters to rise to the surface as they madly flee.
227- two wealthy nobles are contesting over who gets to marry another noble and inherit her estates.
228- two merchant’s guilds have hired thugs to destroy each other’s establishments.
229- an influential bandit king has escaped from prison and is rallying his men in preparation for war against his rivals.
230- two universities of magic in two different cities are waging a fierce competition against each other.
231- after a quake, a hole opens in the back of a library, revealing a tunnel into an old labyrinth.
232- quaking in the mountains causes a slope to collapse and reveal an immense stone guardian.
233- expansions into a new mine open the way into a secret cavern containing a portal to another plane.
234- a newly dug well drops down into a vast underwater labyrinth occupied by evil monsters.
235- a freshly plowed field unearths an urn containing the ashes and the skull of a mighty demilich.
236- at night, two seedy merchants accidentally activate a magical trinket that causes a forgotten wizard’s tower to spring forth from their roof.
237- after cleaning one of the storage cellars in an old palace, servants discover a trap door down to a secret dungeon.
238- while exploring an old shack on the edge of the village, some children discover the floorboards pulled up and leading to a cave network owned by bandits.
239- while walking along the beach, a traveler discovers a recently wrecked ship filled with aquatic monsters.
240- the king is gifted with a strange rug, which when unfurled, becomes a staircase down into an unknown extra-dimensional space.
241- a kingdom thought to be a dear ally suddenly marshals for war against their neighbor.
242- mysterious foes from a distant land show up with an invasion force and search about for something unknown.
243- slavers appear along the coast and begin sacking peaceful villages.
244- underground kingdoms rise to the surface and demand tributes of slaves and resources.
245- beings from another plane pour into the prime material plane, seeking to take the whole world.
246- a flight of dragons, headed by a powerful magic-user, demand that a capital city empty out and relinquish all the surrounding lands for unknown reasons.
247- elves invade a dwarven stronghold after the dwarves refuse to return precious gems that once belonged to ancient precursor elves.
248- dwarves invade elven lands after the elvish lords refuse to compensate the dwarves for their efforts in repelling an orc invasion that occurred hundreds of years before.
249- a kindly druid’s lands are under attack from rallied locals when it is heard that he is harboring a tribe of gnolls in his domain.
250- giants are mustering their forces in preparation for an assault against a walled kingdom.
251- two allies of the party have begun a feud and want them to pick a side.
252- a prominent cleric and a master wizard are slated to engage in a debate on the nature of magic.
253- two powerful nobles are bidding against each other on the lands of another noble whose lands have been seized.
254- two adventurer’s guilds are taking each other to court over a territorial dispute; both want to operate in the same city.
255- a notable rogue in the city has challenged a nobleman to a public duel, wagering the exposition of his identity and operations.
256- a famous adventuring party has decided to part ways after a terrible feud; the locals are heartbroken and wish to see the companions make amends.
257- two of the city’s patrols are brawling in a local tavern after one quartermaster accused the other of accepting bribes and the other accused the first of cowardice.
258- farmers whose cattle have been slaughtered are ready to fight one another to the death, convinced that each is responsible for the deed.
259- two old mages have been arguing for years, accusing each other of stealing spell ideas.
260- a lord and lady have divorced and are pitting their people against each other over the division of the estates.
261- a portal into the abyss has opened and a powerful seal needs to be placed on an alter to close it.
262- a forest titan has awoken and an arch druid’s staff needs to be found in order to lull it back to sleep.
263- strange elemental activity is growing above the palace and a powerful rod of elemental control needs to be found in order to dispel the effects.
264- a spectral army of undead are preparing to invade a community unless the holy symbol of a particular cleric is brought and used by a priest to banish them.
265- a mummy lord is cursing the land and cannot be destroyed or turned unless its artifacts are returned to its tomb.
266- an evil warrior has found a godly artifact that makes him nigh invulnerable and unstoppable unless a powerful scroll can be used to cast a spell upon him, forcing the artifact to turn inert.
267- powerful golem, which has been locked up in the palace vaults underground, has been set loose in the town and cannot be stopped without finding a special command scroll and putting it in its mouth.
268- a tear in the continuum links the prime material plane with another plane and the fissure may only be closed if one can discover the original spell used to open it in the first place.
269- a plague sweeps through a city and the source of the sickness may only be destroyed with the aid of a potent and exceedingly rare herb that grows in only one place.
270- meteors fall form the sky, spreading fire and devastation until the gods are appeased by returning an important artifact that a mortal has stolen.
271- while cleaning an old lectern, a cleric page discovers an old journal form a high cleric detailing a vision he had concerning a coming dread.
272- while delivering a sermon, one of the local clerics has a vision of a terrible demon breaking free into the prime material plane.
273- as she performs, a bardess’s song is changed and the lyrics provide information from one of the gods, warning that a powerful dragon is about to awaken and scourge the land.
274- while excavating a crypt, some grave robbers claim to have stumbled upon a tablet detailing the end of the world; a scam that allows them to further excavate the crypt for more treasure.
