Tuesday, August 22, 2017

1001 Fantasy Adventures

The current PDF of 1,001 adventures is now available at DrivethruRPG:  http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/201714/1001-Fantasy-Adventures

Having become quite wearied with the typical “100 random adventures” lists of certain RPG books, this list has grown out of a skull so packed with ideas that its old seams are coming apart.  So, to ease the strain on an already labored brain, I bring you one thousand and one ideas for adventures.  Just a couple bits of friendly advice: a lot of the adventures give away particulars that the players should discover on their own, so I wouldn’t go reading them aloud as you make your selections!  This is best read in-between game sessions with a trusty pen and notebook at the ready to sketch out more detailed notes.  Thank you for investing in this lengthy tome, now let us jump right in.

After botching a well-planned burglary, thieves take a civilian hostage to their hideout.  The thieves threaten to kill the hostage if they see anyone approaching the entrance, which will require the party to seek out an alternative rout of entry.

Thieves enlist the party to help them steal back confiscated food stuff from an evil noble, but the noble has been warned of their plans and sets an ambush for the party.

Members of a community refuse to pay tributes to a bandit organization, and now the bandits threaten to tear apart a dam higher up in the mountains.  Should this dam fail, the cascading waters will devastate the entire area.

Thieves are holed up in a local vassal’s mansion and threaten to burn it to the ground.  A couple servants escape and tell the party of a secret tunnel to the cellars of the mansion.  To access the tunnel the party must locate and pass through a cave infested with dangerous creatures.

A lone miscreant is robbing houses and slaying the residents, seemingly at random.  The party needs to find a common trend in the crimes and predict where they will strike next.  The trend the party seeks is that the miscreant targets people who prey at a shrine dedicated to a god who brings good fortune.

Captured thieves are being put on trial for stealing a magic item from a noble, but before they can testify about the magic item in question, the thieves all perish as though strangled by invisible chords.  A cult originally hired them to retrieve the item and used their magic to slay them before they could tetify.

A band of thieves have returned all the items they have stolen and willingly go to prison.  They are doing so because they know their cell will give them access to the castle’s treasure vault via a secret tunnel.

Thieves have been appearing out of nowhere to rob people and then vanish into thin air.  An air Jinn is aiding their efforts in exchange for all of the magical items they acquire during their raids.

Rogues are casting aside their thieving ways to help secure the freedom of a community held under a tyrant’s boot, but none of the common folk will trust them.

Thieves have taken a child’s gingerbread man and intend to use it in some form of magical ritual that will allow them to spawn an army of gingerbread golems.  These golems will then commit mass burglary and bring their stolen goods to a secret location in the wilderness where a hole has been dug to receive them.

*           *           *

A neutral dragon threatens to destroy a town unless her stolen egg is returned; the egg was taken by a crazed man who believes that eating the egg will grant him the strengths of a dragon.

A good dragon demands that the lord of a castle come out and make amends for the wrongs his ancestor committed long ago; apparently the dragon, while quite young, witnessed the lord’s ancestor placing his people under terrible burdens and his laws survive to this day.

An evil dragon lands in the middle of a town and threatens to set fire to the community unless slaves who are skilled at mining are delivered to her lair.

An evil dragon lands in a community and captures a sage, whom he brings back to his lair; he requires the sage to translate an ancient tablet that contains powerful magic.

A neutral dragon needs someone to enter a crack in the floor of her lair to retrieve a lost magical item that has fallen down into shadow; aquatic humanoids have taken the item and hide it in their camp.

A dragon, disguised as an attractive woman, invites the party up to the mountains where she asks them to enter a crowded city and find her mate; another dragon currently disguised as a flamboyant bard.

An adult dragon serves as a mount to a newly arrived warlord who flies over a city and demands that its citizens surrender to him lest he burn their homes and farms.

A terrifying undead dragon lands in a city and empties out its residents until only it remains, allowing it to commence digging through buildings and sewers, in search of something it lost while still alive.

An evil dragon repeatedly lands in a town and makes off with cattle and horses, which it delivers to a waiting host of bestial humanoids that are preparing for an invasion.

An evil dragon demands that someone come to his lair to remove the virgin that was intended to be a sacrifice for him; she apparently has a rather sour disposition and refuses to leave under her own power.

*           *           *

Some children playing in a cave have accidentally discovered and opened a hidden dungeon entrance; now many creatures are flocking to the dungeon, answering the call of an undead mage.

Farmers digging a well have accidentally excavated the roof of a buried labyrinth; its constantly shifting interior is stalked by horrible creatures.

Miners digging for silver in the mountains have discovered the outer wall of a vast dungeon complex; its halls are infested with giant vermin who gather to worship a bone-filled chamber wherein stands a silver idol resembling a bat with ruby eyes.

Sages comparing maps have discovered the possible location of an ancient, buried temple; unbeknownst to them, the temple is choked with centipedes, which stem from a skeletal mage whose body is filled with the scurrying vermin.

An old librarian finds a manuscript detailing the whereabouts of a secret labyrinth buried in the woods; the labyrinth is guarded by moving trees who work under the will of a powerful and evil dryad.

After buying an old castle, a wealthy family finds a key to a hidden entrance in their fireplace, which leads down into a labyrinth whose walls are covered in mirrors.

A quake has caused a crack to form at the bottom of a pond, draining it and revealing a forgotten fortress whose halls remain flooded and infested with aquatic creatures.

Locals say an abandoned manor house, once empty and boarded off, now has lights in the windows at night; these lights belong to an organization of evil men who search the manor for an evil artifact supposedly buried in the cellar.

While swimming through a clearwater pond, a diver discovers an entrance to a dungeon hidden among the pondweeds; this dungeon is permeated with vicious, carnivorous fish and occupied by a single, skulking terror.

A farmer, having cleared a new field, discovers a boarded-off well, which leads down into a cavern infested with centipedes and spiders.

*           *           *

While attending a fancy dinner party, the hostess is killed as a strong gust of wind blows through the dance hall snuffing out the lights; the deed was done by one of the guests who secretly practices magical spells to confuse the other guests.

After murdering a lord’s wife, the killer fled into the sewers where he releases swarms of large insects to slow anyone pursuing him.

A rich and powerful merchant is murdered just as it is learned he is on the verge of bankruptcy; the murder was done while he traveled aboard a ship with other wealthy merchants, many of whom have had bad dealings with him in the past.

A famous bard is strangled to death while she attends the performance of one of her rivals; the rival had arranged for her to sit in a particular seat in a balcony where the deed could be done.

Local lords are poisoned to death during their weekly game of cards and dice; the culprit is a disgruntled maid who lost some of her friends in a battle that was instigated by the lords.

During court proceedings, one of the local barristers is shot by a crossbow rigged in the rafters above his seat; a cord running out one of the windows served as the means of pulling the trigger.

A feud between two merchant guilds culminates in one guild master being stabbed in his sleep, but his rivals deny involvement; the true murderer is an assassin hired by the thieves’ guild who wish for the guilds to destroy each other, allowing the thieves’ guild to take over both enterprises.

The high priest of a goodly church was killed and an ancient codex that details how to summon powerful demons was stolen from his library.

An arcane master was murdered by his pupil; soon after, his tower was magically transported out of the city and up to the mountains where it is rumored that brigands are gathering.

The master of a large thieves’ guild was slain, and as a result his followers have divided into two parties are waging war in the streets over who gains control of the guild.

*           *           *

A statue of a maiden in the middle of town is actually an evil sorceress from another world.  When a scholar accidentally sets her free, she summons a small fleet of otherworldly vessels to the world in preparation for invasion.

An old statue up in the hills is actually a petrified giant and his kin are looking for someone to restore him to his former self so that they may conquer and enslave the humans.

A ring of stone elf maidens in a grove were petrified by their enemies to prevent them from casting a ritual that would seal away an underworld demon; currently this demon is wandering the land disguised as a blind priest.

The grotesques situated atop a shrine are actual gargoyles and have started awakening at night; they scour the rooftops of the city, searching for someone whom they intend to sacrifice to their demon lord so that he may enter the world.

A statue of a dragon in the middle of the city is a real dragon, and was petrified before it had the chance to destroy the realm; now a decrepit elven servant of the dragon is scheming to revive it.

The statue of an old, beloved king hides the entrance to his tomb where a powerful demon is chained to a black stone; the city quakes as it regains strength and prepares to burst its bonds.

Hidden deep in the woodlands, a petrified celestial being stands in a hidden garden with her head missing; ancient writings promise great blessings to be bestowed upon the one who returns it.

A stone-shaped bard sits in a town square, forever in the act of playing his pipes; he will need to be restored to life so that he may play a song, which only he knows, that will repel a hideous curse that has begun to scourge the land.

Outside of town, a burned down orphanage is filled with statues of children (they had been polymorphed into stone before the fire by a mysterious benefactor to protect them from the flames).

A gigantic beast’s petrified body lays half buried in a canyon, but now the earth trembles and the stone encasing its skin begins to crack and crumble as life stirs in its once still body.

*           *           *

Some farmers have purchased land, but must pass through territory that is reportedly infested by bestial humanoids that rob and murder anyone unfortunate enough to cross their path.

Pilgrims are holed up in a ruined tower to escape swarms of giant spiders that have infested the first floor; they cannot leave the tower until the lower levels are purged.

An old priest plans on traveling through bandit lands to a shrine out in the wilderness to retrieve some sacred texts, but needs stout adventurers to aid him in his journey.

Mages are setting out to look for rare spell components in a wilderness area that is infested with dangerous teleporting hounds.

Supplies are being delivered to an out of the way town that has fallen on hard times, and bestial humanoids have prepared an ambush for anyone attempting to bring aid.

A band of evil mages are bringing caged monsters to a large city; they have used illusionary magic to convince people they are a traveling circus.

Freed slaves are fleeing to another country, but their former masters have sent assassins to follow.

The heir to a sizeable fortune has come of age and needs to travel to her home land to claim it, but her scheming relatives have sent a band of mage assassins to slay her on the road.

A trio of giant bestial humanoids are blocking a trade rout while their masters erect a fortress nearby.

Frightened tradesmen speak of a wounded evil dragon sleeping in the middle of a well-traveled road and now several men in the village foolishly talk of traveling out to slay the beast.

*           *           *

Three corrupt mage sisters have cast charm spells on wealthy merchants and are luring them into a private parlor to sign away their worldly possessions.

Clerics of a lesser known evil god are luring in confused and emotionally unstable individuals and creating a dangerously large cult of followers.

People are vanishing in a small, coastal town built near a cave where a hypnotic monster reportedly lairs, but encountering the suspected monster will show that it was not responsible and it will direct the party toward the sea where aquatic humanoids have captured the people and turned them into water-breathing slaves.

Dark elves secretly enter the city streets at night and drag homeless people down into their underground kingdom where they are experimented upon with strange magic, transforming them into unstable elemental creatures.

A strange community built up in the mountains is welcoming travelers in, but secretly are sending the travelers down into a deep fissure where a terrible creature lairs.

A misty town is rumored to exist out in the swamplands; this town is a cover for an undead mage who lures people in and transforms them into his ghoulish minions and sacrifices them to his demon lords.

A noble house has been taken hostage by a force of mercenaries and its residents are being held until their sovereign agrees to pay a hefty ransom.

Giant ants have tunneled into a city and are carrying people down to their hive; the ruler of the city offers a reward for their safe return and for the eradication of the ants.

A high priestess has been taken to a shrine in the wilderness and is being prepared as a sacrificial offering to an evil deity; clues detailing the location of this shrine are hidden in the temple library.

Strange performers visit communities and kidnap children so as to use magic to charm them to be pickpockets and cat burglars, which they abandon once they take their loot and leave.

*           *           *

Gangs of monstrous humanoids riding giant wolves are plaguing farming communities and driving people to the city for safety; this is the desire of a vengeful dragon who wishes to destroy all of the people in one treacherous attack.

An army of savage men have brought a peculiar totem to the gates of the city, and after several hours of chanting, the totem erupts and transforms into a flaming creature of great elemental power.

An elvish city calls for aid from its neighbors when a great force of goblins riding upon giant bats descend from the mountains during the night and attack elvish homes with torches and flaming arrows.

Bestial humanoids drive a burrowing monster into the farmlands and cause it to tear the earth open until it reveals the entrance to an ancient, evil temple.

During a raging storm, skeletons riding on skeletal horses emerge in from the ocean and assault a castle overlooking the beach.  These are ancient warriors that had been pressed into the sea ages ago by the ancestors of the people in the castle.

A mage riding a young dragon attacks a nobleman’s house and steals a curious knob, which happens to be a missing top to a staff, which allows its wielder to change the seasons and throw the land into chaos.

Merfolk riding a dragon turtle attack trade ships, which secretly carry poisons that are being used against them by a corrupt fleet admiral; he had failed to gain their permission to move his ships through their waters and now he wants them eradicated.

Intelligent bandits riding gryphons assault trade routes and rob merchant caravans of all their wealth.

Woodland folk suddenly approach the city in droves, begging for assistance; their homes have been burnt and taken over by bestial humanoids with the aid of a fiery elemental being.

Gremlins and mischievous fairies fly into town and inexplicably cause mischief through the use of stolen wands of prestidigitation.

*           *           *

A guild of thieves has joined forces with peculiar beings from another world to acquire magical items from a magical university.

Various tribes of bestial humanoids have entered into an uneasy truce as they unite their forces and prepare to assault a dwarven stronghold up in the mountains and claim the many treasures within.

A pair of evil dragons have merged together into one powerful dragon and are attacking the palace in the hopes of claiming the treasures kept there.

Psionic monsters have joined together with one immense, magical beast and together make raids on the surface world and lead many slaves back to their domain.

A powerful undead mage makes a pact with a demon prince in order to bring a dark citadel into the world.  The undead mage plans on using this citadel to open a hole into the realms of chaos where he may obtain greater magical knowledge, but in so doing he will spread the destruction of this realm across the land.

After being cast out of their respective cities, two evil cults join together under a seductive demoness and spread their corrupting dogma to lesser communities.  Once they have drawn enough followers to their cause, they intend to bring war to the cities that cast them out.

When a force of monstrous humanoids threatens the entire region, the people must gain aid from another group of monstrous humanoids in the hopes of combining their strength against a common foe.

A group of neutrally aligned monstrous humanoids beg for sanctuary in the city before they are overtaken by their evil kin, but the people in the city are stanchly against this.

Two groups of small, weak monstrous humanoids band together under the guidance of a powerful mage who sends them against the city in ponderous, almost overwhelming waves.

All kinds of vermin, such as rats, spiders, insects and bats, are swarming across the land and attacking people.  They are under the control of a magical monster that lairs in a deep, black hole out in the wilderness.

*           *           *

An evil cleric is enlisting idle young men and sending them to the capital to protest on behalf of his wicked dogma in the hopes that he may start a temple of his own and gain greater power and influence.

An evil druid is corrupting sylvan creatures and animals, and sending them to attack elves and other godly folk who live in the woodlands.

A corrupted knight is drawing away members of his old order and turning them against the community as an act of revenge against those who threw him out.

An evil, mysterious elf suddenly appears at the king’s court and promises great fortunes to those who aid him in the construction of a shrine dedicated to his deity.  Many people believe his southing and seductive words and flock to his cause, causing great concern in the realm.

An evil bard with an enchanted flute is leading a host of giant rats against the city.  These raids occur at night and some few witnesses claim to have seen the rats originating from the sea.

An evil sorcerer emerges from the sewer with a small band of sewage creatures and begins attacking and flooding the market square with foul sewer water.

An old hag is seen sprinkling magical powder on potted plants during the night.  Later these plants transform into man-sized plant creatures that attack the community.

An evil mage delivers a strange crate to a dinner party.  When it is opened it releases a cloud of gremlins into the home.

An evil mage casts a powerful ritual in the middle of town, which causes every bit of furniture to come to life.  He does this at many communities and then leads his vast army of crafted goods against the king’s castle.

*           *           *

A ring of standing stones has been activated by a novice mage, opening a portal to the elemental plane of wind and allowing a strange, flying citadel to enter into the world.

The possessions of a now dead wizard are auctioned off, including an ancient cabinet, which opens into an enclosed valley filled with savage beasts.

Some youth discover a peculiar jewel box under a local bridge.  When opened, the box will unleash a torrent of water straight up into the sky and cause unceasing rain to fall upon the land.

An evil mage throws a large, black jar at the center of the city, unleashing a great, black mass.  The mass beings spreading across the city and draws things into the plane of shadows.

Dark elven sorcerers create a dark cloud, which rains acid on everything beneath it.  Now they are moving the cloud towards the city and its sprawling farmlands.

Acolytes of a powerful demon cult have built a secret temple in the wilderness and have opened a small gate to the hells in preparation for the arrival of a lesser demon prince.

The discovery of an ancient ruin up in the mountains has also revealed a gate, which may bring travelers to parallel universes.

A curious box has emerged in the middle of the city.  Occupants who step into it and place a tethered device against their head are transported to a strange, technological society.

A deranged illusionist has cast an exceedingly powerful illusion over the palace, causing its denizens to believe they are in a terrifying, metaphorical nightmare.

After a cataclysmic spell is miscast, an aperture opens in the sky, leading to a dimension of clockwork beings.  Now their leader has declared war on the kingdom, viewing it as imperfect and unworthy.

*           *           *

Smoke billows out of a coal mine after a wicked mage releases a fire elemental.  Now the elemental is growing to cataclysmic size and threatens to leave the mine.

A newly discovered vein of ore causes a mining operation to expand deeper into the mountain where it meets with a long, forgotten dwarven vault.

A new mining operation unintentionally delves into a cave system overgrown with carnivorous plant life.

Dark elves move their forces into a silver mine and now use it as a launching point for secret raids on the surface world.

An earthquake triggers a landslide, which uncovers a vault that was built long ago to seal away a powerful undead dragon.

Miners have discovered an opening into an ancient maze built within a cavern where a great tower rises from floor to roof.

Miners have vanished inside the depths of a mine where a cult of necromancers secretly conduct experiments.

After a heavy rainfall, miners become trapped in their mines where flood waters threaten to submerge the entire site.  An air exchange shaft may be the only way down to rescue them, but monsters infest it.

Gold discovered in a river actually stems from an abandoned dragon’s hoard, which now causes several rivalries to form among bandits and competing adventurers.

Having learned of the resting place of a powerful artifact, a greedy king forces his people to excavate a hillside until they reach the location of the object.

*           *           *

A sect of evil clerics seeks to overthrow the king and place a member of their order over the people.

Strange idealists are stirring the people up to violence against their leaders.  An intelligent, magical being is the driving force behind these disturbances.

Evil monks are standing at the entrance to the palace and preventing anyone from entering or leaving until their sacred artifact is returned safely to them.

The king’s family members have gone missing and an epistle demanding that the king step down appears in the mouth of a severed boar’s head, which has been laid on the court’s banquet table.

Monstrous humanoids and human brutes have set up ambushes all around the city where they attack traders until the king pays them a heavy ransom.

The townsfolk are assailed by vermin conjured up by druids who demand that they stop cutting down trees in their sacred places.

