Thursday, July 5, 2018

Tears of the Sun Review

Tears of the Sun

            Tears of the Sun is a classic Bruce Willis movie in which he is a soldier in the United States Army and it’s his son’s birthday.  His son really wants a clown to entertain at his birthday, so Bruce Willis calls and orders the clown for the special event.  Anyway, when Bruce Willis arrives, he accidentally runs over the clown and in order to keep his son’s birthday from being ruined, he has to dress as the clown and pretend as though he is the very clown his son wanted as entertainment.
            Everything’s going well until the clown agency doesn’t hear back from the clown that’s supposed to entertain at Bruce Willis’ son’s birthday, so they send a whole platoon of clowns after him.  Did I mention that Bruce Willis and his wife are divorced?  Well, he uses the opportunity to patch up his relationship while dressed as a clown, and he’s about to kiss his wife, Hillary Duff, when suddenly the clowns attack his house.
            There’s an action-packed sequence of Bruce Willis fighting off a bunch of clowns with crazy string, foam, and big rubber hammers, and during the melee, his disguise is knocked off and he lands face to face with his son who can’t believe his father was the clown the whole time.  But then there’s this touching scene where Bruce Willis’ son confesses that he knew it was him the whole time, and before Bruce Willis goes off to fight the clowns one last time, he finally rekindles his relationship with his family.
            Lucky for Bruce Willis, the clown he thought he had killed when he ran over it with his car, suddenly appears and is so touched by Bruce Willis’ efforts to save his family that he calls off the clown attack.  Oh, and Bruce Willis’ black friend shows up and is all like “Damn!” when he sees the clowns departing from the house, which is covered in foam and crazy string.  I know you and your family will get a kick out of seeing Bruce Willis driving through his living room in a tiny car while throwing pies.  Best war movie ever.

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