275- a letter from a mysterious enemy from another plane details plans for occupation and commands a kingdom to stand down and bow to their new lord.
276- the queen falls ill and in her sleep mutters something about a dreadful being and his armies coming to lay waste to the territory.
277- a mysterious child appears at the king’s court and warns everyone that death is about to sweep through the land from a certain direction (north, south, east, west, etc.)
278- the stars in the heavens shift position and the local sages believe it is a sign that a terrible plague is about to sweep through the land.
279- a sage mysteriously dies and when his body is examined there are strange words cut into his flesh, which foretell the arrival of an evil entity stirring below the surface.
280- a mage uses clairvoyance to spread a message abroad to whomever he can reach, warning that orc camps have been spotted all along the borders of a kingdom.
281- corrupt fishermen deceive and capture the young prince of a kingdom of merfolk.
282- trolls kidnap a skilled sage and alchemist, and demand that they produce a formula that will make their tribe immune to fire and/or acid burns.
283- the princess and her entourage are taken captive by grey dwarves and brought below the earth.
284- a beholder’s minions capture the head of a merchant’s guild in a powerful city.
285- the local sheriff and his family have been captured by a notorious bandit gang.
286- a dryad matron has been captured by unsavory humans who demand that her kind leave a forest temple so that it may be ransacked for magic items.
287- all of the children in a town have been lured out and captured by a strange magician who intends to raise them as corrupted minions.
288- a powerful cleric has turned up missing with a note explaining that he will be returned safely if his church is torn down and his followers made to leave the county.
289- a poor man who recently inherited a vast inheritance has gone missing and his relatives are suspect.
290- a diplomat from a distant land has been captured by a powerful bugbear clan.
291- a recently deceased mage has been buried in his family tomb, which is rumored to hold many magical artifacts.
292- a guild of mages need adventurers to enter their headmaster’s tomb to retrieve an important ring.
293- the tomb of a powerful cleric lord has been uncovered, but the interior is haunted by all manner of spectral undead.
294- children claim to have just seen a ghostly procession of elves meander through the woods towards an unknown destination.
295- a wicked tyrant’s father has died and all of his enslaved wives have been sealed away in his tomb; the women’s family want them rescued and returned safely without the tyrant finding out.
296- the lair of a dracolich has been discovered and its remains disturbed, rousing it back to consciousness.
297- a ship of otherworldly craft has crashed up in the mountains and many speculate on what strange treasures it may hold.
298- an eccentric nobleman has died, leaving his mansion, which stands on a tiny island, open but protected by many traps.
299- a castle whose residents were killed by a mysterious illness, looms undisturbed upon a hilltop.
300- far to the north, an entire village, said to be trapped in ice and guarded by a white dragon, holds trade goods from all around the world.
301- Rakshasas masquerading as carnival folk use enchanted liquors to compel visitors to bring their valuables back to the carnival during their next visit.
302- a traveling zoo recently had one of its cages fall off a wagon, causing it to break and the strange monster contained within to flee into a crowded city.
303- an evil school master uses his magic ring to entrance his students and compel them to steal for him.
304- vicious packs of dogs come pouring into a town at night while the party rests at an Inn; they are compelled by a mad mage to search for the son of his rival and bring him to an abandoned tower out in the hills.
305- an evil mistress has been using a wand of charm to seduce a slow-witted, but capable and usually very kind oaf of a man to set fire to her rivals’ crops in order to throw competitors’ trade into disarray.
306- a local magistrate has been abusing his power to pardon sinister men caught and accused of thievery so as to secretly profit from the thefts of a local thieves’ guild.
307- strange thefts have been reported in a community and after exhausting every possibility, the party learns of a strange, black dog that has recently showed up in town; it is a rogue using a ring of polymorph to transform himself.
308- people have gone missing in a certain part of a city where a giant spider has made a home in a deep, dark alleyway.
309- a band of local thieves have unexpectedly turned themselves in to authorities in an attempt to “escape the madness,” which turns out to be the ghost of a paladin who has been haunting them by creating the illusion of their hideout being engulfed in flames.
310- a powerful cursed sword has been stolen and the CPs must follow clues that lead them to a troop of performers who accidentally purchased the weapon while buying prop swords; the thief hid the weapon among the goods when he was being pursued and now one of the performers is about to use it in a performance, which the PCs must stop before the blade unleashes its curse.
311- an odd new town has appeared, seemingly out of nowhere, and folk who had disappeared in neighboring communities now appear in this one with no memories of their real lives.
312- people in a community are crawling about on their hands and knees, behaving like animals.
313- strange folk gather in the city streets at night and converge in an open avenue where they worship a strange, dark figure that descends seemingly from the moon.
314- stone statues in a cemetery have gone missing for a week, then suddenly return; during this time, a rash of robberies have plagued the community.
315- people working and living at a local mansion have vanished; the inside of the mansion is choked with webs and odd chittering sounds are heard within.
316- a company of dancers perform at the palace after which a number of artifacts and valuables are reported stolen.
317- workers laboring on a new wall have lost their digging tools; later in the day, the tools are discovered where saboteurs have sapped below the foundation of a temple, collapsing part of the building.