Gangs of giants are bombarding the castle walls with large stones and will not cease until the king empties out his treasury and turns it over to them.

Monstrous humanoids demand equal treatment by the local authority while secretly plotting the overthrow of the community.

Plagues afflict the community after a king ordered a sacred shrine be ransacked for holy items.

The king and his counselors are being held captive in the royal hall by a strong adventuring party.  The leader of these brigands demands that the king allow him to marry a princess so that he will stand to inherit her portion of the realm.

*           *           *

A tribe of monstrous humanoids are wrongfully accused of raiding farms and slaughtering livestock.  The real culprit is an evil group of men who wish to settle the monsters’ land.

Two clans of short demi humans begin attacking each other over a feud that began centuries ago.  They are being egged on by an organization of men who wish to claim the treasures of the two clans.

Dwarves have opened a secret mine in the mountains and an evil king has dispatched his spies to find out what they’re looking for so that he may take it for himself.

An elvish idealist is attempting to unite the demi human races against humans, blaming them for all the ills of the world and believing that they should serve longer-lived races as slaves.

Bestial humanoid families are being persecuted by dwarves who believe their ancestors to be responsible for slaying many of their own kin during the old days.

A merfolk settlement is crushed by a sinking ship and the aquatic denizens demand retribution from the king for the damage done to their kin and property.

Psionic monsters openly demand human sacrifices under the threat of total annihilation.  They have a mighty artifact that just may aid them in carrying out their threats.

Two groups of underground monstrous humanoids contend with each other over the magical treasure in a dragon’s lair.  Eventually the dragon returns and believes humans to be responsible for the ransacking of its hoard.

Two clans of people from faraway lands seek refuge in the main capital, but the two despise each other and have begun openly contending with each other in the streets, causing much anxiety among the native citizenry.

Elves have banned all trade with humans until a captured elven sage is safely returned.  The sage had, in actuality, fled his own lands and killed himself, but proving this to his people will be difficult without his journals.

*           *           *

A powerful stench from the sewers is troubling the people in the city.  An enormous surge of sewage creatures is to blame.

Perpetual nightfall encapsulates the land as an undead mage’s curse takes effect.  The only way to end it is to take the severed head of the mage and place a scroll or potion of remove curse in its mouth and destroy it on a dwarven priest’s anvil.

Ice covers a town each evening and with every passing day, the land grows colder.  The cause is a strange specter bearing a torch with a blue flame.

A community is troubled by horrific crying that comes from a sealed-off storehouse.  Within the party finds an enormous crate wrapped in chains and nobody knows who the owner is.

Every night on a full moon, howling from thousands of possessed wolves torments a village.  An undead druid is causing the wolves to hedge the people in and prevent them from fleeing while he creates a terrible plague.

Rain continues to fall and threatens to wash a town away until the cause is sorted out.  An elemental spirit practices an arcane ritual, which brings the rain in from all the corners of the world and his minions guard the way to him.

Campfires appear in the valley beyond a city, but when investigated only bones and tattered pavilions are found.  During the night these bones rise and reenact a carnival that occurred hundreds of years ago.

Innumerable crows gather, marking the arrival of a mysterious, undead swordsman who stands at a crossroads, waiting for a worthy challenger.

During early morning hours, fog settles in on the lake and a mysterious boatman is seen on the waters.  If paid, the boatman will take the party out into the lake where a swirling vortex into the hells will open.

During the night, a procession of spectral funeral goers vanishes into the church, and following this, one of the pillars in the church collapses, revealing a hole that leads into a secret crypt.

*           *           *

Relics from a church have been stolen by bandits who intend to use them against the city.  The relics consist of a set of horns, which summon earthen warriors.

A mage’s amulet, which nullifies magic, has been stolen by an assassin who intends to use it against an archmage.

Crafty rogues have stolen the king’s crown and scepter, and are traveling to an enemy kingdom where a secret auction is being held for rare and valuable things.  The auction will be defended by the toughest brigands and ruffians in the realm.

The official signet ring and seal of the kingdom’s scribe have been stolen by brigands who intend to produce false paperwork, allowing them to send confusing orders to the kingdom’s border patrols.

The head of an important statue has been broken off and stolen outside the royal family’s crypt.  The head contains a clue to the location of a powerful warrior’s crypt.

The museum in the middle of the city has been robbed; a set of ancient, but powerful wands were stolen by deviants who intend to use them to paralyze a powerful dragon so that they may take its treasure.

A famous brewery has had its recipe book stolen by dwarvish competitors who refuse to lose out to humans.

Devious little monsters have stolen a flying broom and rod of paralysis from a witch’s hut and are flying about, zapping innocent people as a distraction for other monsters who are digging under the city walls.

The clothes of a magistrate have been stolen and someone is masquerading as him in seedy places in order to ruin his reputation.

A noblewoman’s full-length mirror has been stolen and the culprit intends to use it, in conjunction with other stolen mirrors, to harness the sun’s rays and burn the sails of a merchant ship so that his accomplices may more easily rob it.

*           *           *

Evil clerics have raised up the skeletal remains of a powerful warrior and are setting him at the head of an army of their followers.

Evil druids have created an abomination out of plant matter, which has the strength and power of a hill giant and are preparing to use it against another group of druids.

Necromancers have taken the bones of dragons and fashioned them into a horrifying skeletal creature of humanoid build.  It is their intention to set the abomination against a college of mages out of revenge.

Evil inventors, under the directions of a mad gnome, have produced a giant clockwork spider that fires lightning from its abdomen and intend to use it to flatten nearby towns and use their lands to mine for metals.

An alchemist/necromancer out in the country has produced a flesh golem out of monstrous flesh, which allows it to rapidly regenerate wounds to the point that attacks are totally ineffective unless set completely aflame with oil.

An evil and exceedingly wealthy mage has created thousands of icy creatures in her estate’s cellar and has set them out against nearby villages.  She is working under the direction of a demon prince who hopes to use the disaster to move the people to anger against the king for not protecting them.

A mad priest who worships a lesser vermin god has sent a vast army of normal spiders out of the woodlands to infest the city and drive people out.

The statue over an old fountain comes to life and attacks anyone who draws near with powerful jets of water.  The one responsible is a mage who intends to use it to humiliate the city guard.

A monstrous humanoid shaman has imbued one of his best warriors with terrifying strength, giving him the size and might of a giant so that he can stand at the head of their armies.

An inventor has produced a wonderful apparatus that brews fabulous ale, but something has caused it to go haywire and ale flows like a river out of his tower.  Someone needs to climb against the endless torrent of ale to his workshop at the very top and shut off the apparatus.

*           *           *

The flower girl in town is actually a highly-trained assassin on the run from another kingdom.  Turns out she was responsible for eliminating a corrupt cleric who was stealing donations and using them to buy his own private army of mercenries.

An elderly gentleman is actually a mage who has been alive for centuries and seeks after the same power that caused his longevity before it falls into the wrong hands.

One of the city guards is actually a warrior of great fame who has chosen to hide his identity to avoid his enemies.  These same enemies have ridden into town and seek to capture the warrior’s family in order to blackmail him into delivering himself into their hands.

The man performing in the town square is actually an evil bard trying to acquire enough popularity to be invited into the palace where he intends to perform a deadly song for the court.

The strange hermit who lives near the cemetery is actually a necromancer who intends to attack the town with the reanimated corpses of their departed.

The peculiar, overly excited woman wandering the streets is actually a powerful planar entity who has come to see how mortals live on the prime material plane.

The old woman who always sleeps in the chair in front of the Inn is actually a retired mage who searches the astral plane in her dreams for her lost love.

The old bronze statue the town’s children play on in the alley is actually an ancient golem.  The golem will remain dormant until one of the kids accidentally throws a crumpled piece of paper in its mouth at which point it will resume its original commands to destroy the gatehouses, allowing enemies to invade the city.

The old, boarded off town well is actually an air shaft to an underground vault where spectral entities and undead beasts roam about.

The town’s old cleric is actually a hero who sealed off a vengeful demon.  Now the demon plans to enter the world through a wealthy mistress’s new magical mirror.

*           *           *

Goblins come in the night to set augers against a mighty dike, which holds back the ocean.

Monstrous humanoids set fire to the fields and make off with flocks while the villagers put out the flames.

Giants dislodge boulders from the mountains onto a small town below and while the people run in terror, the giants come down and rob them of their worldly possessions.

Bandits are surrounding a walled town with flaming arrows at the ready.  They demand a tribute of wealth and all of the young women in the community.

Many monsters come out of the swamplands at night, requiring a town to keep many bonfires continually burning until morning, but lumber is growing scarce and unless someone can defeat the monsters, the people will need to abandon their homes.

Two ogre clans compete over raiding the same town, causing the town to be doubly bombarded on both sides.

A family of hill come down from the mountains every few months to topple a town’s windmills.  The villagers don’t want the giants killed as they keep the land safe from ferocious, wild beasts, so a diplomatic solution is needed.

An army of brigands steal away the youth of a town, making them into slaves to help dig away at the mountain in search of some hidden treasure.

Small bestial humanoids sneak into a town at night through the well and raid food from a storehouse.

Bandits demand “protection fees” from local communities and threaten with violence if payments are late or insufficient.

*           *           *

An argument between a mage and his apprentice causes a held demon to escape their circle and take refuge out in the hills.

Hundreds of imps sealed behind a false wall in a library are accidentally released and torment the town.

While studying the energies that comprise different dimensions, a group of mages accidentally bring a terrible elemental creature into the world.  The only way to send it back is to find out which plane it came from.

The large monster kept in one of the king’s hidden vaults has escaped and is on a rampage.

A young clutch of dragons, recently turned loose by their mother, are converging on the same town and devouring all of the livestock.

Small, feral creatures have escaped a druidic prison and are swarming out of the woods toward farmlands.

Goblins come from below ground and plead for aid from local authorities to help them contain an underground invasion that threatens to spread to the surface world.

Criminals escape from the city prison and have swarmed an Inn where they hold the patrons and owner hostage.

After a recent quake, a crack opened in the fields, releasing giant, underground insects into the area.

Heavy rainfall has raised the levels of a lake, flooding the streets of a fishing village.  Now carnivorous fish threaten the people, causing them to barricade themselves in their homes.

*           *           *

An evil lord is sending his soldiers into another kingdom’s border communities to demand taxes and tributes from its citizenry.

All of the roads leading into a trade city are being blocked by a platoon of soldiers who demand food and provisions.

Thugs enter a popular tavern and demand money and food from all of the patrons.

Nobody has heard anything from the residents at the castle and now strange men in black cowls are demanding increased tax payment.

The city armory has been deprived of every weapon and now a band of well-armed thugs are preventing anyone from entering or leaving the city until their demands are met.

A vast organization of thieves have infiltrated all of the major homesteads in the farmlands of a great city and are cutting off food and other supplies unless paid a rich tribute.

Bestial humanoids kidnap a nobleman’s daughter as she travels through their swamp and demand ransom.

An evil church has moved into a town and demands that all their worshipers make difficult sacrifices.

An evil wizard has produced a powerful zone of darkness over the land and demands gold in order to dispel it.

Clever merchants have produced a sweet that is highly addictive, requiring people to lust for more than they can afford.

*           *           *

A political organization orchestrates the assassination of a ruler, believing that the next person in line will be a better choice, but the next ruler will commence a reign of blood and terror.

A heroic paladin suddenly turns against her order and reveals herself to be an enemy to all they stand for.

A loyal servant to the party helps them through many adventures only to turn on them and become their most bitter rival after they claim a powerful artifact.

An ancient ally to the elves helps them defend against a goblin invasion, but suddenly turns on them when the battle is over, taking advantage of their weakened state.

A kind warrior helps the heroes find passage into the heart of an enemy fortress and then betrays them by uniting with their foes.

A specter begs the PCs to help it return to its grave site.  Once the lid to its coffin is removed, it will fuse back to its body and rises again as a powerful undead mage.

A seemingly evil assassin attempting to murder a seemingly innocent merchant turns out to be an agent for good attempting to save people from a dangerous man before he unleashes a plague.

A chaotic man is being held in prison after being wrongfully accused of starting a brawl.

A clumsy mage hires the PCs to help her delve into a deep dungeon where she acquires a powerful rod that grants her the destructive powers she had been lusting after all along.

A terrifying witch haunting an old tower turns out to be rather passive and is trying to recover her journal, which she left back in the city library, but prejudice prevents her from retrieving it herself.

*           *           *

Two farming communities are openly fighting against each other over access to the same water source.  Unbeknownst to either community is the fact that there is more water to be had, but a greedy land owner has blocked it off for his own use.

The druidic tribe of the bear is invading the druidic tribe of the wolf’s territories in the wilderness and intend to claim their sacred totem in order to strengthen themselves.

A peasant community is in danger of being raided by a band of monstrous humanoids and their lord refuses to send aid, feeling that the small settlement isn’t worth endangering his soldiers over.

Upon the death of the king, angry mobs in favor of and in opposition to the newly appointed steward are clashing in the streets.

Mountain passes become unsafe as multiple clans of giants fight over territories and bombard the narrow roads with hurled boulders.

Feuds between underground kingdoms are forcing monsters to rise to the surface and endanger the land.

Two wealthy nobles are contesting over who gets to marry another noble and inherit her estates.  The woman has no interest in either of them and now both are threatening the safety of her and her household.

Two merchant’s guilds have hired thugs to destroy each other’s establishments as contention between them reaches new and volatile levels.

Two races of otherworldly beings are at war with one another, and after a terrible battle in the sky, a member of the goodly side begs the party for aid as his enemies descend to destroy him.

Two universities of magic in two different cities are pitted in fierce competition as both work to create the greatest magical wonder.

*           *           *

In the aftermath of an earthquake a hole opens in the back of a library, revealing a tunnel into an old labyrinth.

Quaking in the mountains causes a slope to collapse and reveal the skeletal remains of a great dragon.  The emergence of this skeleton causes many dangerous dragons to enter the region as they plot to steal whatever secrets may be contained in the ancient bones.

Expansions into a new mine open the way into a secret cavern containing a portal to another dimension.

A newly dug well drops down into a vast underwater labyrinth occupied by an immense, yet stealthy creature that has the ability to camouflage itself with its surroundings.

A freshly plowed field unearths an urn containing the ashes of a long dead arc mage.  Upon being opened, the enchantments placed upon the urn revive the ashes of the mage, transforming him into a tempest of flame and arcane power.

At night, two seedy merchants accidentally activate a magical trinket that causes a forgotten wizard’s tower to spring forth through their roof and unleash a wave of magical energy that causes all of the buildings to come alive and hold their residents prisoner.

After cleaning one of the storage cellars in an old palace, servants discover a trap door down to a secret dungeon.

While exploring an old shack on the edge of the village, some local youth discover the floorboards pulled up and leading to a cave network owned by bandits.

While walking along the beach a traveler discovers a recently wrecked ship.  Swarms of aquatic beasts infest the bowels of the vessel and swarm out during the night.

The king is gifted with a strange rug, which when unfurled, becomes a staircase down into an extra-dimensional space.

*           *           *

A kingdom once thought to be a close ally suddenly marshals for war.  They claim that one of the heirs to their throne was captured and threaten annihilation until he is returned.

Mysterious foes from a distant land show up with an invasion force and search about for a person whom they believe to have stolen secrets from their realm.

Slavers appear along the coast and begin sacking peaceful villages.  They are bringing their slaves to an island where they are forced to dig for an elvish gem of immense power.

Underground kingdoms send their armies to the surface and demand tributes of slaves and resources.

Beings from another plane enter the world and commence hunting brave adventurers for sport.

Dragons, under the guidance of a powerful magic-user, demand that the capital empty out and deliver up their lands so that the mage can harvest energy from the earth and use it to destroy a powerful foe who dwells in a distant land.

Elves invade a dwarven stronghold after the dwarves refuse to return precious gems that once belonged to their ancestors.

Dwarves invade elven lands after the elvish lords refuse to compensate the dwarves for their efforts in repelling an orc invasion that occurred hundreds of years before.

A kindly druid’s lands are under attack from rallied locals when it is heard that he is harboring a tribe of monstrous humanoids.  He believes the creatures to be innocent and vows to protect them to the death.

Giants venture into a walled city during the night and peer into peoples’ windows.  They are searching for a charlatan who sold them a false cure to a disease that is afflicting them.

*           *           *

Allies of the party have begun a feud over their rights to a share of treasure and they want the party to serve as mediators.

A prominent cleric and a master wizard are slated to engage in a debate on the true nature of magic.  A psionicist plans on meddling in the debate as an act of revenge for not being considered as a participant in the proceeding.

Two powerful nobles are bidding against each other on the lands of another noble whose lands have been seized.

A pair of adventurer’s guilds are taking each other to court over a territorial dispute.  Both want to operate in the same city, but there isn’t enough activity to support them both.

A nobleman in the city has challenged a famous thief to a public duel and the thief has accepted, agreeing to the noble’s terms that should he lose he will reveal his identity and his methods for robbing people.

A famous adventuring party has decided to part ways after a terrible feud.  The locals are heartbroken and wish to see the companions make amends as the adventurers have always brought wealth and good cheer to the community.

Two of the city’s patrols are brawling in a local tavern after one captain accused the other of accepting bribes from a shadowy organization.

Farmers whose cattle have been slaughtered are ready to fight one another to the death, convinced that each is responsible for the deed.  The real culprit is the son of the mayor who has been practicing dark rituals.

Two old mages have been arguing for years, accusing each other of stealing spell ideas.  Both are guilty but neither are willing to admit to it.

A lord and lady have divorced and are pitting their people against each other as local magistrates prepare to divide their lands.

*           *           *

A portal into the abyss has opened and a powerful seal needs to be placed on an alter to close it.

A forest titan has awoken and seems impervious to all forms of attack.  In order to defeat it an arch druid’s flute needs to be found and used to lull it back to sleep.

Strange elemental energy is converging into a single mass above the palace and a powerful rod of elemental control needs to be found in order to dispel the effects.

A spectral army of undead are preparing to invade a community unless the holy symbol of a particular cleric is brought and used by a priest to banish them.

A mummy lord is cursing the land with famine and cannot be destroyed unless its artifacts are returned to its tomb.

An evil warrior has found a godly artifact that makes him nigh invulnerable unless a powerful scroll can be used to cast a spell upon him, forcing the artifact to turn inert.

A powerful golem, which has been locked up underground in the palace vaults, has been set loose in the town and cannot be stopped without finding a special command scroll and putting it in its mouth.

A tear in the continuum links the physical world with another plane, and the fissure may only be closed if one can discover the original spell used to open it in the first place.

A plague sweeps through a trade town and the source of the malison may only be destroyed with the aid of a potent and exceedingly rare herb that grows in the middle of a diseased swamp.

Meteors fall form the sky, spreading fire and devastation until the gods are appeased by returning an important artifact that a mortal has stolen.

*           *           *

While cleaning an old lectern, a young page discovers an ancient journal, which predicts the arrival of a sinister being through the coming eclipse.  Everyone disregards the journal as nonsense and the page begs the party to help research it for a possible means of preventing the disaster.

