Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Video Game Ideas By M. A. Packer


            The premise of this game goes as follows: you play as Ted McBride, a college student who is at his best friend’s apartment to borrow his shower after a game of racket ball.  Ted tells his friend all about how he is finally going to ask out a girl he really likes.  His friend tells him that will be quite difficult.  When Ted asks why his friend tells him that he also likes this girl and likewise intends to ask her out that very day.  The friend then departs, stealing Ted’s clothes and cell phone.  Now Ted must streak across town back to his own apartment, get dressed and meet the girl at the rendezvous point before his ex-friend beats him to it.  Depending on how well the player does, there will be different outcomes, whether they be his friend beating him to the punch and he meets a nicer girl, the girl rejects both of them, the girl wants to date both of them, etc. etc.  These particulars could be fleshed out later.
            The gameplay: the game would be very similar to Metal Gear Solid in which you carefully navigate the terrain and use clever hiding, stealth and trickery to avoid being spotted.  This includes hiding behind and inside objects, deploying distractions that make people look away, etc.  The game would be top-down like classic Metal Gear but would not have any violence of any kind.  When people or animals spot you, the game cuts to a quick scene showing the individual (or multiple individuals in the case of crowds) looking at you while pointing, then after an awkward silence with creepy music in the background, they will scream (like the aliens at the beginning of Space Quest 4).  The game will then inform you that someone saw you naked.
            Because Ted just got out of the shower, the first quarter of the game will involve him dripping and leaving a trail of water wherever he goes.  People can see this trail of water and follow it back to Ted, so you have to be quick and decisive until you can find a place to dry off (drying will require something that will be fleshed out later).  During the last quarter of the game, the police will slowly wise up to the fact that there is a possible streaker out on the loose and this will mean that Ted will have a much harder time of it, dodging police searching with dogs.
            The game will not show any actual nudity, instead there will be an emoji covering Ted’s unmentionables.  This emoji will doubly serve as an indicator that warns you if people suspect Ted is nearby, if they heard something, and finally when they find you.  It will have a progression of something like: Smiling-Frowning-Angry-Alarmed.  There should be quite a lot of animations for different NPCs that can spot you.  As stated above, this could include individuals or groups of people.  This could also include animals, like dogs and cats, which will likewise point at you, stare bug-eyed with creepy music playing, then scream.

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