318- the master of a thieves’ guild has been cast out by his own men after an unknown and foreign man suddenly appears, immediately earning the allegiance of the thieves.
319- an odd family moved into a community and will say nothing to their neighbors, yet some claim to have seen the family bowing down to an enigmatic idol, which sits in their kitchen.
320- a carnival run by planar beings uses magic to compel some of their chosen customers to disappear from their communities and remain as slaves to the carnival
321- a terrible fire in a wheat field continues to grow, even in the absence of burnable fuel.
322- a man covered in tattoos enters a town, but when he leaves, the tattoos have all vanished and now reports of strange creature sightings are popping up everywhere.
323- during the night, the wife of a slain druid releases seeds in a town, which grow over every home, trapping people inside.
324- a town built in the divide of a mountain range is suddenly encased in magical ice as the frost giants who live above are spreading the boundaries of their domain.
325- the water levels of a lake are rising and threaten to submerge the villages built around it.
326- peculiar people stagger into town one day and each of them enters buildings where multiple people are gathered; once inside, the strangers vomit on the ground and die, spreading disease in their wake.
327- an eerie performer wearing a mask finishes his act by opening an odd box, which causes everyone in town to fall into a deep coma, which may only be broken by finding the one responsible.
328- a band of orcs beg for protection in a town, claiming that “a dark tide” is sweeping over the land behind them.
329- members of an organization dedicated to slaying the gods are spreading literature in a town, which contains lies about the practices of the local clerics.
330- sickness is afflicting the crops of a community and the only possible cause anyone can think of is the young man they saw, playing a recorder up on a hill.
331- the cure to a plague has been stolen by some crafty goblins.
332- an important crown was delivered to the king only to be stolen by his son who suddenly ran off to join the thieves’ guild.
333- the crew to a merchant captain’s ship have thrown him overboard and are taking his shipment to an undisclosed location.
334- a king’s retainers have stolen a priceless artifact and have fled the castle in search of an ancient dungeon that has already been searched.
335- an old temple has a chamber, which contains a gateway to other planes and the scepter used to access it has gone missing.
336- someone has given away secret pass words, which allow one to access the king’s storehouses.
337- keys to the county prison have gone missing and the guard captains fear there could be a mass break-out of criminals.
338- a local casino owner has misplaced his keys, which are used to access his stores of winnings.
339- before dying, an old adventurer reveals the location of a fabulous store of wealth up in the mountains and now the race is on between rival adventuring companies to claim it.

340- a mage’s apprentice stole his master’s keys and opened a strange box, which now continually releases shadows into the community.
341- a fire elemental belonging to a deep dwarven forge has somehow escaped to the surface and is setting an entire forest ablaze.
342- muggers and thieves stage a raid on a city armory and the guards have accidentally driven them into a part of the city populated by normal folk, creating numerous hostage situations.
351- prospectors lose one of their men when he falls down a hole that drops straight into a labyrinth filled with skeletal undead.
352- while city laborers tear down an old grain mill, they unintentionally release hordes of diseased vermin into the streets, which now bite and spread sickness.
353- while wandering through the woodlands, a traveling peasant accidentally discovers a highly addictive fruit that now has people trampling each other to acquire samples of.
361- a tiny portal to the plane of chaos is slowly opening and may only be closed by a piece of neutronium, which exists in yet another plane.
362- sorcerers at a university of Arcanum are trying to piece together an ancient language, but need a primer text, which is said to be hidden in a ruined, underground city.
371- a slain bandit gang has a map leading to a secret dungeon below the castle’s outer enclosure.
372- while moving old book shelves in the temple library, a cleric discovers a mosaic pointing out the secret burial plot of an ancient repository of sacred relics.
373- a hairless young man has strange writing tattooed into his skin, which he’s had since he was born; the writing is in an old tongue and speaks of a lost temple out in the wilderness where strange rituals were once performed.
374- a peasant woman in an enemy city’s slums has information vital to those who oppose her ruler, but must be found and rescued first.
381- slimes have been released into the sewers, but now escape through privies and attack people in their homes.
382- a vast host of vermin inexplicably swarm out of the woodlands and sweep over farmlands, attacking crop and cattle alike.
383- a demon that cannot be banished has been chained in the basement of a shrine for a century; it needs to be weakened through combat before it can be banished.
391- a nobleman bearing a gift for his future father-in-law needs an escort to bear him there safely.
392- an infatuated young man and young woman, each from a different noble house, hid themselves in a wagon to make love, but bandits stole the wagon during their escape and now the houses are blaming the other for kidnapping their children; the PCs must follow clues and rescue them.
393- the prince of the region is coming of age and needs brave adventurers to accompany him on the great hunt.
394- the priestess of a neutral good deity wishes to seek out a band of gnolls who she believes to be good and need rescuing from their own kind before it’s too late.
395- a genie needs adventurers to escort her into the plane of her father to help barter her release from servitude.
396- an order of clerics have disfellowshipped a wayward member who now seeks revenge against them with his own followers.

Much, much more to come...