While delivering a sermon, one of the local clerics has a vision of a terrible demon breaking free into the realm and rallying the dead.

As she performs, a bardess’s song is changed and the lyrics provide information from one of the gods, warning that a powerful dragon is about to awaken and scourge the land.

While excavating a crypt, some grave robbers claim to have stumbled upon a tablet detailing the end of the world.  Evil clerics convince people that this is a scam and the grave robbers are thrown in jail while the tablet, which contains advice on how to prevent the destruction, is hidden in a well-guarded temple.

Words spoken by a mysterious enemy from another world details plans for occupation and commands the kingdom to stand down and bow to their new lord.

The queen falls ill and in her sleep mutters something about a dreadful being and his armies coming to lay waste to the territory through a flaming portal.

A mysterious child appears at the king’s court and warns everyone that death is about to sweep through the land.  A day later, people claim to see armies of undead moving through the realm.

The stars in the heavens shift position and the local sages believe it is a sign that a terrible plague is about to sweep through the land.

A sage mysteriously dies and when his body is examined there are strange words cut into his flesh, which foretell the arrival of an evil entity stirring below the surface.

A mage uses clairvoyance to spread a message abroad to whomever he can reach, warning that war camps have been spotted all along the borders of a kingdom.

*           *           *

Corrupt fishermen deceive and capture the young prince of a kingdom of merfolk.  Now the prince’s father is readying powerful creatures of the deep to assail the coastal villages.

Trolls kidnap a skilled sage and alchemist, and demand that they produce a formula that will make their tribe immune to fire and acid.

The princess and her entourage are taken captive by evil dwarves and brought below the earth.

A powerful magical beast’s minions have capture the head of a merchant’s guild in a prosperous city so that they may .

The local sheriff and his family have been captured by a notorious bandit gang who demand that their leader be released from prison.

A dryad matron has been captured by unsavory humans who demand that her kind leave a forest temple so that it may be ransacked for magic items.

All of the children in a town have been lured out and captured by a strange magician who intends to raise them as corrupted minions.

A powerful cleric has turned up missing with a note explaining that he will be returned safely if his church is torn down and his followers made to leave the county.

A poor man who recently inherited a vast inheritance has gone missing and his relatives are spectacled to have had him captured.

A diplomat from a distant land has been captured by a powerful bugbear clan.

*           *           *

A recently deceased mage has been buried in his family tomb, which is rumored to hold many magical artifacts.  Now a wicked merchant is hiring every cutthroat and mercenary around to break into the tomb and retrieve a deadly artifact.

A guild of mages need adventurers to enter their headmaster’s tomb to retrieve an important ring.

The tomb of a powerful cleric lord has been uncovered, but the interior is haunted by all manner of spectral undead.

Children claim to have seen a ghostly procession of elves meander through the woods towards an ancient burial site and a sinister shadow is following close behind them.

A wicked tyrant has died and all of his enslaved wives have been sealed away in his tomb; the women’s family want them rescued and returned safely without the tyrant’s heir finding out.

The lair of an undead dragon has been discovered and the beast has been roused back to consciousness.  Now it is bent on reeking revenge on the descendants of those who wronged it during the days of its mortality.

A ship of otherworldly construction has crashed up in the mountains and many speculate on what strange treasures it may hold.

An eccentric nobleman has died, leaving his mansion, which stands on a tiny island, unlocked but protected by many devious traps.

A castle whose residents were killed by a mysterious illness, looms undisturbed upon a hilltop.

Far to the north an entire village is said to be trapped in ice and guarded by a white dragon.  The dragon’s lair contains rare and valuable trade goods that were originally intended to be sold to other communities.

*           *           *

Extradimensional beings masquerading as carnival folk use enchanted liquors to compel visitors to enter a tent where they are made to sit in a strange apparatus that drains fragments of their energy.

A traveling zoo recently had one of its cages fall off a wagon, causing it to break and the strange monster contained within to flee into a crowded city.

An evil school master uses his magic ring to control his students, deceiving them into robbing their wealthy parents and depositing the stolen goods inside a rotten, spider-choked tree out in the woods.

Vicious packs of dogs come pouring into a town at night while the party rests at an Inn.  The vicious canintes are being controlled by a mad mage and used to search for the son of his rival and bring him to an abandoned tower out in the hills.

An evil mistress has been using a wand of charming to seduce a slow-witted, but capable and usually very kind oaf of a man to set fire to her rivals’ crops in order to throw her competitors’ trade into disarray.

A local magistrate has been abusing his power to pardon sinister men caught and accused of thievery so as to secretly profit from the thefts of a local thieves’ guild.

Strange thefts have been reported in a community and after exhausting every possibility, the party learns of a strange, black dog that has recently showed up in town.  The dog turns out to be a rogue using a ring of polymorph to transform himself.

People have gone missing in a certain part of a city where giant spiders have made a home for themselves in a deep, dark alleyway.

A band of local thieves have unexpectedly turned themselves in to authorities in an attempt to “escape the madness,” which turns out to be the ghost of a paladin who has been haunting them by creating the illusion of their hideout being engulfed in flames.

A powerful, cursed sword has been stolen and the CPs must follow clues that lead them to a troop of performers who accidentally purchased the weapon while buying prop swords.  The thief hid the weapon among the goods when he was being pursued and now one of the performers is about to use it in a performance, which the PCs must stop before the blade unleashes its curse upon the audience.

*           *           *

An odd new town has appeared, seemingly out of nowhere, and folk who had disappeared in neighboring communities now appear in this one with no memories of their real lives.  The town is an illusion created by a powerful magical being who seeks to rob the dreams of his captives and use them as weapons against his enemies.

People in a community are crawling about on their hands and knees, behaving like animals.  They were cursed by an arch druid out of revenge because one of the townsfolk shot and slew his daughter who had been transformed into a deer at the time.

Strange folk gather in the city streets at night and converge on an open avenue where they worship a strange, dark figure that descends seemingly from the moon.  The being is a messenger from another dimension who seeks to create enough followers to ease his master’s passage into the world.

Stone statues in a cemetery have gone missing for weeks.  Ever since then, people have had break-ins and lost expensive property.  Turns out a thief with a magical rod has been animating and using the statues to steal for him.

People working and living at a local mansion have vanished.  The inside of the mansion is choked with webs and odd chittering sounds are heard within.

A company of dancers are invited to perform at the palace.  During their performance a strange haze falls over the court and many valuable objects go missing, which leads to the dancers being imprisoned.  The real culprit was a mage who hid himself in a secret room behind the king’s portrait.

Workers laboring on a new wall have lost their digging tools.  Much later in the day, the tools are discovered outside one of the temples where sappers had broken in and taken a healing rod.

The master of a thieves’ guild has been cast out by his own men after an unknown and foreign man suddenly appears, immediately earning the allegiance of the thieves.  The mysterious man is actually a magical creature who intends to use his new position to kill off key members of society.

An odd family has moved into a community and will say nothing to their neighbors, yet some claim to have seen the family bowing down to an enigmatic idol, which sits in their kitchen.  The family is actually a trio of magical undead who seek to open a gate into a shadowy realm in the middle of the community.

A carnival run by planar beings uses magic to compel some of their chosen customers to disappear from their communities and remain as slaves to the carnival.

A terrible fire in a wheat field continues to grow, even after it consumes all available fuel.  The cause is a small fissure leading into the plane of fire.

A man covered in tattoos enters a town, but when he leaves, the tattoos have all vanished and now reports of strange creature sightings are popping up everywhere.

During the night, the wife of a slain druid plants seeds throughout a town, which sprout into thorns, which grow over every structure, trapping people inside.

A town built up in the mountains is suddenly encased in magical ice as the frost giants who live above are spreading the boundaries of their domain.

The water levels of a lake are rising and threaten to submerge the villages built around it.  The reason for the rise in water comes from down below where underground beings are magically changing the flow of deep currents.

Odd people stagger into town and each of them enters buildings where multiple people are gathered.  Once inside, the strangers vomit on the ground and die, spreading disease in their wake.

An eerie performer wearing a mask finishes his act by opening an odd box, which releases vapors that cause everyone in town to fall into a deep coma.

A band of bestial humanoids beg for protection in a town, claiming that “a dark tide” is sweeping over the land behind them.  The tide of which they speak is a host of shadowy creatures, which fly through the air and move in large numbers.

Members of an organization dedicated to slaying the gods are spreading literature in a town, which contains lies about the practices of the local clerics.  Many of the people who read the literature now openly attack members of these faiths.

Sickness is afflicting the crops of a community and the only possible cause anyone can think of is a young man they saw, playing a recorder up on a hill.

*           *           *

At the height of a plague a cure is finally found, but short bestial humanoids have stolen it and intend to use it in some form of ritual meant to strengthen the potency of the plague.

An important crown was delivered to the king only to be stolen by his nephew who suddenly ran off to join a mysterious organization that operates out of a nobleman’s house.

The crew to a merchant captain’s ship have thrown him overboard and are taking his shipment to a small island where his rivals are amassing a fleet of raider ships.

A king’s retainer has stolen a priceless artifact and fled the castle in search of an ancient dungeon that people say has already been searched.

An old temple has a chamber, which contains a gateway to other planes and the scepter used to access it has gone missing.  The only clue that can be found is a letter to the high priest by one of his clerics saying she has a vendetta to settle.

Someone has given away secret pass words, which allow one to access the king’s storehouses.  This is done so that the thieves may take possession of a mysterious box, which contains a rare chromatic dragon egg.

Keys to the county prison have gone missing and the guard captains fear there could be a mass break-out of criminals.

A local casino owner has misplaced his keys, which are used to access his stores of winnings.  In response he has hired several thugs at the very last minute to help him protect his money, but unbeknownst to him, the thugs he hired are the very thieves who stole his keys.

Before dying, an old adventurer reveals the location of a fabulous store of wealth up in the mountains and now the race is on between rival adventuring companies to claim it.

A mage’s apprentice stole his master’s keys and opened a strange box, which now continually releases shadows into the community.

*           *           *

A fire elemental belonging to a deep dwarven forge has somehow escaped to the surface and is setting an entire forest ablaze.

Muggers and thieves stage a raid on a city armory and the guards have accidentally driven them into a part of the city populated by normal folk, creating numerous hostage situations.

A group of drunken ruffians were tricked by a mysterious figure into believing that the ills of their society are being caused by a particular race of demi humans.

Members of a political organization are directing citizens to rail and protest against persons of a particular religious group that has committed no wrong.

Dwarves recently discovered that some humans broke into their stronghold and stole a powerful weapon intended as a gift for their king.  They now prepare to invade an innocent kingdom to reclaim the item at all costs.

The princeling of a planar race has been captured and his father is threatening to burn the entire region unless the child is returned safely.

A druids’ grove has been desecrated and they are threatening to spread disease into a local settlement as an act of revenge unless the guilty party is brought to justice.

City guards were given the order by a corrupt noble to burn a wizard’s tower.  Now the wizard’s surviving apprentice is preparing to destroy part of the city with a powerful artifact he rescued from his master’s possessions.

A powerful crime lord dies when accidentally tripping over a drunk and falling down some stairs.  Now his followers are threatening to come after the drunk and his family.

After an order of clerics discovers and dispatches a dangerous vampire in a community, the people become paranoid and wary of one another, suspecting that more vampires lurk about.  This leads them to antisocial and even violent behavior as they divide and polarize against each other.

*           *           *

Prospectors lose one of their men when he falls down a hole that drops straight into a labyrinth filled with skeletal undead.

As city laborers tear down an old grain mill, they unintentionally release hordes of diseased vermin into the streets, which now bite and spread sickness.

Years ago while wandering through the woodlands, a traveling peasant accidentally discovers a highly addictive fruit that now has people trampling each other to acquire it for themselves.

Children playing in a field outside of town discover an old fox burrow that leads down into a secret tunnel being dug by a host of bestial humanoids who intend to infiltrate the kingdom.

Pilgrims resting in an old ruin clear dust from a wall and find an inscription with clues that speak of possibly opening a door to a complex, which lays further down.

Prospectors panning for gold in the mountains find a cave that once served as a dragon’s lair, but is now infested with enormous spiders.

Warriors in a distant land become lost in a wasteland where they discover an ancient city of the dead.  Secretly this is home to a powerful lich, which rests beneath the sands.

Farmers clearing a field in a wilderness discover the first of three parts of a key to an ancient vault, which reportedly exists up in the mountains.  Now only two parts of the key remain, but a strange organization is attempting to acquire them before the party does.

An old merchant’s dusty stores contain a peculiar medallion that points in the direction of a fabulous treasure, but this treasure is supposed to be out in a diseased bog, which may only be reached by canoe.

The skeletal remains of a long dead adventurer point towards a divide in the mountains where clues etched into the rock face lead to an ancient mine.  Unfortunately this mine also happens to be where a demon cult worships and guards the fortune.

A tiny portal to the planes of chaos is slowly opening and may only be closed by a piece of neutronium.  Unfortunately the only known source of neutronium in the region belongs to an evil mage who would rather see the world burn.

Sorcerers at a university of Arcanum are trying to piece together an ancient language, but need a primer text, which is said to be hidden in a ruined, underground city.  This city may only be reached by hiring an underground guide and this guide intends to betray the party as soon as they find the text.

Elves seek a group of adventurers to delve deep into the earth and retrieve their stolen relic from an undead dragon of inestimable power.  This dragon will deliver up the relic, but only after the party gives it something, an object or information, of great value.

A bard has been badly beaten and needs someone to venture out into the wilderness and track down an elusive gang of bestial humanoids who have stolen his book of songs and stories.

A mage has a collection of rare, historic figurines and wants someone to travel to another city and negotiate the purchase of the final piece to the entire set.

A dragon recently had her favorite gem stolen by a gang of small creatures and needs adventurers to crawl through a crack and recover it at their hideout.

A woodsman needs help locating curative herbs to heal a town of diseased people, but the final herb needed grows in the cracks of a steep cliff face.

While battling pirates, a king lost his sword to the depths of the sea and needs adventurers to journey to the bottom and locate it.

A mighty warrior seeks the final component to a suit of ancestral armor, but it supposedly is on display in the castle halls of another kingdom.

An eccentric nobleman who collects magical beasts needs someone to capture a live carbuncle and deliver it to him unharmed.

*           *           *

A slain bandit gang has a map leading to a secret dungeon below the castle’s outer enclosure.

While moving old book shelves in the temple library, a cleric discovers a mosaic pointing out the secret burial plot that once served as an ancient repository of sacred relics.

A hairless young man has strange writing tattooed into his skin, which he’s had since he was born and now assassins pursue him.  The writing is in an old tongue and speaks of a lost temple out in the wilderness where strange rituals were once performed, and the names of some older, prominent nobles are listed in the description.

A peasant woman in an enemy city’s slums has information vital to those who oppose her corrupt ruler, but must be found and rescued first.

A young priestess has visions leading her to the hidden location of a sacred shrine out in the wilderness.  She needs an escort to bring her there safely so she can reclaim sacred texts that may help end disputes over particular points of doctrine in her order.

Shipwrecked men marooned on a desert island are picked up by the ship that the party is riding upon.  These men then capture the helm and force the ship to take them into dangerous waters where a vast fortune lays hidden among jagged rocks.

Rumors speak of a young woman who was born with a strange tattoo on her back, which marks the location of a powerful ruin.  This particular ruin only appears every 1,000 years.

While reading someone’s fortune, an oracle has a vision describing a tear opening into a shadowy realm where the citadel of a dark, malevolent being looms and stirs to activity.

An odd puzzle box appears in a tavern, driving everyone inside mad.  Upon being solved it leads to a dimensional palace where twisted and monstrous things lurk about.

After a clumsy patron drops a heavy box on the library floor, one of the tiles breaks and reveals that it had a map engraved on its underside.  The map leads to the oldest part of the city where a secret doorway down a dirty alleyway opens into a long and forgotten labyrinth.

*           *           *

Slimes have been released into the sewers to help dissolve the excess waste, but suddenly escape through privies and attack people in their homes.

A vast host of vermin inexplicably swarm out of the woodlands and sweep over farmlands, attacking crop and cattle alike.  The source of this disturbance is an odd glyph carved into the earth in a particularly nasty part of the wilderness.

A demon that cannot be banished has been chained in the basement of a shrine for a century.  It needs to be weakened through combat before it can be banished, but so far none have been willing to undertake the task.

A recently reclaimed city is still filled with enemy soldiers, which need to be cleared out in order for people to fully inhabit all of its districts.

One of the roads in the kingdom connects with a bridge that is famous for monster attacks, causing locals to avoid it as often as they can.  It turns out the alleged monsters are homeless men who simply wish to live under the bridge without the constant disruption of noisy wagons crossing overhead.

The poor who live in the city’s sewers are falling victim to a mysterious plague, which transforms them into bloodthirsty ghouls.

Every night for the past few weeks an incoherent, babbling hill giant hurls boulders at the gates of the city, but manages to vanish before patrols can be dispatched to deal with him.

People living in a town cannot leave their houses for fear of a powerful and ravenous creature that stalks the land at all hours of the day and well into the night.

A bandit gang constantly robs merchants and travelers on a road near a town, but for some reason the members of the town pull down wanted posters and try to prevent the capture of these rogues.

Every time a king tries to build his castle on an overlook of stone, something always triggers a quake that topples the construction, requiring them to start over.  A slumbering earth elemental is the cause and it does not wish to bear the weight of the castle on its back.

*           *           *

A nobleman bearing a gift for his future father-in-law needs an escort to bear him there safely.

An infatuated young man and young woman, each from a different noble house, hid themselves in a wagon to make love, but bandits stole the wagon to use in their escape and now the couple’s respective houses are blaming each other for kidnapping their children.

The local prince is coming of age and needs brave adventurers to accompany him on the great hunt where he is expected to display incredible prowess, but the young man is quite coddled and fearful of being in the wilderness.

The priestess of a goodly deity wishes to seek out a band of bestial humanoids whom she believes to be good and in need of rescuing from their own kind before they are killed off.

A genie needs adventurers to escort her into the plane of her father to help barter her release from servitude.  Her father is quit wealthy and will expect to either be compensated richly or gifted with a rare and valuable artifact.

An order of clerics has disfellowshipped a wayward member who now seeks revenge against them with his own followers and a strong, demonic creature.

The party learns that a recently exposed crime lord is secretly planning to move out of the city and intends to carefully and strategically move his entire fortune under an armed guard through the sewers.

A young gnome is following clues left in a note that was recently found in a bottle on the beach.  He believes strongly that this note was penned by none other than his missing father, a wealthy merchant long presumed dead.

A young girl was seen talking to giant spiders in the woods and her neighbors want someone to try and figure out what she’s up to.  The girl is, in actuality, asking the spiders to inform her when they see the arrival of a strange cult of demon worshipers so that she may do battle and rid them from the land.

A cleric seeks after his sister whom he claims to have seen walk upon the water and stride out into the ocean.  She moves under the control of a powerful water deity who compels her to enter into and retrieve one of his wondrous items from an underwater temple.

Lycanthropes lure the youth of a city out into an old country church where they are promised great power if they allow themselves to fall prey to the sickness of lycanthropy.

