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The Sandbox Campaign

AD&D Sandbox Campaign
“The Heartlands of Kalbis”
Written by M. A. Packer

Introduction to the Heartlands of Kalbis
For use as a backdrop to the adventures of the players and their characters, this Sandbox Campaign will grow and evolve over time as new questions are raised and answers found.  In order for this campaign to succeed it will require players and referees capable of investing themselves in and treating it as a living, breathing world.  To this end, I, the wri-TOR, will constantly update this campaign over the course of the next few years.
The purpose for this document is to serve as a means of providing basic background information to important locales, which will be placed into a sufficiently large map.  When introducing the campaign to the players, start them out in a small coastal town where their ship has just arrived: they just finished traveling by sea from the main land and have come upon the island to pursue the many ancient treasures, which still lay scattered abroad.  The kingdoms, which exist here, are large enough to contain many peoples and economies, but the wilderness is largely unexplored as there have not been any individuals willing to delve into dangerous places.
            The map should not be laid bare, but instead be revealed a piece at a time.  The party may also wish to hire guides or listen to the tales of travelers at the PUBs.  Doing so will cause locations to be revealed on the map.  The tiles on the map should ideally be 10 miles by 10 miles, requiring the party to consume one unit of food and water with each tile they enter.  As they explore, adjacent grids are revealed to them on all sides, unless exploring forests, in which case they only see one grid at a time.  When up in the mountains they may see twice the distance on the appropriate side and nothing on any side that is covered with more mountains.
            Lastly, in regards to the descriptions of the monarchs and their nobles; much of the information provided should never be immediately disclosed to the players.  Instead, the players should learn about the character traits of these NCPs as they deal with them.  It is also important that each of the nobles, excluding the general and ecclesiarchy, will have their own communities, which they oversee.

Now let’s look at those stats:

Kingdom Name
            Description, which lists tolerances and intolerances.
            Major Alignment: alignment held by the majority of the populous.
            Population: general population proportion and dominant race.
            Major Resource: timber, stone, iron, etc.
            Maximum Sale: the maximum amount of gold that can be traded to party per month.
            Magical Items: the maximum gold cost and + value of magical items available.
                        Monarch: the sovereign leader and his/her alignment
                        General: head of the armies and his/her alignment
                        Ecclesiarch: head religionist in the region and his/her alignment
                        Archduke: major noble and his/her alignment
                        Duke: nobleman and his/her alignment
                        Marquis: nobleman and his/her alignment
                        Count: noble and his/her alignment
                        Viscount: noble and his/her alignment
                        Baron: noble and his/her alignment
                        Baronet: lesser noble and her alignment

The cultures in this realm are largely inspired by medieval Russian and Turkish cultures.  Being nestled between western and eastern climates similar to real world Earth, this campaign easily allows for any conceivable culture, such as knights, dervishes and ninjas.  Now let us examine the many Kingdoms on the Isle of Kalbi: The Heartlands.

            Kingdom of Sehmoria
A clean and benevolent kingdom of humans who accept all goodly folk and even some unsavory demi-humans, such as goblins and orcs, who pose no immediate threat to the people.  They employ magic in much of their livelihoods, but necromancy and communion with the hellish planes is generally feared.
            Major Alignment: Lawful Good
            Population: Medium, mostly human
            Major Resource: primarily timber and agriculture with some iron and copper.
            Maximum Sale: 10,000 gold per month.
King Micoth: LG, charismatic and friendly king much beloved by his people for his ability to raise people up with his speech; he is a formidable businessman as well and manages to keep the taxes and expenses low in the kingdom.
General Callenia: NG, stern and calculating woman with a shrewd understanding of her opponents’ personalities; she makes many nervous with his piercing stare, but underneath it all she is compassionate and dedicated to her duties.
Ecclesiarch Tom: CG, short, pudgy man who strikes everyone as an eccentric and unprofessional; Tom is secretly a very charitable and giving man, going to great lengths to lend aid to those in need, most especially to animals.  He oversees the temple of Bahamut.
Archduke Conderus: NE, beloved by all for his warm and nurturing character; Conderus secretly harbors disgust toward the common man and anyone else he deems beneath himself, and on occasion he will go out of his way to secretly meddle with anyone who threatens to expose his true nature.
Duke Aldus: NG, a gourmand and lover of finer things; Aldus enjoys hosting lavish banquets, which he himself will often prepare for by serving in the kitchen.
                        Marquis: nobleman
Count Moulitan: CG, a man with an absent-minded demeanor; though most view him as unintelligent and undeserving of his station, Moulitan takes methodical approaches to securing the safety of anyone placed under his charge.
Viscount Andros: CN, Andros has a great love for the theatre and often writes and directs his own plays; these works are not quite popular in the kingdom and he is always looking for new ways to captivate the audience.
Baron Sevit: CG, a jovial young man with a great love of archery; he is perceived by others as being flippant, but he works exceedingly hard to secure the borders and ensure safety on the major trade routes.
Baronet Holina: LG, Holina is a beautiful woman with a sarcastic sense of humor, she worries greatly over her missing husband as suitors pester her night and day, all eager to claim her possessions.