A rather festive carnival is secretly run by vampires and preys upon communities during the night.

Clerics of an evil church hold glamorous celebrations that lure the community’s youth.  During these celebrations, charming agents of the church carouse and find the most promising of the youth and invite them to attend secret meetings.

A town is secretly ruled by a vampire who lives in an estate out in the country.  He requires the town to send youth up to him from time to time so that he may feed upon them.

Simple peasants in a small town are in a constant state of mourning.  Anyone who carefully looks into this will discover that someone has captured their children and is putting them to work in a deep mine, but they are forbidden to tell anyone.

During the night, skeletal warriors attack the gates of a church where an old, secretive cleric lives.  This is because of an artifact of great power, which the cleric has kept in his possession ever since he stole it from an ancient crypt years before.

People in the city report seeing an immense, nightmarish creature peering in through their windows at night.  The creature was sent by a mysterious foreigner who travels in a lone caravan, which is locked with powerful irons.

A town is beset by swarms of termites, which chew on their buildings and threaten to bring the whole community toppling down.

People have become trapped in their town when swarms of venomous serpents surround it and try to bite anyone or anything that tries to leave.

A pack of ice-spewing wolves appears in the streets at night, spreading cold and misfortune to whoever’s house they approach.

*           *           *

A magical trunk opens to reveal a stairway down into a trap-filled mansion where a mad sorcerer once lived.

Deep in the woods, a small cottage has a secret trap door leading down into a cave, which runs down into a chamber filled with water that glistens from silvery objects resting in its depths.

An honest-looking merchant sells a map to the party, claiming it holds a decent amount of treasure.  The location on the map leads to a ruined ship along the shore, which serves as a staging ground for an ambush.

A suspicious traveler towing a horse and wagon suddenly dies and soon it is revealed that his wagon is loaded with treasure from an unknown origin.

An extremely wealthy madman with a sprawling palace out in the wilderness announces a contest in which every thug and bandit in the region hunts and kills each other over the prospect of a great reward.

The party is hired to travel to and draw a box from the depths of a raging river.  The box contains a rod with a single spell charge that will annihilate vast hordes of undead that have infested a foggy meadow, but the party will need to fight their way to the middle of the meadow in order to maximize the rod’s effect.

One of the alleys deep within the city is chained off at night as people who travel down there turn up dead.  The victims are being attacked by twin wraiths who seek revenge on those who wronged them centuries ago.

The ghost of a weeping woman appears in the middle of town and when approached, her screams cause all the glass in the windows to blast outward and rain down.  She can only be put to rest if the body of her lost child can be recovered and its spirit brought to her.

The radiant spirit of a woman appears in peoples’ mirrors and calls out noiselessly for help.  She can only be helped by entering the mirror and learning that she was murdered by a noble who banished her into a magical mirror that hangs in his bedroom.

The son of a nobleman has fallen deathly ill and the only way to save him is to enter his mind through an illusionist’s sleep spell and slay the spectral being haunting the lad’s labyrinthian thoughts.

*           *           *

Bestial humanoids riding upon large reptiles batter the defenses of a town on the borders.

Small villages are regularly extorted for food and supplies by a large band of robbers.

A town has lost nearly all of its flocks to a nest of wyverns that suddenly appeared up in the mountains.  All that the town has left are young ewes, which they cannot allow to graze without drawing the monsters.

The soldiers of a distant and eccentric lord gather individuals who play board games and are bringing them to a castle where they will be forced to play in a tournament.

Groups of activist demonstrators begin setting fire to the market place and threaten to burn the palace to the ground until their demands are met.  The demonstrators are being paid to create a distraction while a captured lord from an evil kingdom is broken out of prison by his loyal retainers.

A small force of elfin undead holds up a tight position up in the hills and continue to fight a battle that had ended long ago.  The only way to put them to rest is to somehow prove to them that their enemies have perished and that the war is over.

An odd lantern was delivered to a town by a man who secretly harbors feelings of jealousy against its residents.  The strange artifact now hovers in the air over the town square and emits a horrible energy that keeps the locals pinned to the ground.

Bestial humanoids have raided a town and are dragging its residents toward an evil kingdom in order to sell them into slavery.

A guard captain and his foul lackeys harass and threaten visitors who he believes to be of demi human lineage, such as half elves and half orcs.

A peaceful town is plunged into chaos when an immense bull appears and begins smashing through the market square.  The bull was set loose by wicked dwarves who seek to drive away competing businesses.

*           *           *

Giant ants have established a colony near some farmlands and drag away cattle and sheep.

Fishing waters are now closed off after the appearance of aquatic monsters, which attack anything that draws too close.

For some odd reason giants have wandered down from the mountains and are kicking down the houses of farmers and peasants, and search the wreckage for something.  It turns out they are looking to confirm if the farmers are amassing weapons to use against them and should the party search hard enough they will find that one particular farmer has built a giant crossbow, which he intends to use against the giants.

Pirate ships rob fishing boats of their hauls and deliver the fish to a powerful aquatic monster.

Bestial humanoids sneak into the city and raid a bakery, stealing a wedding cake that was originally intended for a wedding between two feuding families.

A band of mages conveniently show up whenever powerful monsters attack the city and use spectacular magics to bring them down.  The mages are actually skillful illusionists using their talents to cheat the city out of money.

A local leader is receiving mysterious death threats.  They turn out to be coming from a group of youth who are having a bit of fun at his expense.

A wicked land owner has built a dam up in the mountains and hopes to drive away the settlers who have moved in down below by keeping them from receiving proper shares of water.

Many travelers complain that their horses are stolen during the night.  It turns out the stables in the city are working together with a bandit lord to steal and sell the best horses placed in their care.

A concerned cleric believes that the king, an otherwise good fellow, was gifted with a cursed ring and needs the party to sneak into the castle, steal the ring and destroy it before it cankers the ruler’s soul.

*           *           *

A low fog brings in wights, which plague the region by slaughtering cattle and capturing citizens with magical aptitude.

Loggers accidentally cut down a layer of trees that open into a deep part of the woods from whence giant beetles come charging out.

The wind suddenly ceases and everything turns still and silent.  Not long after, a procession of spectral giants moves through the region and halt in an open field where they begin chanting and opening a rift into another realm.

A town by the mountains complains that they hear the sound of a crying child and each time the cry is heard; a landslide is triggered.  The child is a prince from the plane of the earth and was left on the material plane by hateful entities who are blackmailing his parents.

Late at night, everyone in the community hears a woman sing a strange song.  By morning, the community is attacked from within by mobile plant life.

Towns up north need supplies before storms bring in deep snowfall and the party must escort a long caravan and protect it if it has any hope of reaching its destinations.

Word flies through the streets that assassins are storming a nobleman’s house.  A heavy storm has set in and the party must make a dramatic rescue on the rooftop of the highest turret as the assassins corner the head of the household.

Unusually heavy rainfall muddies the ground, forcing burrowing monsters up to the surface where they threaten to attack a local community as they seek out shelter.

A dazzling meteor shower causes a town to be peppered with small, fiery rocks that explode and form into fiery imps.

An evil wizard with a tower up in the mountains has built an astrological machine that controls the weather, which he intends to sell to the highest bidder in an auction that directly targets evil and powerful men and women.

*           *           *

A swift trade route in the ocean is blocked by a fleet of corsair ships that demand tribute.

Nearby roads are stalked by a pair of giants who murder and rob every traveler they come across.

A pair of strong ogres block off the only road that passes through the mountains for miles.

Two groups with supply wagons have intersected on a narrow mountain road and each demand that the other backtrack to allow their own passage through.

A dark knight appears and defends the access to a seemingly empty, crumbling tower.  He does this while his master, a withered creature, regenerates within the tower.

During the night, a meteor crashes in the mountains.  If investigated the party will discover a crater peppered with chunks of metal that would prove quite valuable to alchemists and metal smiths, but in order to collect them, the party will have to repel attacks from a dragon that desires the metal.

Deep in a mountain crevice lay the bones of an immense, undead dragon that recalls the events of the world since the days of its first shaping.

An aged druid has premonitions of a mountain erupting and destroying the area, but all the communities he warns mock and cast stones at him.  The adventurers may be called upon to guide people to safety when the eruption occurs.

Drilling machines belonging to a technological race rise to the surface and release monstrous soldiers into the city streets as part of an invasion.

A great giant is chained to an obelisk up in the mountains and runes inscribed in the obelisk warn anyone against attempting to free the giant.

*           *           *

A host of monsters, under the control of a strange man wearing a white mask, is preparing to assault a peaceful region.

Torchlights and campfires suddenly dot the landscape not far from a town and anyone sent out to investigate never returns.

A swirling vortex opens in a valley and unleashes a mass of slithering creatures that begin attacking nearby towns.

An evil mage with a rare psionic artifact is able to use willing followers to travel abroad and act as relays for his will and magic, which he uses against peaceful kingdoms from afar.

Rumors spread of a dig site up in the mountains where hobgoblins are uncovering what appears to be an immense armored construct.

An evil elven sorcerer guides a host of bestial humanoids in an enchanted, flying ship.

Grey dwarves have constructed a mechanical wyrm, which they pilot out of the ground and use to beset elvish woodlands with fire and bellows.

A clan of ogres have built a great tower up in the mountains and their leader, a deranged mage, has a great lens of glass set at the top.  Every morning he uses the sun’s rays to burn villages, which allows the ogres to rob and pillage in the safety of the pandemonium.

The city’s shopping district is suddenly closed off by a bulwark of wooden walls that armed and dangerous dissenters have set up to protect them as they spread terror through the city.

A brotherhood of dark rangers has taken over a small castle overlooking a river.  They are guided by an evil druid who seeks to spread disease to all the communities built along the river.

*           *           *

A powerful mage is about to cast a destructive spell, but before it can go off, another mage will cause time to stop in the area.  The heroes must find a way to dispel the destructive spell before time resumes.

Mages of an enemy nation have released a disease of planar origin into a thriving city.  The antidote may only be found by traveling to one of the elemental planes and purchasing it from an astral vendor.

A group of children have wandered into an abandoned district on the outskirts of the city and now a fire caused by an arsonist is spreading through it.

The queen has been captured and witnesses to the crime say her mind has been broken and her appearance altered before being cast into the streets of a sprawling city.

A woman with horns demands that a village evacuate by the end of the week before death and destruction fall upon their heads.  She is actually a powerful sorceress who had been disfigured during her recent exploits and has come to protect people from a powerful entity that is about to be born into the village.

An alchemist uses matter from another plane and accidentally releases an indestructible elemental that is getting stronger.  Now he needs help to find components that may reverse this disaster.

The king and his counselors discuss the placement of a new castle and witness an enemy spy making his escape from the meeting.  The party must track down the spy before he reaches his masters with his information.

A young woman is captured by a sadistic man who leaves clues that describe where he is keeping her.  She is hanging in an old windmill from a fraying rope, which dangles above rabid dogs.

Men are found dead, slain by their own hands.  Blackmail notes are found on their persons, hinting that a criminal organization is spying on and manipulating people for money.

A threatening note is delivered to the king, explaining that the city will be destroyed unless certain criminals are released from prison.  At the time this note was found it was learned that vast quantities of nitroglycerin were stolen from alchemist shops throughout the city.

*           *           *

A performing troop of gnomes and halflings are beset by a band of bestial humanoids and eventually taken captive.

A huntress living alone in the woods hasn’t been able to return to town to sell her pelts due to an invasion of monsters around her cottage.

The house of a small family of farmers is trapped as giant scorpions surround their house and infest their barn.

A tower belonging to an old sage is sinking into the ground as creatures carefully dig under its base so that they may rob it without exposing themselves up on the surface.

A small, lakeside fishing village needs help protecting their boats against swarms of biting fish, which leap out of the water.

Peasants whose thorp is constantly raided by a force of bandits need the party to train them and lead them into battle.

A peaceful ogre is run out of town by peasants throwing rocks and apples.  All he wants is permission from the local lord to build a house and till his own patch of land.

For some strange reason, a band of monks relentlessly attack an average man.  As it turns out the man is accused of insulting their order in an off-handed way and they intend to fight him until he takes back his words.

After acquiring a valuable jewel, a man sets traps of all kind around and inside his property out of fear of his neighbors coming to rob him.

A wounded unicorn hides in a stable and begs for protection from a pack of intelligent monsters, which relentlessly hunt for it.  Unfortunately the farmer is tempted to strike a deal with the monsters for the unicorn’s life.

*           *           *

A group of miners have uncovered a strange artifact and now uncharacteristically travel abroad, murdering individuals who are descended from a particular ancient hero.

A once modest barmaid is gifted with a ring from a traveler who could not otherwise pay for his meal, and now she is suddenly very promiscuous and able to use weaponry as a master swordsman.

Cultists stir up contention in a community of varying races, causing the once tolerant demi humans to adopt feelings of hatred towards each other.

A well-liked nobleman suddenly and inexplicably falls out of favor with the community when he uncharacteristically berates and slaps his wife in front of everyone at a social function.  Some of his servants suspect that he is being controlled telepathically by someone.

Elvish knights shock the region when they ride out of their woodland realm and burn a peaceful peasant community to the ground.  Turns out the previous lord of the elves had died and the new lord views the peasants who dwell close to his lands with much less lenience.

A band of unscrupulous woodsmen behead a dryad who was trying to protect her tree.  In turn the woodsmen were transformed into wild, howling fiends who now haunt the woods.

Terror grips the frozen lands to the north as a great ball of flame appears above the mountains, causing premature ice melt that sends water cascading down the slopes.

A nobleman needs the party to find a cure for his ailment: a fey has cursed his body so that it gradually turns into a plant, which sprouts great, thorny brambles that choke the interior of his home.

Members of a village are shocked when they all awaken during the night to find the land under the glow of a red moon, and in the midst of this, open caskets appear outside their front doors with a demonic voice commanding them to enter and sleep.

A teleportation spell goes awry when an evil mage attempts to flee the guards, but accidentally miscasts his spell, sending his mind into the body of a small child while the child’s mind enters his body in return.

*           *           *

A woodsman has discovered a grove of slain unicorns with a trail of their blood leading down a reeking, winding cave.

People have awoken to find thousands of dead rats tacked to the front doors of several house in the community.  This is a sign of a cult of warlocks moving into the region and marking the residents of their intended victims.

Rangers and druids are concerned when they discover that a group of hunters are killing off all the birds and herd animals in the area and leaving their carcasses to waste away.

A tribe of nomads ironically beg for sanctuary in a city as some unseen enemy is stalking the wilderness and killing them off one at a time.  It turns out that one of their youth is responsible, having been infected with lycanthropy.

A sniper with a powerful crossbow has taken up a position in the mountains and is firing on the guards who walk the ramparts around the castle.

A savage tribe of cannibalistic men have returned to the ancient caves their ancestors built in the swamplands.  They are guided by a deranged shaman who follows a lesser god of hunger.

A pond is suddenly bereft of water, leaving its murky floor exposed and covered in dead, reeking fish.  At its center is a standing stone that hums with dreadful energy.

Gargoyles attack people during the night.  The guards are able to dispatch them, but the next night they return to life and resume their raids.  A strange mage with a red staff is responsible for bringing them back again and again.

A swift force of mounted brigands rides out from the hills and encircle trade caravans, robbing them of their goods and slaying them outright.

Dwarves have been seen leading an elfling prince in chains through the wilderness.  They had captured him and intend to hold him until the elf family he belongs to agrees to return a hauberk of mithril to the dwarves’ clan.

*           *           *

The last shipment of weapons sent to the castle have turned out to be crafted from bad iron.  A criminal organization is responsible for the poor quality.

A peddler claiming to sell miraculous potions is actually selling sleeping potions in preparation for his thieving comrades.

An encumbered peddler sells a tiny jewel box, which when opened will exude a noxious gas that possesses the mind of the opener and directs him or her to commit evil acts.

A thin merchant is falsely accused of selling pottery with poisonous ink.  He now languishes in prison and waits for his execution unless evidence can be brought to his defense.

A shady land dealer is selling property around a lake, but what people don’t realize is that aquatic monsters live in the lake and will destroy any homes built too close to the shore.

During a festival, a cleric is assassinated and one of the party members is accused of the deed by a friend of the real killer.

An unscrupulous organization is becoming popular in town, but with no evidence of any wrongdoing, the party is asked by local authorities to join the organization.  Once inside they learn that the group is gathering geographic information about the region to help an enemy army prepare their invasion.

A teamster mistakenly leaves a wagonload of merchandise with the party.  If the party sells or keeps the goods, they will be accused of committing a theft by the villains who hired the man to leave them the wagon in the first place.

The party is hired by a sage to retrieve treasure from a ruin.  Upon its delivery, the sage informs them that he won’t be able to pay them until the next day at which time a rival group claims the reward for themselves.

A town crier needs the party to protect him as he proclaims to the public that their tax collector has been unlawfully seizing property.  The crier fears assassins may silence him before he gets the word out.

*           *           *

After a strange object appears in the sky, magic in the kingdom has completely failed.

Searches through the catacombs turns up a broken sword, which the high cleric unexpectedly steals and departs during the night to an unknown goal.  As it turns out, the cleric is returning the sword to an ancient dwarven crypt where one of his companions had stolen the weapon decades earlier.

The sudden discovery of a fabled artifact has created a huge stir as adventurers and powerful arcanists sally forth in search of others like it, though none are aware of the great harm that will befall the land if all of these artifacts are reunited.

A mage pupil unknowingly purchases a cursed magical rod, which causes every spell he casts to randomly summon a monster.

A warrior comes by a set of gauntlets that allows him to perform phenomenal feats of strength, but if pushed to anger while wearing them, he will become a terrible force of destruction as a hateful spirit in the gauntlets will take over his mind.

The high cleric’s soul is trapped in a gem by an evil efreeti.  The efreeti then casts the gem down to the bottom of a wide chasm before returning to his plane of existence.

An artistic rogue of poor reputation somehow manages to steal a magical staff, which causes the images in paintings and stained-glass windows to come to life and perform his bidding.  He now uses his drawing skills to create many horrific things.

An evil old noble, desperate to claim revenge on his goodly enemies, sends his minions to collect the missing pieces to a suit of armor that grants him incredible strength and makes him nigh invulnerable to harm.  Once he assembles the suit the only method to defeat him will be to somehow steal a silver key from his lover and use it on a keyhole at the armor’s back.

The old church bell of a village is actually an instrument of destruction.  Well armored brigands, under the supervision of a sage, break in and steal the bell and set it atop a wooden tower on wheels.

The party discovers a crystal eye that looks in the direction of its head’s resting place.  It belongs to a mighty undead sorcerer who will grant a wish to anyone who returns it, but conspiring forces will attempt to take the crystal eye for themselves.

*           *           *

A pair of hooded individuals ride hastily through the country with an old wagon. They turn out to be the king and queen of a nearby kingdom whose home has been overrun by dissenters and traitors.

The insignia of a radical political organization is being branded on the doors of non-humans’ houses throughout the city.  This vandalism is a precursor to more violent efforts that will be made to push the non-humans out.

A lady alchemist lures her husband into the wilderness where his leg is mangled in a trap and he is left holding up two potions of nitroglycerin, which will explode if he disturbs them in the least.

A youth is wrongly accused of stealing from a warrior’s guild and now its members pursue him, requiring him to remain in hiding until his innocence is proven.

An evil kingdom believes that they were wronged by a local man and demand that he be delivered up for execution or else they will declare war.

After a heated argument, the king of another land has declared war against another king, and party is called to arms.

An overbearing order of knights goes about, kicking down the doors of common citizens and forcefully searches their properties.  They are looking for one of their order who recently left them and now threatens to give away all of their secrets.

A group of hunters are pursuing and trying to kill a rare Kirin that hides in a nearby wilderness.  The Kirin is looking for its mate, which may be wounded and concealed somewhere near civilization.

During one of his public addresses, the king, seemingly at random, orders his guards to seize a man standing in the crowd.  As it turns out, the man is a cousin of the king and a dastardly traitor at that, but he escapes before the guards can lay a hand on him.

Assassins harass a man in a dark alley.  They were sent to kill him, but before they do, they try to coerce him into revealing the location of his treasures.

*           *           *

A band of merchants bringing a resupply of tools has not arrived and a storm is due to arrive.  What is more, dangerous monsters usually follow shortly after stormy weather.

Miners have not yet come out of the quarry after a recent quake and their loved ones are growing anxious.  The miners are unhurt, but have been taken in as slaves by underground creatures.

A cleric was sent to a shrine so he could banish a seductive demoness, but a week has gone by and he has not yet returned.  The cleric has aligned himself with the demoness and they are plotting to overthrow his order and claim it for themselves.

Fishing boats set out for their daily haul, but at the end of the day their boats return empty with the fishermen nowhere to be found.

A famous sage recently went into his home to study a new book he purchased and nobody has seen him in weeks.  The book, it would seem, is a portable gate into our modern world.

A famous poetess has gone missing and the only lead is her last poem, which speaks of “journeying beneath the waves of the sea to find its beating heart.”  This turns out to be a reference of a powerful gem, which lays clenched in a tight crack deep underwater where a sea demon dwells.

A local family departed for another town, but their path brought them through the mountains and they have not yet arrived to their destination.  Many worry that thieving trolls in the mountains are to blame.

An angry young man who just inherited a manor home has not come out in days.  The man discovered the statue of an evil deity in his basement and worships it day and night in order to give it enough strength to escape from the statue.

Out in the rocky wastes, many people have gone missing.  The area in question is peppered with many petrified humans and hissing fills the air whenever anyone new comes by.

A force of infantry was dispatched to attack a raiding party, but neither were heard from again.  Searching it out will reveal that the infantry and raiders stood their ground together while fighting to the death against an evil titan, the latter of which still lives, albeit in a wounded state.

*           *           *

The harvest festival is brought to an abrupt end as swarms of insects descend upon the land.  The insects were sent by an undead mage who wishes to reclaim lands that once belonged to him.

Celebrations in a local town are interrupted when an outcast of the community returns with a gang of strong thugs and overturns the booths and pavilions.

The wedding of two important people is ruined when the wife is captured by her ex-lover who takes her to his ship while hired mercenaries slow any who pursue them.

Celebrations for the birth of a new prince are disrupted when a powerful skeletal mage appears and demands that the child be delivered up to him as part of a strange covenant the father had made with him years ago.  The father had promised up his first born in exchange for the mage’s aid in helping him obtain great wealth.

An obnoxious young girl’s birthday party captures the attention of a mighty Jinn who provides her with three wishes.

A successful innkeeper holds a celebratory feast in honor of he and his family finally being free of their debts.  His debt collectors then conspire against him and hire an arson to burn his stables so that he will once again need to borrow money from them to make the repairs.

After defeating all in a series of tourneys, a mighty knight is stricken down by a poison dart.  Apparently the knight had borrowed strength from a chaotic deity, but neglected to make a proper sacrifice, which angered the god and moved his clerics to take action against him.

The death of a much-hated tyrant marks a new era of terror as more sinister men and women begin tearing the land apart through warfare as each seek to claim the vacant throne.

Two dwarven clans finally prepare to put aside an ancient feud as they marry off a prince to a princess, but before the ceremony even begins, the bride storms out, angrily declaring the wedding off.  Now both clans are ready for war unless the reason for the separation is learned.

A band of warriors return to town after claiming to have successfully slay a monster, but as they celebrate, the monster returns and attacks the town.

*           *           *

Vast amounts of rats, led by one large, intelligent rat, invade a community and keep people prisoner in their homes.

Swarms of vicious reptiles are pouring out of a nearby swamp and are attacking a local village.  The only possible reason is the recent delivery of a pungent-smelling ale that seems to draw the lizards.

A giant crab ascends from the seashore and blocks entrance into a coastal city.

Spells cast by a coven of witches opens a dimensional gate in the night sky, bringing swarms of flaming bats into the region.

Darkness covers a patch of wilderness and entering into this place reveals a blackened and broken landscape, which flows towards a vast crater permeated by dense eldritch magic.  In the center of this crater is a giant being encircled in chains.

One night, an immense clay golem strides out of the wilderness and smashes everything in its path as it moves into the hills.  It leaves a trail of mud behind as it breaks apart, eventually revealing a beautiful and evil enchantress hidden within its deteriorating bulk.

An innkeeper is forced to flee his business when small creatures dig up through the basement and begin tearing down everything in search for food.

After explorers discover an odd religious idol in a ruined fort, swarms of insects begin rising out of cracks in the ground and spread into all the local communities.

Farmlands are evacuated as the air grows strangely humid and hot.  The source of the heat stems from an unearthed standing stone from which many small, demonic creatures emerge.


A caravan of foreign travelers passes through and accidentally deposits plant seeds, which grow out of control and strangle out the local crops.  The only way to eliminate these plants is to find a shrine dedicated to a nature goddess out in the wilderness and beseech her for divine aid in removing the scourge.

*           *           *

A lawful evil cleric becomes high priest over the region and outlaws all weapons as he secretly prepares to overthrow the government and bring everyone under his rule.

Certain demi human races are suddenly forbidden from entering a city that normally allows free trade with anyone.

All the towns in a small county are plunged into chaos as a tyrant moves in and takes possession of the area and places heavy taxes on the populous.

A local lord has outlawed adventurers and sends a powerful force of mercenaries to capture and imprison the party.  The party is then scheduled for execution by the lord who believes them responsible for disturbing a monster that slew his son.

The banking guild refuses to extend loans to non-human residents and bribes government authorities to create laws that place the demi humans under greater scrutiny.

An evil noble suddenly makes tourneys illegal after his knights suffer repeated losses, and now the victors are being held prisoner until they can pay their fines.

A local lord places increasingly harsher tasks on the backs of his citizens every time his knights lose the tourney against his rival lords.

Whenever a gang of outlaws rob from the king, his response is to blame the citizenry and place lofty tariffs on the goods and supplies that the peasants trade with other kingdoms.  Now nobody will trade with them and the peasants are threatening to revolt.

While sleeping, the party is taken away in a dream from which they cannot awaken unless they climb an illusionary tower and ring a gong.  In order to do this, they must aid other persons trapped in the dream and defeat a heinous monster, which guards the gong.

A community run by bestial humanoids has declared humans as unequal and made them their slaves.  Some of these slaves escaped and beg for assistance in freeing the rest of their kin.

*           *           *

Animals are turning against their masters and running all humans out of the farmlands.  These animals are possessed by the spirits of evil men who strive to commence their schemes, even in death.

Evil elves have captured a dragon and are using its blood to breed half draconic creatures, which they intend to release during a banquet soon to be held by goodly elves.

An energetic zombie, immune to all forms of damage and magic, steals relics from the temple district and leaps over the city walls before fleeing into the wilderness.

An ancient dragon spoken of in ancient lore has emerged, fulfilling the prophecy of an old cleric, and is destroying the capital city in preparation for its great lord’s arrival.

A powerful force, resembling a four-legged beast, awakens from a druidic stone circle and is drawing wood and stone into itself, increasing its size and the scope of its devastation.

The necropolis of an ancient and forgotten king is unearthed, wakening him and his undead minions.  Now they prepare to reclaim the lands he once owned during life.

The hills are being stalked by an enormous serpent, which seems to have the ability to draw lightning to itself and exude it as a breath attack.  The serpent is an ancient demigod and is searching for its lost eye, which was stolen by a thieving mage.

A massive host of deranged wolves begins flowing through the wilderness like a black river and decimate the wild game in the region.  Now they are threatening to draw closer to civilized places and rumors speak of a tall, shaggy man standing in their midst.

People find strange tracts lying upon the ground, which urge them to travel out into the country where tents have been established in a clearing.  The tracts speak of a new “way” and once the people reach the large camp they are told to cast off their earthly belongings and walk down into a cave where an elder being waits to consume them.

A young bard sings sensationalistic songs that prompt the youth to rebel violently against adults and claim their wealth for themselves.

*           *           *

Dwarves have finished building a powerful iron golem, which suddenly breaks free of their control and tramples everything under its feet.

Woodland elves have raised a great woodland giant to aid them in pushing back a horde of goblinoids, but for some reason the giant won’t obey their orders.  This is because one of the elves who performed the ritual to summon it placed contradictory directions into its mind.

Dark elves have crafted a strange couch, which when slept upon allows the dreamer to enter into peoples’ minds and learn their secrets.

A necromancer cult has discovered an old ruin where a powerful mummy rests and they are now preparing a ritual to awaken the mummy and unleash its wrath upon the land.

Dwarves have been hired to build an aqueduct that will deliver water from the mountains to parched farmlands below, but evil forces in the mountains conspire to thwart their efforts.

People out in the farmlands are suddenly being taxed by a cult, which has built a tall, wicker idol in the center of a town.  They claim that this idol is a new god, which must be appeased lest it bring terrible retribution upon their heads.

A group of alchemists have concocted a potion, which they believe will solve food shortages, but as they pour the mixture into a bowl, it becomes an ever-enlarging porridge, which bursts from their house and floods the roads.

After training his apprentice with all of his knowledge, a master monk turns up dead and his pupil now wanders the land, seeking out new followers to help him create a school of martial artists whose values go against the peaceful intentions of the former leader.

Strange men have been breeding monsters to become more powerful and now the hateful creatures have escaped and must be slain before they breed and create a new generation of horrific creatures.


After magically combining alcoholic beverages with apples, a mage starts growing and harvesting trees, which produce dangerously alcoholic fruit, which sports the side effect of turning people into angry brawlers when it is consumed.

*           *           *

Up in the hills there is a great, round boulder with two curious entrances, which turn out to be the eye sockets of a long dead titan.

In the middle of a swamp there lay the carcass of a colossal insect with a hollow interior that may be explored.

A pair of immense eyes appear in the sky and turn anyone they gaze upon to stone.  The eyes belong to a colossal being from a magical plane of existence.

An odd, old house up in the hills that children like to play in is actually the helm of an ancient ship that somehow came to rest on land and became buried over time.

What many thought to be a dried up well is actually the remains of a collapsed stairwell, which leads down into a great chamber filled with rows of strange urns.

The cellar of a tiny farmhouse leads deep into an underground arena where illegal fights to the death are held during the dead of night.

A small family recently moved into a home with a peculiar metal seal on their living room floor.  The seal is actually an enchanted disc that will teleport any who stand upon it to the throne room of an evil king from a distant land.

Faint writing on an old stone wall will become a doorway into a massive, enchanted prison when the light of the moon shines upon it at just the right time.

A young boy’s strange puzzle box grows larger and heavier as he solves it.  Should the entire puzzle be solved, the box will expand into a vast fortress filled with strange technological horrors.

A shepherd boy discovers an odd flute in the river.  On the next night, as he cleans it, he plays a tune, causing a tear to open in the darkened sky from whence twisted things descend to the earth.

*           *           *

High atop the tallest mountain is a tiny shrine containing a gateway to other worlds.  A cult of powerful mages wishes to use this gateway to acquire the aid of planar beings in their efforts to claim the entire region.

Deep underground, a pool set in the floor of a cave drops straight into the hells as a one-way gate.  A madman, under an agreement with a powerful demon, seeks to sacrifice the party to the pool so that he may rise in power.

In a faraway forest there is a great mass of vines, which are wrapped around an exceedingly powerful monster and now the vines are beginning to rot and fall away as an evil druid casts a ritual meant to free the beast.

A colossal beast of destructive power is petrified and encased in amber, but as the amber cracks and falls away, the beast will likely break free of its confinement.

There is rumored to be a strange, circular land mass out in a dangerous part of the sea.  The land mass is actually the hull of an ancient vessel from beyond the stars.

Below the castle of an evil king an imprisoned goddess is rumored to be held.  The evil king’s family has kept this secret for generations and will gladly exhaust all of their resources to keep the goddess trapped.

Deep under the sea there is an immense vault capped by a stone disc.  This vault is said to contain a slumbering being who will destroy the land if awoken.  The being is comprised of many different aquatic creatures, which he may shed from his body and set against his enemies.

A meeting is called between the eldest representatives of all the dragons by a strange personage.  They have decided to gather their kin and declare war on all of humanity.

An immense storm system moves through the land.  At its center is a peculiar glass palace owned by a being from a dimension of clockwork creatures.  The palace swarms with automatons, which descend, from time to time, to raid mines of precious metals.

From deep underground an empire of fiery creatures fights its way to the surface and burn everything in their path.  This has caused unlikely creatures from the subterranean world to seek out an alliance.

*           *           *

A small family is hidden out in the wilderness where they are surrounded by a camp of invading creatures.  One of their children managed to sneak out and warns the party of the impending war.

A family is concerned when they receive a letter from their aged grandmother saying she is walking the road from her town to join them in the city.

A woman has gone to the court of the king to petition the release of her husband, but none have seen her ever since.  The king is unaware of this as one of his officials is responsible for imprisoning her to conceal his treachery.

A cellar belonging to a member of the community has a horrible stench surrounding it and the last neighbor who went to investigate hasn’t returned.

Sheep have escaped their shepherd and wandered into a dense patch of woodland from whence they have not returned.  The party will find a trail of bones leading to an eerie clearing with a single, dark tree.

A young nobleman lies ill and cannot awaken.  What is more, everything he dreams of becomes reality and torments the countryside.

Tough men are harassing people in a wayside Inn and when the party intervenes their leader turns out to be a powerful werewolf who challenges their strongest fighter to a duel.

During a siege, the party is asked to sneak the royal family out of the city and take them to a safe haven out in the country.  Scouts of the enemy will dog them the entire journey and the party will have to make a stand at the haven against a large number of enemies.

A young woman has gone up to the mountains where manticores are said to appear from season to season and has not returned.  She is hidden deep in a crack in the rock face with manticores waiting in hiding for her to come out.

An old merchant is trying to move her belongings on a wagon in an effort to reach another town.  She believes she will be safe from the assassin’s guild who have marked her for death.

*           *           *

All of the elves in an elvish city have turned to stone and the tears of their goddess are needed to revive them.

A great city has fallen under a curse, which has trapped it and all of its citizens in nearly indestructible ice.

People in a nearby town are vanishing one at a time.  This seems to be related to an incident in which an ancient tomb was opened, releasing a gust of wind, which blows out every so often.

Travelers recently wandered into a canyon and the tracks show that they have disappeared somewhere near a dead end in the terrain.

All the members of a household have mysteriously vanished and the only clue is an odd painting of an otherworldly scene, which hangs over their mantle.

The party discovers the bones of a dead adventurer.  His journal contains clues to the location of a buried treasure, but some of the pages were recently torn out with a trail leading back to town.

An arcane university reports having lost an entire class during a demonstration conducted by one of its newest teachers.  Apparently, they were all shrunken down as small as seeds and need to reach their professor before the effects become permanent.

A once prosperous trade town has recently closed off all dealings with outsiders.  Investigation will reveal that the entire populous has been transformed into the thralls of a powerful vampiric lord.

A new town has been discovered, but the residents appear to be nothing more than dummies made from straw and old clothing.  The town is a ruse used by bandits to lure in victims.

Members of a community are acting strangely.  Investigating this will reveal that the actual residents are being stored in curious glass jars in the community storehouse while an otherworldly being uses clones to mask his foul deeds.

*           *           *

Fog rolls into town every time a mysterious rider passes by, and undead things rise up from the ground.

Every time the rain falls, tiny water elementals form together and begin attacking the buildings in a town.

The next lunar eclipse occurs and a hideous face appears where the moon once was.  Its mouth opens and spews forth a great host of flying devils.

A gentle song is heard out near a system of caves.  The voice belongs to a sinister dark elf who seeks to unravel an intricate arcane seal, which protects the land from a terrible calamity.

An old house set on a hill that overlooks the rest of the valley seems to be exuding a noise like heavy breathing, as though the building itself were alive.

Folks living out in the wastes need someone to explore a great fissure that has opened in the hopes of finding drinkable water.  The water is protected by horrid scorpion-like creatures.

After excavating a wall in the upper stories of the castle, the king’s family finds the remains of a thief who had an old royal family map in his possession.

A strange boy enters town one day and anyone who looks him in the eye is compelled to act strangely and commit vandalism.  The boy is a disguised demon of chaos.

Fog rolls into the city and people are ordered to remain inside as strange, flying creatures attack anyone moving through the streets.  The fog is caused by an idol that was recently discovered by a mage’s guild.

Odd shrines appear in a town and each time a shrine appears; a member of the community falls into a deep sleep.  When the shrines are destroyed with divine magic, the victims awaken, but someone keeps setting up new ones.

*           *           *

During the night neighbors hear terrifying sounds coming from the home of a seemingly normal man and his family.  One of the members of the family is possessed by a powerful demon and is kept chained in the attic.

Castle guards claim to see a youth playing a flute while walking the rooftops at night, but he vanishes before anyone can approach him.

The daughter of a mysterious mage always clutches a small box that makes laughing sounds.  Some folk claim to have seen the girl setting the box in front of peoples’ doors at night and waiting several moments before moving on.

An immense, gnarled oak tree, which grows away from the city, always looks dead, but any axe set against its roots splinters and cracks, and the tree howls as though in pain.

Patrons of a seedy little tavern claim to sometimes hear groaning rise from beneath the floorboards and some even believe to have heard heavy footsteps shuffling below.

Woodsmen sometimes hear the sound of loud shuffling and scurrying out in the forest.  These belong to a lost juvenile dragon who searches frantically for its own lair.

Travelers who take the mountain roads swear to hear things whispering up on the cliffs, but nothing can be seen.  Invisible creatures lurk about and are waiting for a company of clerics to pass through so they may attack the pilgrims.

Farmers working in the field notice a patch of earth rising and falling, as though the ground were breathing.  Because of this they are afraid to plow it, worrying that the land itself may rise up to attack them.

An old river mill was recently sold to an eccentric sage.  At night people claim to have seen flashes of light coming from within the ramshackle building and wonder what the sage is working on in there.


Loud noises, like explosions, emanate from behind the hills, frightening travelers away.  The cacophony is being caused by two dueling mages who feud over the last copy of their master’s spell book.