Kingdom of Calemnia
Simply a massive kingdom, which has grown under its wide array of industries.  While the people are not quite unified under any particular moral compass they do not tolerate wickedness when it is blatantly exhibited in the streets.  The city boasts acceptance of all demi-human races, including goblinoid, but this has led to increases in many kinds of crime, including the trafficking of slaves, which is done under the cover of darkness.
            Major Alignment: Lawful Neutral
            Population: Very High, mostly human
            Major Resource: timber, stone, gold, some gems, iron and agriculture.
            Maximum Sale: 28,000 gold per month.
Magical Items: sells up to +2 in magical arms and armour, and magical items with a cost less than 4,001 gold pieces.
Queen Sarjan: LN, a woman who comes across as timid but can flash with a white-hot temper when provoked.  Queen Sarjan strives to bring equality to her subjects, but this has come at a great cost as she steadily increases taxes and tariffs.
General Morkam: LN, a calculating man who treats warfare like a game.  This almost childish approach causes many of his enemies doubt themselves and sue for pace rather than risk open warfare with the kingdom.
Ecclesiarch Aliasha: NN, the high priestess who openly condemns anything she deems inappropriate, though there are rumors among the other clerics in her order that she has liaisons with many partners from all levels of the city.
Archduke Miriphan: CN, though somewhat uncouth and looked down upon by the rest of the nobility, Miriphan’s sense of humor and outward behavior, which verges on blatant disrespect for the crown, have made him endearing to the people.  Because of this there are a fair number of people in the city’s hierarchy who would like to see him removed.
Duke Ciroff: LN, a man obsessed with order, Ciroff despises anything out of place and out of fashion.  He will openly challenge anyone at court, most especially Miriphan, who so much as looks at him wrong.
Marquis Buffington: LN, an ambitious if not misguided fool who overestimates his skills at diplomacy, which has landed him in a number of sticky situations with bandits and traders.  It is also rumored that he has a fetish for morbidly overweight women and would pay dearly to be fixed up with a half-orc songstress who travels abroad from time to time.
Count Morro: NN, nobleman obsessed with the weaponry of the Orient and aspires to collect every piece of weaponry and armour he can get his hands on from this region.
Viscount Limbri: NG, lower in the court, Limbri is not responsible for quite as much as the others in the kingdom so he spends his time jogging through the country, often on his own, which causes concern for members of his household.
Baron Synthian: CN, very strange man who greatly dislikes the other members of the court.  Servants who work his lands all believe he is otherworldly as his personal tastes and demands seem outside the norms of human civilization.  For instance, he obsesses over the constalations and mutters something about “returning to the others.”

Kingdom of Magus
A relatively small but powerful kingdom that deals heavily with the arcane and has built the most advanced of all the universities of Arcanum where mages come from far abroad to learn and to teach all forms of magic.  Because the kingdom has dedicated itself so intensely to the study of magic they go to great lengths to retain peaceful relations with all other kingdoms, even those with wicked intentions.
            Major Alignment: Lawful Neutral
            Population: Low, mostly human
            Major Resource: magical training, research, gems and some precious metals.
            Maximum Sale: 30,000 gold per month.
Magical Items: sells up to +2 in magical arms and armour, and magical items with a cost less than 6,001 gold pieces.
King Bearon: LN, a king with many pursuits and who aims to accumulate the greatest wealth and magic in the realm.  Having come from an overbearing father who was hated very much by his own people, Bearon strives to be a better man, but every so often will fall into his father’s footsteps.
General Kernis: LN, a man who primarily concerns himself with maintaining the army to exactness within the constraints of his budget.  Anything he finds out of order within the rank and file of his military is treated as a blight that could potentially canker his entire world.
Ecclesiarch Feifer: LN, a high cleric who dabbles heavily in brewing and is notorious for being a winebibber.  This also makes him very fond of collecting rare vintages, which he will pay dearly for.
Archduke Davis: LG, once a pompous playboy of a man who jumped into bed with every woman he could seduce, he now sincerely tries to be a legitimately good person and looks for opportunities to right every wring within his household and in all the lands he controls.
Marquis Anjep: LN, this nobleman is quite unconventional, enjoying exceedingly fine and dainty living, and wearing extravagant wigs, some of which are reputed to be made from elfin hair.  Because of this, many of his citizens secretly refer to him as “Lord Fancypants” and joke tirelessly about his ostentatious behaviors.
Count Rodinar: LN, this count loves clockwork things and obsesses over time.  He constantly surrounds himself with sages whose expertise falls within these delights so that he may work towards building the first functioning time machine.  It is rumored that he his house is run by strange creatures called automatons, which are essentially small iron golems that perform menial tasks.
Viscount Crisorim: CN, youngest brother to Count Rodinar, this fellow is obsessed with the Eastern cultures and even carries a katana with him wherever he goes.  He dreams of finding an Oriental teacher to show him the ways of Bushido so that he may master the art of the katana.
Baron Denorim: NN, the eldest brother to Count Rodinar.  Though notably unsuccessful in his dealings, he is content.  Every now and then he succumbs to a wanderlust, causing him to dawn his traveling cloak and cane, and set off on adventures.  Though he knows not what he is looking for, he usually finds it and brings it back to his lands where it helps bolster the economy.