*           *           *

A master thief uses a strange key, which opens a door in any surface he twists it against.  He intends to use the key to steal highly prized jewels from an elfin kingdom.

Masked and robed riders appear out of a bolt of lightning into a field and after cutting down innocent men and women, they vanish similarly into another bolt of lightning.

A lady bandit with a magical spool of yarn is able to cast it toward any rooftop and tight-rope walk across with the greatest of ease.

A cloaked man holds the king’s court hostage with an enchanted deck of cards, which can summon powerful illusions of any creature or plane of reality.

Mages bring a great, bundled tarp into the middle of town and when they unfurl it, a magnificent machine appears and manufactures whatever the people ask for at the cost of a few gold pieces.  Whenever they make a purchase, however, the machine draws small orbs of light out of each customer and stores them.

As the party takes a valuable relic from a dungeon they are suddenly cast into an abyss where each is chained to a demonic tablet and must rely on a sniveling little man to set them free.

A strange old man is seen walking at night and stealing absurdly large things from the market square by simply stuffing them into his coat pocket.

A squirrel makes a mad escape from a wizard’s house with a magic wand in tow.  As the squirrel runs, sparks fly out of the wand and set roofs on fire.

A living man made entirely out of gingerbread is running through the streets in a panic as several cooks pursue him with knives and rolling pins.

A master mage lies on his death bed and as his greedy pupils wait to see whom he has chosen to inherit all he has, he casts a final spell that causes his entire tower to collapse in on itself and turn into a flea, which lands somewhere in a pack of stray dogs that go running down different streets.  The mage then laughs and with his dying breath compels them to try and find his study.

*           *           *

A wealthy man sets off on a quest of exploration and vanishes for several years before mysteriously returning and calling for more men and women to join him on a journey to “utopia,” which lays somewhere across the sea.

After making a pilgrimage to a foreign land, a cleric returns and claims to have found a new god, but claims the god is trapped and needs the aid of stalwart adventurers to “carry it out of its prison”.

The sudden appearance of a distorted, magical storm causes fear to take over the realm.  At its heart, a powerful elemental being, searching for his home, sits on a throne capable of traveling the planes.

Dwarves build a machine that can dig deep into the earth, but many months have gone by and they are yet to return.

Gnome sages design a vessel that can fly to the moon, but they need adventurers to protect them on their journey.

An evil archmage does battle with a good archmage.  Just seconds before the evil mage can unleash a devastating spell, the good mage casts a spell that stops time.  The party is then asked telepathically to travel through the halted world and find a magical item that will undo the evil mage’s spell.

Sages have paid a lofty price to have an apparatus built that will take them into the realm of dreams where they hope to learn secrets from sleeping titans.

An odd man has erected what appears to be a large kite up in the mountains in an effort to reach a magical ball that floats high in the air.  The ball is actually a key to an immense dungeon below the mountain itself.

After years of construction, a wizard and a sage finish building a complicated gyroscopic machine that enables them to look into the distant future.  Unfortunately, this captures the attention of a powerful being who follows their vision back in time and commences an invasion in the present.

A small fleet of ships set sail across the sea and are not heard from until a single ship returns over a decade later.  The ship is manned by one sailor who requests help from stalwart adventurers to go and rescue the rest of the expedition.

*           *           *

A young woman stands to inherit her father’s estates, but must first prove to the executor that she is firm and responsible.  She asks the adventurers to take her abroad so that she may gain experience.

An arch druid is cast down by his own apprentice who has taken over the order and rules it with an unjust fist.  The arch druid needs to be reinstated in order to save his order from civil strife.

After the sundering of his father’s sword, a local paladin of high importance has ceased to fulfill his duties in protecting the realm and has taken to alcoholism.  He must be made sober and brought to a cleric to atone and resume his duties.

The party happens upon a circus where a tired young mage has given up on ever repaying his master and waits for the powerful wizard’s assassins to come and slay him.

A knight captain has forsaken his duties as he believes his daughter to be slain at the hands of a band of bestial humanoids.  His squires believe she is still alive, however, and urges the party to find her.

An aged woman lies ill but cannot embrace her death until the whereabouts of her long-lost husband are known.  The last news regarding the man stated that he had traveled to a dangerous location to secure a fortune for himself.

A once skilled master thief turns himself in to the guards, believing that he will be safer in prison now that his arch enemy rules the thieves’ guild.

A novice mage and some of his classmates were cast out of the university of arcana because of their faith in lawful deities.  The head of the university secretly follows an evil deity and is targeting students who worship opposing deities.

After losing their town to a bandit lord and his followers, an adolescent boy has armed himself and intends to reclaim his home.  Before he leaves he begs for assistance from the party.

After her grandmother falls ill, a young woman dares to travel into the dark woods and beg for a cure from the much-feared Baba Yaga.

*           *           *

Up in the mountains a kingdom of Lilliputians is discovered and is in need of protection from the many large dangers of the world.

Several different types of lycanthropes join together under one strong leader and prepare to overthrow the rulers of the land.

An evil, underwater king sends swarms of large crabs to assail the communities lining the coast.

Rock men come thundering out of the mountain, rolling into villages and destroying peoples’ homes.  They believe humans to have stolen a powerful geode from their kingdom and they demand its return.

An army of elves riding on hippogriffs drop bundles of burning wood onto the fields of humans whom they claim to have settled too close to their borders.

A mad inventor enchants an army of small, wooden dolls and sets them loose in the city.

Living waterspouts appear in the fields and attack the farmers, driving everyone to hide in their homes.

A monstrous sorcerer arrives on a fleet of corsair ships and begins recruiting every bestial human and intelligent monster in the region.  Their minds are completely under his control for as long as he possesses a strange mask, which grants him inestimable charisma.

Fire engulfs the sky as flaming chariots and abyssal creatures descend upon the land.  At the head of this force is an efreeti woman who wishes to establish the realm as her personal domain.

Out in a field filled with ancient ruins, there are many stone heads, which suddenly rise up as a force of stone golems.  The golems act under the will of a monument, which proclaims itself a reborn king who has come to reclaim lands that were his when he ruled in the flesh.

*           *           *

There is an illusionary castle out in the wilderness that lures people in for merriment, but they all perish from starvation.

After spending the night in a village, the party discovers the town suddenly cut off from the realm by an immense fissure.  Turns out the whole thing was a dream caused by a nightmarish entity.

A fearful part of the woods, where monsters and darkness prevent people from poking around, turns out to be an illusion guarding the location of a fairy village.  If exposed, they will be in grave danger.

A man goes about stealing valuables in the name of his omnipotent deity.  The deity, which appears as a swirling mass of darkness and flames, is nothing more than a shabby magician using illusion spells.

As he speaks during the opening ceremony of a regional holiday, the king is suddenly replaced by an evil clone.  It is the work of a mad Jinn who is exacting revenge for the deeds of a previous ruler.

There is a lovely flower girl in town who exhibits anti-social behavior and shouts at people to leave her alone whenever they question her.  She is actually a powerful, shape-changed dragon hiding from her own kind.

A house in town is supposedly full of people, but nobody has ever seen more than a silhouette at the windows.  As it happens, the house is inhabited by brownies who use man-sized puppets and brass horns to make it seem as though regular people dwell within.

A grotesque creature crawls in the street and claims to be the local lord.  It turns out that the lord encountered the strange creature days ago and the two somehow switched bodies.

A fleet of ships is spotted approaching the coast.  A fog rolls in and the ships turn out to be ghostly apparitions of a doomed fleet from the past.  The fleet’s ghostly leader demands that the king allow them to dock, which causes tempers to flare.

An angry drunk man appears in the town square every day and picks fights with the town guard.  Every day he is slain and buried, but somehow keeps returning on each subsequent morning, unscalthed.

*           *           *

A wealthy lord wishes to clear out a gnome village built up on a high hill so that he may build a castle in its place.

A group of mysterious clerics practice magics, which they claim will heal sickness, but in reality, the spells fester in people and turn them into horrifying monsters.

The kingdom knows of a secret shrine up in the mountains whose gates have been bound with strong chains.  In light of recent disturbances, they now want to unlock the gates and allow adventurers in to destroy the evil hidden inside once and for all.

Wealthy land owners pay to have vast acres of forest cleared.  They incur the wrath of plagued tree creatures who had been sealed away in those very woodlands.

A hateful noblewoman detests the common folk and enacts laws that require them to pay greater taxes so that she may build an extravagant statue of herself in her gardens.

A walled town has been held by hobgoblins and bugbears for decades and now the surviving peasants who once lived there have secured enough gold to hire mercenaries to clear out and reclaim the town once and for all.

For as long as any can remember, a heinous bandit lord has preyed upon a lesser trade rout, preventing a cluster of communities from profiting.  Should the bandits and all of their hideouts be purged, the communities will quickly rise to prominence.

A wealthy lord seeks to expand his lands into wilder territory, but this involves pushing simple farmers out of property they have worked for generations.

An old cave system is believed to contain the remains of ancient dwarven scripture sealed away in urns.  Dwarf clerics need someone to secure these urns ad slay any underground creatures who interfere.

An ancient watchtower stands in the midst of a sandy waste and local lords wish to reclaim it, but it is infested with many venomous creatures that attack anything that enters.

*           *           *

Vast amounts of vicious little creatures are swarming and destroying farmlands.  The source of these pests can be traced to a single caravan where a wicked sorceress releases them from an old vase.

A mound of rotting, fleshy matter slowly rises from the earth and releases zombies that begin roaming about and terrorizing the region.

Farmers hide in their homes as something deadly stalks through the wheat fields and drags its victims down a hole.

Goblin saboteurs are cutting into the timbers of wooden bridges, rigging them to collapse when trade caravans cross over them.

A large, robed figure pushes its way through the city gates and begins punching away chunks of a wealthy merchant’s house.  The robed figure is actually a golem sent by the merchant’s enemy.

An old mage uses trickery and summoning spells to plague the house of a seemingly normal family.  The mage had recently learned that the family’s home was built over the foundation of an old arcane library and they refuse to allow him a chance to investigate it.

Elves are concerned about their sacred trees becoming ill and dying.  The culprit is an odd youth with a bucket and an auger, which he sets against the trunks of these trees to collect their divine sap.

One of the local priests recently had a wand with curative properties delivered to her so that she can eliminate a plague afflicting the region.  The wand was stolen by one of her followers so that he can secretly auction it off to the thieves’ guild for a lofty bounty.

There is an ancient amphitheater out in the woods that the elves enjoy dancing in, but recently it was discovered to be broken and desecrated with bloody runes sloppily painted over its broken columns.

Sinkholes are forming around the city.  The cause of this stems from a war between underground beings who now threaten to unleash their violence into the surface world.

*           *           *

Tribes of bestial humanoids that dwell in the mountains have exhausted nearly all of the wild game.  Now they are going hungry and are setting their sights on human territories.

A band of short folk departs into the wilderness after their wicked and greedy lord evicts them from lands, which it is believed he obtained through unscrupulous means.

An enemy of the party offers to help them infiltrate the home of an even greater foe so that they may destroy him.  The lesser enemy plans to abandon them to destruction once the job is done.

After rescuing an old man from wolves, the party is gifted with a pot of honey in lieu of payment, which they are told they may sell for a good price.  The pot actually magically contains hundreds of giant spiders that will escape into the community, and the party will be blamed for the dastardly deed.

Peaceful creatures flee from their lands to escape the wrath of their more warlike kindred who burn everything in their path.

Hordes of enslaved warrior beasts are being pressed toward a dwarven citadel by more cunning and vicious monsters.

A group of peasants have been plotting in secret to set fire to the king’s storehouse.  They work under the guidance of an outcast noble who has returned in secret to lead the people into revolt.

Savage men who dwell out in the wilderness make an unexpected appearance in town and demand the head of the local lord.  They do this because they were promised a great reward by the lord’s enemies.

Heavy rainfall causes giant, burrowing insects to rise up from deep underground and become a nuisance to the locals.

After losing a battle against their enemies, survivors of a ruined kingdom are moving in droves and demand sanctuary.  Already there is open contention between the locals and these many refugees.

*           *           *

Fires in the woods are caused accidentally by flaming humanoids who have fled to the surface to escape water that is flooding their underground domain.

The residents of a village are growing fat as a mysterious benefactor leaves piles of sweets on their doorsteps every night.  The sweets are highly addictive and are being given to them by a powerful hag to appease a god of gluttony.

A dragon has been pushed out of her lair by elemental beings who are immune to her fiery breath.  She promises whatever remains of her hoard to anyone that can push these brigands out.

A large orb of water rises out of the sea and lands in a lake.  The orb contained merfolk who were fleeing their home after rampaging underwater creatures invaded.

The region’s arch druid leads myriads of animals into the city for protection as flames spread and threaten to destroy most of the wilderness.  The flames are being caused by a mage with a powerful artifact that is linked to the plane of fire.

Dwarves pour out of their mountain homes as a rampaging titan batters the slopes in a fit of rage that causes several quakes.

Children and their instructor flee a local schoolhouse after a strange plant-like creature grows through the floor and lifts the whole building up into the air.

People evacuate the city when a pillar of bones rises from the fountain.  The pillar was conjured by a powerful necromancer as the first step in a greater scheme to take control of cities with undead minions.

Elves abandon their sanctuaries as black mist envelopes the sacred sites.  Their deity has removed protections from the sanctuaries after one of the elves committed a serious crime and broke sacred vows.

Homeless beggars flee the sewers as a mysterious creatures spreads ice through the tunnels, freezing everything in place.

*           *           *

Miners discover a beautiful woman encased in crystal.  When the crystal is broken, she awakens and commences to seduce every mighty adventurer she can find in the hopes of producing a powerful child who grow to manhood at an unnatural rate and become a powerful tyrant.

A lone priestess camping in the woods directs the party to enter several small, nearby dungeons and help her put a broken rod back together.  Once it is complete she transforms them into animals to hide her tracks and the party must somehow regain their normal forms before she travels too far.

The party is asked by a young lad to infiltrate a gang, which runs gambling parlors in the city.  The youth believes this to be the only way to find his older sister who has been seduced by the villains.

After the party helps a city elect a new magistrate, the fellow shows his true colors by allowing all manner of bandits and thugs to take over and poise themselves to spread into the remainder of the city.

A powerful mage wishes to merge his soul with that of a long dead arcane master, but in doing so becomes possessed by a demonic lord.

The journal of a recently deceased man, who was beloved of the community, reveals a shocking truth about his deep hatred for many key individuals.  Before he died he also arranged for each of these people to be killed through various, clever means, such as poisonings, assassins, sabotage, etc.

While looking for a shortcut through the woods, some explorers find an odd clearing with a glittering pool of water.  Any who drink from the pool are doomed to turn into trees within the week.

A beautiful woman is said to live up in the mountains and any who go to visit her will be invited to stay for a meal, but accepting her offer will reveal that she is a powerful magical arachnid able to create tantalizing illusions to lure in her victims.

A beautiful idol is pulled up from the sea and set in the center of a coastal town.  Now a curse has befallen the town, causing all iron objects to canker and rust.


The preserved body of an elven priestess is discovered and brought back to life only for everyone to learn that she was the priestess of an evil deity.

*           *           *

A weeping woman tells of her family being trapped by a rock slide, but this only serves as a lure to trap the party in an ambush.

The king of a neighboring land is shocked when his brother returns and all his knights turn against him and cast him out of his own country.

An elvish lord needs someone to enter an evil city and discover what happened to his daughter.  She is currently married to one of the noblemen in the city, believing that her new station will allow her to get close to the king and slay him out of revenge for the murder of her former lover.

A wine merchant had to abandon his shipment of spirits while traveling through hilly country.  He was attacked by giant hornets that were drawn to the sweet liquid and he wants someone to go and retrieve the most expensive barrels if they remain intact.

Upon clearing out a small ruin, the party discovers the skeletal remains of a bard who left a note requesting that his lute be given to his niece.  She lives in another part of the country and is quite ill.

One of the local lords’ servants recently learned that his good friend was captured by an enemy kingdom.  The servant would ask his lord for help, but fears overstepping his station.

A noted sage received a troubling letter from a colleague, which details that a group of villains had captured the man and are forcing him to translate words written deep in a dungeon complex where a mighty artifact is rumored to exist.

A wealthy man has been alive far longer than is possible for a mortal human and he accomplishes this by luring young people to his home.  Secretly he is a vampire and drains the youths’ lifeforce until they are made old.  One of the youth escaped and wanders the streets as an old beggar, asking anyone for help.

A miner weeps at the local tavern over the disappearances of his companions who vanished in a cave system that was unearthed by their digging.  The other miners were captured by underground creatures and are now being forced to dig for precious ore.

A family is in terrible distress after one of their boys fell through an old cellar door.  The boy was then captured by underground creatures who are holding him prisoner for trespassing in their domain.

*           *           *

A law is passed that requires the party to deliver up their weapons and valuables for “disturbing the peace”.  The confiscated weapons are secretly being sold by lower government officials to an enemy kingdom.

A local Vassal requires all visiting merchants to report to his estate, after which they are never heard from again.  It turns out the Vassal is some kind of demon who cannibalizes his victims.

After a girl tries to sell legumes to the party she is arrested by mercenaries.  These mercenaries are hired by the merchant’s guild to make sure no sales are made by sellers that have not paid them a fee.

People in the community vanish for a few days then suddenly reappear, but are tired and extremely bitter as though changed from their former selves.  An evil church has been capturing and brainwashing them as part of rituals to strengthen their deity.

Because of a dispute between two lords, anyone traveling between them is required to pay a hefty toll and the communities between are placed under heavier taxes to help maintain the soldiers enforcing these tolls.

After the squire of a nobleman dies from poisoning in a local PUB, the PUB owner is being forced to shut down as an investigation is launched against him.  Meanwhile his competitor, a devious man who caused the murder, is raking in extra business.

As soon as the players enter a kingdom they are flagged down by a team of inspectors who demand that they relinquish every last bit of iron or steel they are carrying.  This is because of a shortage of metals in the kingdom, which stems from a mysteriously triggered landslide at the iron quarry.

After an outbreak of disease afflicts the region, the blame is placed on a farming community.  The king gives the order to burn the village to the ground to prevent further spreading of the disease unless the party can locate the true culprit and bring them to justice.

A new noble is instated and he has given the order for many of the fighting men in the area to come to his home so that he may hone his fighting skills on them.  This has led to many deaths, but the people living under him are forbidden to speak of it to anyone.

Guards are examining every woman in town after a lady assassin attempted to murder an evil local authority.  Women suspected of the deed are hauled off and taken to a distant prison complex where they are tortured for information.

*           *           *

A young woman seeks to climb the mountains and enter a manticore’s lair to acquire one of the spines of its tail and use it for creating new remedies.

One of the larger, more oft-used bridges in the kingdom begins to collapse.  A team of laborers is being gathered to make the repairs, but reports speak of enemy activity in the area.

A cunning bandit king has been captured and needs to be transferred to the capital to face trial and execution.  His loyal followers will likely set up ambushes along the way in an attempt to free him.

Woodsmen claim to have seen a peculiar new creature in the woods and local authorities need someone to escort a sage out into the woods to observe it.

A young vampire hides under an old rowboat and begs the party to escort her out of the territory so she may find her way back to her home land.

Dwarven miners found clues leading to the location of an ancient, ancestral mine.  Unfortunately, it exists in the territory of their enemies and they need someone to accompany them and fend off attackers until they safely enter and collapse the cave system behind them.

While staying at an Inn, the party is given a strange music box.  When they listen to it, they are put into a deep sleep and awaken as ghosts in a spectral plane.  There, a ghostly woman asks them to escort her through the planes of pandemonium where she hopes to find her lost love and bring him back to the plane of their ancestors.

As the party approaches a community they find it set ablaze.  They discover a dying messenger who begs them to take his message to the king, which details everything about the enemy and the secret places where they are encamped.

After a terrible quake wounds several members of a community, their leader begs the party to dash off to a priestly order out in the country and ask them to bring aid.  The party finds the members of the order in the act of praying and it turns out their prayers are causing the quakes.

A learned sage needs the party to escort him to a seedy and violent city district where he hopes to obtain a rare artifact for his research.  It is imperative that he come along so that he may successfully identify whether or not the artifact is genuine.

*           *           *

People in a town are ordered to remain in their homes every night so as to not be killed by an enigmatic entity that passes through.

A powerful planar entity positions itself above the castle and creates an impenetrable barrier, which prevents entry or departure.  The only way into the castle is to find a forgotten, underground passageway, which runs deep under the foundation.

A noble family receives a peculiar gift from an old friend, which consists of a pair of colorful frogs.  Soon the frogs breed and begin overpopulating the manor.  The only way to slay them is to find the friend who delivered them and learn of a poison needed to eliminate them before they overrun the land.

Small fire elementals spread throughout a wizard’s tower and the party is asked to ascend and rescue the wizard’s apprentice before he perishes.

The high priest falls into a deep coma after drinking poisoned wine.  The party may find a cure for the coma down in a shadowy gorge, but the ones responsible for poisoning the priest have set a trap.

The party receives an offer of payment if they help a group of soldiers protect a small fort from invading bandits.  Unbeknownst to all, one of the soldiers intends to betray his allies to the bandits by unbarring the gates at a designated time.

A merchant awakens to find that one of his enemies has lured dozens of man-eating wolves into the lower floor of his home.  He calls for someone to enter his home and dispatch the beasts before they break through to the upper floor and devour him.

A kindly old woman asks the party to travel out into the country where her son is breaking ground on a new house.  The kindly old woman is actually a hag who is luring the adventurers into an illusionary trap.

An old farmer has dug a new well, but claims that his son has fallen in.  He asks the party to travel down and retrieve the boy, but as they do so he prepares to bury them alive so that he may dig them up later and rob their bodies of what valuables they carry.

While adventuring out in the country, the party happens upon an adorable creature.  If the creature is brought with them, it will begin devouring all of their food supplies and grow into a terrible monster, which they will need to do battle with.

*           *           *

An angry old man, much despised by the community he lives in, has been framed for a crime that was perpetrated by a group of bandits.

A nobleman invites the party to stay the night in his mansion so that they can help him with a problem.  He then betrays them by releasing sleeping gas into their chambers so that he may sell them to dark elves who arrive in a tunnel, which connects with the basement.

After the players dispatch a giant and his band of raiders, a council is held by other giants in which they mistakenly believe the party to be the first aggressors.  They send some of their strongest warriors to dispatch the party.

The party bumps into a lad carrying armfuls of treasure as he attempts to escape a group of armed men.  The men claim he stole from them, but the lad claims that the organization they work for is at fault.  Turns out the boy is the last surviving member of a wealthy merchant family whose possessions were unlawfully seized by an uncle who had hired the armed men.

A lad overhears a group of dockworkers speaking below the pier.  He informs the party that the men were plotting to break into the harbormaster’s home during the night and rob valuable items from the fellow’s cellar.

A young soldier is imprisoned and accused of abandoning his post.  He insists that he was sent by his commander to acquire aid and begs the party to navigate a dangerous mountain pass and deliver his comrades from a force of bestial humanoids who have attacked his post.  The party must accomplish this quickly as the soldiers sent to investigate the matter intend to take the main road where an ambush is set.

An apprentice of a mage’s guild has been disbarred after losing an artifact in the sewers.  He asks that the party accompany him down below the city where the item has fallen into an old, crumbling tunnel system, which could collapse at any moment.

A dwarven merchant has been asked to testify at a trial in his ancestral home and has asked the party to help escort him through a deep cave system, which runs under a mountain range.  While wandering through they will awaken an immense beast, which will pursue them to the exit of the caves.

Someone was mugged in the merchant’s quarter and the guards leaked information about a ring supposedly being lost at the scene of the crime.  The party is asked to help lie in wait and spring upon the guilty party should he or she come to search for the item.

The party is sent to slay an evil mage who frequently visits an old, misty ruin during the night.  When they arrive, they learn that the mage in question is actually a priestess attempting to remove a curse from the ruins, but when the party fails to slay her, their client will ambush them as soon as they reach civilization.

*           *           *

After clearing out a mage’s basement, the party finds a magical item, which when touched causes a tower to rise out of a nearby wilderness.  The tower is choked with mossy vines and filled with poisonous creatures, but at its heart there is rumored to be a gem containing an entire world.

During a terrible rainstorm, mudslides uncover a hidden temple under a hill.  The temple contains an aspect of an evil deity, which will awaken if disturbed.

The carcass of an undead dragon lay impaled upon a spire of stone out in the wastes.  It may likely waken if disturbed, there is said to be a powerful artifact hidden somewhere on its body.

High up on a cliff face is an opening into a dungeon where an adventurer lost his best suit of armor and weapon.  This is because of powerful magnetic stones, which line the dungeon, and should the party enter they will likewise have to deal with the metallic objects in their inventory or else have them trapped.

Members of a small town are trapped in their homes as ceaseless rains turn the ground to mud, causing the buildings to slowly sink.  The rains are being caused by a powerful dragon, which circles high above, casting a spell that brings the rain.

A mage begs for help as a powerful entity from another plane presses against his tower, threatening to break it apart.  The entity is angry because the mage had mistaken its body for an ethereal dungeon and left a magical item inside, which is causing much discomfort to the entity by spawning monsters.  The party must convince the entity to allow them entry so as to remove the source of trouble.

Important documents for a powerful siege engine were stolen by an enemy nation and are being kept in a distant fortress.  The party must find someone who knows a secret way into the fortress and intercept the people in possession of the plans while allies assault and distract most of the enemy forces.

A sinkhole hole opens in a community and causes a storehouse to fall into the earth.  The party must climb down the hole and locate the storehouse where they must retrieve important medicine, but as they do so, the very dark elves who triggered the sinkhole will ambush them.

Dwarves believe they have located an ancestral city underground and ask the party to explore it in order to find out if any of their kin remain.  Their kin do remain, but have since been corrupted by demonic teachings and ambush the party after welcoming them in.

Laborers who have been repairing one of the local bridges, are brawling after someone carelessly dropped most of their tools over the side and into the water.  The party must calm them and find a way to retrieve the tools from the bottom of the river.

*           *           *

People hear a terrible crumbling noise and come to learn that sappers have been digging under the walls of the city.  The sappers intend to dig straight under the bank’s vault and take everything of value.

Quite suddenly a flesh golem has appeared in the city streets and is consuming every bit of food in sight with no signs of slowing down.  As it does this, it gains in strength and grows more ferocious.

Members of a community report having seen a cloaked figure walking from shop to shop where he rings a strange chime.  Soon after the tools used by these businesses break and dull, threatening the livelihoods of their owners.

A young nobleman has just inherited a fief of land, which includes an old and dilapidated manor house.  He asks the party to clear out the vermin, which have nested throughout the house, but the party will soon learn that a cult of rat-worshippers dwell in a secret chamber in the basement.

Strange old women have been luring in men to their home where the hapless victims are poisoned and sent through a portal in the basement, which links to the realm of death.  The old women intend to use this process to revive an eldritch lord.

A notable cleric has fallen from grace and defected from his order.  In a fit of rage, he murdered one of his brethren and stole forbidden texts, which he is now printing into tracts and spreading in secret throughout the community.

All of the livestock in a community are becoming sick, reducing productivity and threatening everyone’s livelihood.  The ones responsible come from a neighboring town and secretly administer mild doses of poison to the animals.

Spellcasters up in the mountains have been triggering landslides to block off the mountain passes, preventing trade and commerce.  They do this in concert with other happenings designed to reduce commerce and stir up civil unrest.

The king has placed a hold on the selling of all dairy products after it was discovered that the milk coming from the cows has been cursed to produce maggots and sickness.

Recently buried deceased are being dug up and all the valuables buried with them are being stolen.  Blame falls on the gravedigger, but he was found drunk on every night the thefts occurred and he can only remember vague details of the ones who supplied him with the liquor.

*           *           *

A tall, pale man in a black robe prophesizes of doom to a city and each of his grim predictions come true.  He is a powerful conjurer who uses his powers to extort communities for money.

Gremlins are stealing everything of value in a town and stockpile the goods in an abandoned mill to appease a demon lord of greed.

Enormous ships writhed in flame enter the world and rain vicious creatures down upon the land.  These ships come from the realm of fire and are sent to reclaim an imprisoned efreeti.

A powerful magician has placed a curse on the palace, causing snakes to emerge from every crack and gap in the walls, and to swarm the grounds.

A powerful lightning elemental dashes across the rooftops of a community and eventually leaps down into a foundry where it magnetizes all of the metal ore and spawns small iron golems.

Characters from popular children’s’ stories suddenly appear in the city and begin committing acts of mischief.  The characters are illusions created by an angry, but talented magician’s apprentice who seeks to torment the community out of spite.

Dragons wage a fierce battle over a community and during the scuffle, a magical bracelet is dropped and picked up by a young man.  The bracelet gives him the power to telepathically dominate others and he begins establishing himself as a tyrannical leader.

Aquatic humanoid monsters rise up out of the well and begin capturing people whom they drag down to their lair.  They intend to sacrifice them to their dark goddess and use the might gained from this ritual to stage an invasion in other places.

Minotaurs stampede through the city streets and overturn shops.  While the guards rush to deal with this, a fire is set to an arcane lab, which was researching a way to safely enter other planes and acquire rare and precious resources.

A vast congregation of strongmen arrive unexpectedly in the city to hold a great contest involving feats of strength.  Unfortunately, some of these contests require them to pick up the foundations of smaller buildings or break peoples’ property with their bare hands.

*           *           *

While dining one evening, a rock is thrown through the king’s window.  The rock has a note attached, which threatens the lives of all in the household.  Soon after, strange figures on horseback haunt the outside.

During a wedding banquet, the groom is arrested for murder.  His fianc√©, a wealthy vassal of the realm, is approached by another man for marriage while her true love is cast into prison to await trial.

As the court discusses the placement of a new roadway, a vial of poison is thrown into the council chamber.  The one responsible comes from a town where the road will be put in and resists its construction as this will mean a sharp increase in taxes for the area.

After decades of conflict, a group of bestial humanoids wish to discuss terms of peace.  This is a ruse designed to grant their spies access to the capital city so that they may search for weaknesses.

The king’s estranged brother returns suddenly, and though he is welcomed back he immediately starts building a cult following and plots to overthrow the king so that he may drastically change the social structure into one that will treat the common folk brutally.

A group of merchants return to town after making a great profit from their sales, but they are soon overtaken by guardsmen from the city they had just left.  They are arrested for supposedly robbing and murdering another merchant, and will be executed unless evidence can be found to prove their innocence.

In the middle of a trial in which a bandit lord is finally being brought to justice, a planar being appears in the court and teleports the villain out to safety, setting the stage for greater trouble in the future.

Two feuding clans are about to reach peace agreements, but a sudden assassination of one of the leaders sparks old feuds and causes new, bloody conflict to sweep across the land.

Bestial humanoids celebrate a wedding between their new chief and the daughter of a prominent warrior.  When the bride is captured, they blame humans and amass an army to retrieve her.  A powerful, magical monster is behind the deed.

During a magical exhibition, several mages display their wondrous items.  A conniving gnome sabotages some of these items so that they will create a loud, explosive distraction while he makes off with a digging machine, which he intends to use to reach a fabled dungeon deep underground.

*           *           *

A man once thought dead returns to the castle and reveals himself to be a knight whom the others had abandoned years ago.  Now he has come for revenge and holds the court hostage until his former lord can be found and brought before him.

While plowing a new field, a farmer uproots the skeletal remains of a mage who had vanished years ago due to a botched teleportation spell.  His corpse clutches an ornate box, which contains an artifact that causes magic to malfunction.  The reappearance of this object will spur many mages to claim it.

In the past, a warrior had recovered a medallion from a crypt, and upon wearing it was suddenly compelled to take a journey across the sea.  Now he has returned, clad in black armor and leading a fleet of corsairs.

After a disaster befalls a village, one of the local youth is reported missing.  Years later he returns to the same village, fully grown and extremely wealthy, but his prestige has corrupted him and he has wicked intentions for the town.

While clearing monsters out of a dungeon, the party discovers an imprisoned wretch who begs for release.  Upon being set free he reveals himself to be a nobleman from a nearby kingdom and claims that a doppelganger took his place after putting him in the dungeon.

A notorious brigand stays at a local INN.  During the night he is attacked by other brigands who search his room for something.  Before he dies, he gives an ancient key to the party and tells them to make certain nobody uses it to open a gate on an island lest great evil be released.  The party is now marked for death by the fiends seeking after the key.

Villagers mourn the loss of their lord during a recent skirmish with bestial humanoids.  Though most claim to have seen him fall in battle, his body was never recovered and some hope that he is merely being held prisoner by the bestial humanoids and may yet be rescued.

A mad mage torments the city and is finally brought down, but a week later his spirit returns, floating above the rooftops at night and raining fire on the buildings.  His death was part of a ritual intended to transform him into a powerful undead.

Years ago, brave knights were sent out to destroy a host of warlocks who had taken over a castle out in the hills.  Now there are lights stirring in the castle and people report a group of undead knights riding to and from the location un unknown errands.

An evil mage does battle with a dragon, but in the midst of their fight a spell goes awry and the two are fused together into one terrible being.

*           *           *

A tsunami crashes against the coast, washing away part of the beach to reveal the turret to a buried fortress.  The interior of the fortress is mostly intact, but waterlogged and filled with evil aquatic life.

An earthquake causes the ground to open beside a manor house, revealing the foundation of ancient vault where giant arachnids nest.

An immense sink hole opens out in the wilderness, revealing what was once a vast underground city that spirals downward.  At the bottom is a giant, chained skeletal being.

A rockslide in the mountains uncovers a dormant, undead dragon, which still sleeps.  Now a cult of draconic mages seeks to awaken the horrifying monster and establish it as their master.

Heavy rains reopen the once concealed mouth to a cave system.  This particular network of underground passes converges with an otherworldly, technological vessel that was buried while its occupants recover.

Meteors fall from the sky as a floating island descends into the world and positions itself over a lake.  Soon it deploys immense chains, which anchor it in place and flying creatures scatter abroad, capturing cattle and weaponry, which is brought back to the island.

After a terrible volcanic eruption, the sky turns black and blankets the land with ash as a dark citadel emerges in the crater.  A drawbridge spans a lake of molten lava and all manner of fell beasts roam within.

Snows fall in a cold, northern region, and magically accumulate until they form a citadel of solid ice, which tundra beasts converge upon.  Now an icy king arms them for war as he declares all the land as his property.

Sandstorms in the wastes uncover a temple that had long been buried under the dunes.  The temple is overpopulated with serpentine creatures and possesses an artifact that could draw a flaming entity down from the sun.

Farmers digging a new well have discovered the workshop of ancient dwarves, including a machine that has the ability to travel deep underwater.

*           *           *

While out on a hunt, an elven woman is accused of murdering a bestial humanoid chief and is being forced to fight to the death against one of his berserkers.  The chief’s brother was behind the murder and now rules his people unjustly.

The local authority wants the party to allow themselves to be taken captive by slavers who have been taking victims to a mysterious island.  They must also discover what the slavers are up to and find a way to free the other captives.

A young boy is always being picked on by the other youth and begs the adventurers to teach him how to protect himself.  After he successfully defends himself, the bully calls on his father, a noted brigand, to send his goons after the party for revenge.

The widow and orphans of a recently slain farmer demand justice, but the culprit was hired and is protected by a notable guild master.

A powerful undead mage haunts the party and demands that they search a city market for his missing skull.  His skull is being kept on a shelf in a wizard’s basement, but the wizard will not give it up without a fight as he intends to use it for his own foul purposes.

While at the PUB, an aged dwarf speaks to the party about the lower mines in his peoples’ kingdom, which has been sealed off due to monster activity.  Should the party help him clear out the mines, he will give them a magical weapon as a reward.

The party intercepts a young man carrying a letter from an assassin, which details his intentions of staging an attack on a prominent knight during a ceremony.  Only problem is that the PCs are not allowed to enter the castle where the ceremony is being held and must find an alternate way in to prevent the foul deed.

A noble woman made an investment in a foreign man’s business, but he swindled her out of her coin and is on his way to the nearest port town to escape.  The party must track him down and recover the noble’s wealth before he escapes.

While journeying in the country, a young merchant has his wares stolen and needs someone to help him track the thieves back to their hideout in the woods.  The thieves have protected their location with hallucinogenic mushrooms, which release spores into the air.

A nearby community is hosting a tourney and have a skilled champion whom they feel stands a good chance at winning.  Opponents learned of the man’s skill and hired a goon to wound him so that he is unable to take part in the tourney.  Now the community begs the party to help as they desperately need the winnings from the contest.

*           *           *

A robed figure riding a chariot drawn by hippogriffs precedes a terrible storm that spreads devastation.  The one commanding the chariot is on a quest to recover powerful artifacts with which to destroy his enemies.

People speak of a giant, gangly creature roaming the country at night and a task force is being put together to destroy it.  The creature is actually some kind of apparatus, which moves about on mechanical stilted legs, and its pilot is an inventor.

Witches set a great mortis and pestle up on a cliff overlooking a town, and whenever they churn it, it unleashes dread creatures, which roam down the slopes and attack people.

A large group of nomads come to the market to trade, but hiding among them is a vampire who continually separates from them to feed on the victims he tricks into following him down dark alleys.

A tournament is interrupted by a giant of a man wearing an impenetrable suit of armor.  The man is actually a small gnome operating a clockwork suit and he aims to win enough money to produce a larger version of his creation.

There is a meadow out in the wilderness filled with tall, standing stones.  Hidden among these stones is one, which has a symbol of an eye engraved upon it.  Runes on the stone hint that one needs to set a large gem into the pupil of the eye, which will cause the meadow to sink downward and reveal arched doorways leading into a labyrinth containing traps and treasure.

A tree overgrown with vines is actually a forgotten wizard’s tower, which holds many rooms that lead into other locations scattered throughout the land.

Every full moon causes an ancient citadel to return to the physical world.  The location of this citadel is up in the mountains where it stands on a ledge that vanishes, along with the citadel, once the moon changes its phase.

Out in the sea there is a vast expanse of mist, which surrounds an exceedingly dense field of kelp that one may walk upon.  Ships have become stuck in the kelp, leaving many vessels laden with treasure.

An old dog guards a cellar door outside its owners’ house.  The cellar door drops down into a network of tunnels inhabited by bestial humanoids who work with the owner to rob from the community.

*           *           *

A strange fortune teller keeps predicting terrible calamities in her patrons’ lives, and all of her predictions inevitably come true.  She is a demigoddess of misfortune and is fueling her own strength through her actions.

A merchant from another land sells pleasant dreams to people, but unbeknownst to his patrons he is a skillful illusionist who uses his dreams as a distraction while he enters their minds and robs them of their secrets.

Shapeshifters secretly kidnap and then assume the identities of important members in a community.  People notice them acting differently, but business is as usual.  The party needs to look into these matters before the shapeshifters can put their plans into effect.

One of the local churches needs someone to investigate a peculiar woman who recently moved into the community.  The woman is actually a succubus who lures in men so as to feed upon them.

A new merchant’s guild in the city seeks to control the means people use to pay for goods and services, which causes a sharp increase in the cost of living.  The guild is secretly run by agents of the enemy who wish to cripple the economy and stir up civil unrest.

The king departs on a long journey and leaves a steward to rule in his stead.  The steward is preparing to betray the king and seize the kingdom for himself through heavy tariffs on traders and the hiring of foreign mercenaries to replace guards at the palace.

Every night a deadly mist descends upon a community, slaying the innocent.  An evil cleric requires payment to keep his protective barrier up each night in order to keep the community safe, but unbeknownst to the townsfolk it is he who brought the mist.

An elven bard arrives and plays intoxicating music for the townsfolk.  Now members of the community are in a fierce contest to prove who is most devoted to him, which involves supplying the bard with their precious belongings.

Two young clerics and a host of bestial humanoids arrive in town with an immense cauldron and demand that the community sacrifice ten individuals into the cauldron.  When they refuse, terrible quaking commences, destroying some of the buildings.  The clerics say they will return each day and each day they are refused a sacrifice; the quakes will grow more severe.

A group of travelers are forced to remain outside the city when it is discovered that misfortune follows them.  The only way to dispel this curse is to escort them out to a secret shrine in the wilderness where each of them must wash their faces in a limpid pool.

*           *           *

A traveling mage accidentally misplaces a cursed rod that summons imps at random and in different locations throughout the city.

Two wizards slay each other in a zone of wild magic and accidentally open a portal into the abyss.  Now the ground around the portal becomes a mass of living, chaotic flesh that threatens to consume everything around it.

The cinders and ashes in a fireplace take the shape of silent humanoids who seem to be in the act of pleading for help.  The images are those of mages trapped in another location where they are being forced to use their spells for a great evil.

Clerics need adventurers to search a cave system outside of town where a member of their order had lost one of their artifacts long ago.  The artifact is deep in the caves and was left behind to trap a demon against a back wall.  The party will need to slay the demon in order to reclaim the item.

Dwarves are transporting a powerful cannon through the wilderness, but lose it when a powerful monster frightens them off.  Now the cannon is in the possession of bestial humanoids who intend to use it against the walls of a city.

An enormous guard dog goes missing from its owner’s estate and a week later a monstrous canine is terrorizing the community.  The party needs to find out how this happened so as to prevent future occurrences.

The blood of a powerful demon lord is acquired by a sinister mage who brings it to the head of a river.  After pouring it in, the water supply is tainted, causing those who drink it to become temporarily insane.

The king’s prized chariot and horses are stolen by a gang of troubled youth who proceed to ride it close to the borders of another kingdom.  This stirs up tensions between the two lands, threatening to spill over into open war.

A book with the power to drastically increase the reader’s intelligence is accidentally delivered to a scheming drunkard’s house.  Now the drunkard is using his newfound brilliance to devise clever schemes and to find loopholes in the law, allowing him to get away with cheating many people.

An already energetic thief manages to steal magical shoes from a mage’s workshop.  The shoes allow him to move with lightning speed, making it nearly impossible for the law to capture him, no matter how clever the traps they set.

*           *           *

The king has a secret room in his castle, which has been barred shut to trap the ghost of a dangerous relative that seeks to corrupt all who contact it.

A nobleman purchased a mighty lodge out in the woods, but was horrified to discover that dreadful beasts stalk it during the night.  This is because the foundation of the lodge is disturbing the remains of an ancient druid.

A shadowy demon has been invading peoples’ thoughts.  The party must face off against it in a nexus of consciousness, which resembles an immense, glass pond.

Small, silvery vessels fly throughout the city and scan everything in sight.  A man accidentally destroys one when he thinks it is hostile and soon after a strange craft appears above the city.

A wealthy lord sends his retainers to steal an exceedingly tall mirror from an ancient shrine.  Now the mirror curses the town whenever someone looks into it, showing them reflections of pestilences that are soon to follow.

Peasants are captured and taken to an underground arena where evil mages possess their bodies with the spirits of evil warriors.  They are then made to fight to the death so that the evil spirit inhabiting them may obtain a better position in a warrior’s paradise.

Lycanthropes infect wild animals with their sickness, which drives the beasts mad, causing them to attack everything in sight.

A strange ship recently docked and folks working along the pier complain of a foul odor and peculiar noises coming from it.  The ship is filled with noxious creatures, which are to be delivered to an illegal, underground arena.

A giant tree drips with honey from its hollowed interior.  This honey is highly prized, but the giant bees that make it prove most dangerous to anyone attempting to harvest any of it.

An old well in town suddenly goes dry.  The cause stems from a giant, digging creature, which threatens to sink the whole area with its incessant tunneling.

*           *           *

The party awakens in a mental asylum where they are told that the life they knew was nothing more than a series of delusions and hallucinations.  The party must climb to the top of the asylum where a massive, ornate clock stands.  Once this clock is smashed, they will return to normal and the Jinn who trapped them will be banished to his realm.

Deep within a ruin there is a single door in tact with a large knocker.  When knocked three times, the door will open to a disquieting, shadowy place occupied by a pale being who strums a harp.  The being is responsible for providing advice to any evil tyrant who seeks after his cunning.

An evil mage flees from the guards and casts a spell on a painting in the castle, which he then dives into.  The painting now shows many doors that lead to different locations, only one of which was taken by the mage.

The palace has a secret room in the basement that has been sealed off with a stone wall.  The room contains a portal to a small dimension where a scheming entity is working on one of the palace servants, convincing him to release it.

An old windmill has a cellar door, which opens into a vast gambling parlor.  Apart from the gambling, the owners of this den also make use of an elvish enchantress who steals valuable information from her clients while pleasuring them.

Several shops in town serve as a front for a thieves’ guild and hide secret networks of tunnels used by the thieves when they need to escape the law or fence stolen goods.

The carnival, which came to town unexpectedly, draws suspicion from the community.  It turns out the carnival is actually an organization of monster hunters in pursuit of their greatest enemy whom they must defeat in order to fulfill a pact made with a benevolent deity.

A small boy who frequently visits the candy shop is actually a dragon who relishes in sweets.  When another dragon captures the shop owner out of spite, the boy assumes his true form and flies into a rage.

An old cat who always rests in the lap of a lovely young woman is actually a powerful mage who polymorphed himself into an animal form in order to escape ancient and powerful enemies who continually search for his whereabouts.

A curious metal chimney jutting out of a hill is actually a hatch leading down into the cockpit to an ancient, mechanical boar.  Children discover this and accidentally activate it, causing it to burst out of the hill and go on an unstoppable rampage.

*           *           *

Large bestial humanoids have constructed a mighty dam across the river and demand a toll from passing boats.  They have contracted for the protection of an evil dragon to aid them in their treachery.

An angry nobleman, cast out of his station for foul deeds, travels into a swamp to beseech witches for demonic powers so that he may have revenge against the king.

An aspiring bard accepts a contract with a demon to improve his skills and bardic knowledge, but the more he increases in fame, the more evil and demonic he becomes.

An aged warrior bargains with a magical entity to help him reclaim his youth so that he may lead a band of brigands against the local lord.

A youth filled with anger and hatred for his homeland discovers an intelligent sword that taints and consumes his soul.  Together they coerce tribes of bestial humanoids into aiding him as he seeks to crush and rule over the land.

Two beautiful and evil sisters use their talents to pleasure a powerful brigand.  In exchange, he and his men will rob the enemies of the sisters and bring them a share of valuable treasure.

The niece of a local mage secretly deals with a demon, which her uncle has locked in his tower cellar.  The deal involves using the demon’s magic to put hexes on the niece’s neighbors in exchange for his freedom.

A group of men found a demonic lantern out in the woods and now keep it in their community barn.  They visit the lantern from time to time to receive instructions from the hateful presence that lurks within.

Before defeating the last bandit, the party is given an offer in exchange for sparing his life.  The offer consists of going to a nearby city and retrieving a large trunk from below an old house and delivering it to a specific person in exchange for a large sum of money.  Doing this will inevitably anger the thieves’ guild.

Two previous enemies of the party will join together into an unlikely truce and work towards eliminating the party through their combined strength.

*           *           *

Two feuding families each claim ownership of a deed to a productive salt mine, but part of the deed vaguely suggests that a third party is the true owner.

Warring clans of giants take their battles into human lands as they each hold claim to the ownership of the fragmented territories.

A dragoness guards her clutch of eggs from two males who each claim to be the father of her soon to hatch younglings.  She cannot move from her lair lest the two attempts to claim the eggs and risk harming them in the process.

Two men who live opposite each other in their high towers constantly shout curses and obscenities at each other.  Each believes the other to have slept with his spouse, but it turns out that their common and faithful friend who was always there for them both, was the culprit.

After two mages argue over the ownership of a magic staff, they accidentally break it in two and cause an area of chaos to expand and very slowly engulf the city.  The source of the chaos, a black, pulsating mass, which floats in the shop where the two argued, must be found and destroyed.

The statue of a deity is missing its arm, hand and scepter.  If all three of the items are returned and reattached, the statue will come to life, walk out of its shrine and raise its scepter aloft where the light of the sun will reflect into a beam pointing the way to the resting place of a mighty magical item.

Peasants in the road argue over a fallen tree.  Each demand that the other removes it before they are both levied with a hefty fine from their lord.

An aged noble is about to die without an heir to carry on his name.  Two women have come forward, each with a son whom they claim to be the lord’s heir and the party must find if neither or both are lying.

A prized bauble, which was gifted to a noble woman, contained a map detailing the location to a fabulous treasure.  Both the woman’s sons argued over and rent the map in half.  Now each attempt to find the treasure on their own.

Circus folk grow fearful when their master loses three of his prized possessions and wallows in misery.  The first item is a painting of his parents, the second is the collar belonging to his first performing bear, and the last item is a pen and ink set he uses to write all of the notes for his performers.

*           *           *

A small town is under attack by giant centipedes.  The centipedes are part of a curse brought on when the town desecrated the tomb of a powerful death mage.

A peculiar strain of vampirism has spread to local cattle and now the bovines rampage about, attacking any living thing that comes in view.

An unseen force is picking up random people wandering the streets and placing them on rooftops.  The culprit is a mischievous lad using an amulet of telekinesis, which he stole from a traveling mage.

Horrible men wearing white masks trample through trade caravans as they camp at night.  The men are on the payroll of the merchant’s guild who don’t want competition for their own businesses.

Goodly giants are being enslaved by evil giants.  One of the slaves escapes and wanders into lands owned by demi humans where he is taken captive and accused of causing trouble.

After securing treasure from a dungeon, the party finds themselves being stalked by a group of bandits who are spectacular at hiding.  Turns out they are a ghostly curse attached to the treasure and whomever takes hold of it.

A strange plague spreads through the region.  It turns out that the sickness is caused by a cursed ring, which spreads the plague as soon as it is gifted to someone.

After laborers dig out a new well, a horrifying black mold begins to grow out of the hole and covers the nearby buildings.  Its source, a hostile fungal nucleus, must be destroyed as it rises out of the well, but it may only be destroyed by a dart coated with paste ground from dragon nettles.

A manticore wanders into the farmlands and commences a slaughter of all the sheep.  The manticore has a collar around its neck, indicating the possibility that somebody intentionally set it loose.

An evil dragon captures a sage and wishes for the man to disclose the location of a powerful relic that would allow the dragon to mentally command humans to perform its bidding.

*           *           *

An evil cult seeks to awaken a colossal dragon to unleash death on the world.  They are following orders given to them by the dragon, which come to them in their dreams.

Evil necromancers construct a 30-foot-tall bone golem.  They intend to have the horrid thing scale the city walls and then create an entrance for the necromancers to enter into the homes of their enemies.

An abandoned castle, which once belonged to an overthrown tyrant, now has lights in its windows and people claim to see ghastly and inhuman warriors flocking to its gates.

A dark cult sends its acolytes out into swamplands to pull boxes out of the muck.  Each box contains the body part of a Balor, which when assembled will bring the heinous creature to life.

An auspicious league of gentlemen is secretly collecting slave girls for their perverse pleasures, and are threatening and bribing the families of their victims to keep silent.

An ancient elf, maddened with rage over the inclusion of bestial humanoids in a land treaty, travels to an ancient shrine and prepares to summon the aspect of a vengeful elven deity and set it against the land.

An adept mage is practicing magic in a cultivated forest and accidentally frightens the locals into believing a horrible being is terrorizing their land.  They now gather guards to hunt down the poor youth.

An odd peddler sells some puppets to a group of children after attending a banquet with the king.  Now members of the court are inexplicably acting in very strange and juvenile ways that coincide with the manner in which the children play with the puppets.

An evil magician performs tricks to entertain the town, but for his finale he pulls a pack of demonic dogs out of his cap and sets them loose on the audience.  He seeks revenge against the community for turning him away many years ago when he was unemployed and starving.

A troop of illusionists use hypnotic and enticing illusions to lure people into a tent filled with carnal pleasures.  While people indulge themselves, their coin purses and even their homes are pilfered.

*           *           *

An alliance of bandits and a mercenary force is attacking the walls of a city.

Somewhere in the mountains a deranged druid, with the help of his followers, has been breeding bears and wolves with evil magic and now prepares to assault peaceful lands.

A band of invisible monsters enter the city and commence raiding and looting everything in sight.

The old, abandoned abbey out in the woods suddenly becomes active with undead.  A necromancer with a strange, dark idol has taken up residence there and is building up a small army of zombies.

Quite unexpectedly, an ancient and powerful dragon appears and relentlessly bombards the roof of a thick, stone tower with its flames, desperate to reach its interior.

Elvish bowmen are being decimated in the woods as they desperately try to slay an unusually large and powerful beast.  Word of their deeds gets out when one of their members staggers wounded into the town and begs for aid.

An idealistic young dwarf tries to gather valiant kindred together so as to once and for all remove a vast army of goblins from their ancient homelands.

All of the bandits in the region seem to be converging to one place in the wilderness where a strong telepath works to build a vast army with which to invade the realm.

An army of guardsmen prepares to invade the elvish lands after the elves imprisoned their kinfolk during the winter when they came begging for food.  The elves had mistaken them for enemies.

A small town in the mountains, built on old dwarven fortifications, is being invaded by a force of ogres and hill giants.

*           *           *

Somewhere among the dusty tomes of an ancient library is said to be a book containing schematics for a siege engine of great power, which is believed to belch fire and thunder.

Somewhere on a small island is said to be an old castle holding a magnificent suit of armor.  The armor is protected by a powerful specter, which may only be defeated by holding up an enchanted silver mirror and making it look at its own reflection.

Uncovered journals of a mad king reveal the location of a lonely tower across the sea, which contains an orb that shows the user how to win any military engagement.  The orb is possessed by a demon, which will provide sound advice for a while, but when the time is right it will provide faulty tactics that will spell doom for whomever possesses it.

The gems set into a medallion, which was gifted to the queen, actually contain explosive spell charges, which will go off when the queen speaks a phrase from a speech she is to give later.

While wandering in the wilderness, the party discovers a tiny gem lodged in a tree stump.  The gem will be inert at first, but as they travel, it will randomly summon dangerous creatures which will attack the party until they smash the gem over a stone.

An odd farmer often wakes his neighbors when he screams during the night.  He is secretive and frightened all the time because of a demon’s heart he has buried out in his field, which pulsates and calls out to him while bleeding out black sludge, which transforms into three-legged creatures.

There is a dungeon with a chamber reportedly filled with gold and jewels.  Any who enter are attacked by an iron golem whose body is made entirely of gold coins and other valuables, and when destroyed, the all the treasure will canker and transform into raw lumps of gritty iron and coal.

A mad goblin is seen running through the woods, shrieking and calling for help as he claims that something dreadful is chasing him.  The dreadful thing turns out to be a silver idol with diamond eyes, which fire bolts of lightning.

A beautiful yet strange jeweled idol that has been in a noble’s family for generations suddenly comes to life and flies about the realm.  The idol is actually the probe of an extraterrestrial race seeking out its masters so that it can report its findings on the weaknesses of the land.

The king of the merfolk demands the return of an ancient staff taken from his kingdom.  The staff was taken by a mage who currently hides in a network of tidal caves, which are guarded by his summoned sea creatures.

*           *           *

Savages riding dinosaurs are being gathered under the banner of an evil barbarian chieftain in savage lands and are being brought toward civilized territories.

Evil elves riding giant lizards come out of caves at night and assault elvish cities.  After every strike they leave notes behind, demanding that a magical artifact be surrendered up to them.

An evil sorceress riding on a nightmare steed is traveling from one community to the next and raising undead abominations.  These she leaves behind to assault the villages and thorps and slow anyone who would pursue her as she maintains her course for the capital.

A powerful and evil cleric rides on a manticore with an army of aberrations following behind him.  He threatens to overthrow the churches of all the gods that offend him.

A fleet of warships is heading towards a tiny port town of apparent low importance.  This town is built above a hidden underwater city of merfolk.

Extremely skilled and evil adventurers are hired by an enigmatic personage to raid castles and ancient ruins as they search for something unknown.  The personage is a shadowy demon who seeks after a staff that he believes will elevate his position in the Hells.

An assassin of unparalleled skill is strategically slaying key figureheads in society in order to trigger a breakdown of the system.

Thugs hired by an evil king have broken into an orphanage and attempt to kidnap a seemingly random child.  This child is the heir to a valuable fief of land, which the king may legally claim for himself if a noble heir to the lord who originally owned it cannot be found.

A barbarian king with a magic horn leads an army of his kin against the kingdom.  When blown, this horn will summon burrowing monsters, which he intends to use against the defensive walls of the capital.

Archers mounted on griffins are seen flying over the land and are heading toward the coast.  They will then attack a fleet of merchant ships bringing food and provisions to developing communities.

*           *           *

After a series of adventures, the party witnesses the near destruction of their world and must travel through the ruins of their old world and secure a means of restoring it from the ashes.  Unfortunately, the demon responsible for nearly bringing about the end of the world has grown very powerful indeed and will do everything in his power to stop the party every step of the way.


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