Kingdom of Lucarium
Built along the coast, Lucarium is a land dedicated to trade.  On the surface its shops sell rare and exotic things from distant lands, which any noble or commoner would seek to obtain.  Below the bright banners and colorful streets, however, is a vast network of thieves who trade in items of an even rarer and illegal nature, such as poisons, elusive creatures and any kind of fenced goods.  Though the kingdom’s ruler and his guards are vocally opposed to these thieves’ guilds, they do very little to actually remove them.
            Major Alignment: Lawful Neutral
            Population: Medium, mostly human
            Major Resource: trade in anything imaginable.
            Maximum Sale: 50,000 gold per month.
Magical Items: sells up to +2 in magical arms and armour, and magical items with a cost less than 3,001 gold pieces.
King Celturin: LN, this man inherited the throne after his two eldest brothers perished while out sailing.  Now Katuran fears suffering the same fate and refuses to set foot in any body of water, reportedly even a bath.  At night he is often plagued with visions of a vast evil swarming in from the sea and consuming his kingdom, but as of yet no clerics or sages can discern whether this is a premonition or simply the ravings of a madman.
Admiral Holdrin: NN, Holdrin loves the sea and has outfitted his king with an excellent navy.  He would like very much to sail out and pursue the fleet of hobgoblins, but his king has forbidden him from doing so, fearing that such a maneuver will leave the kingdom vulnerable to the source of his night terrors.
Ecclesiarch Hilderav: LE, a man who speaks in an overly pious-sounding voice and who relishes in playing stringed instruments.  Many think him wise, though much of his wisdom is stolen from the council of his inferiors.  Secretly he is the one who plagues King Katuran with the dreaded visions, hoping to gain permission from the court to remove their king from power, allowing himself to sit in as a steward.
Paelgren: NN, short fat man who enjoys painting and has gotten himself in trouble a few times by inviting himself to social functions so that he can paint the beautiful women in attendance there.
Duke Crobb: CN, a thin man who greatly loves reading about strange and often dark things.  He is also overly fond of pulling pranks on people that involve scaring them.
Countess Leonnor: NN, a woman as beautiful and buxom as she is intelligent, Leonnor uses her charm to acquire rare and valuable knowledge from sages and mages alike.

Kingdom of Lubruen
Small but proud kingdom of savage humans who live free and unabashed lives out in the misty hills.  Though mainly chaotic in nature, the many clans that comprise this kingdom gladly unite their banner under their war chief, and should anything threaten their livelihood, they will band together and fight fiercely to protect everything that they hold dear.
            Major Alignment: Lawful Neutral
            Population: Low, mostly human
            Major Resource: animal pelts, alcoholic beverages and weapons.
            Maximum Sale: 600 gold per month.
            Magical Items: only offers healing and curative potions and priest services for spells.
Queen Sylgren: LG, having just taken the throne after the passing of her father, Sylgren is very much overwhelmed with her responsibilities and will look for any opportunity to wander the main community.  This has allowed her to become very close to her people, most of whom are especially fond of her.
General Wesdram: LN, a man who has allowed his station to overcome him with self-confidence.  Wesdram overestimates his importance in the tribal kingdom and will allow his pride to get the best of him, often causing him to engage in arguments with his subordinates.
Shaman Keldi: half-sister to Wesdram, Keldi is young and beautiful, and is well liked by those she surrounds herself with, but the people are disconnected and dissatisfied with her, viewing her as haughty and vain.

Kingdom of Malisia
A truly brutal kingdom, which grinds its own people under its heels.  Malisia has dedicated itself to what it considers a “true oneness” in which its populous is made equal in terms of bondage.  Consisting of a supremely powerful hierarchy, Malisia makes use of deeply indoctrinated and brainwashed guards to enforce the citizens and prevent them from taking up or even owning arms.  Though they ban the worship of any of the major deities, the king is deemed a form of god whom the populous must worship through sacrifice and tributes so as to fuel his magical energies.  Perhaps the largest draw to this kingdom is its coliseum, which stages brutal fights against man and monster on a daily basis.
            Major Alignment: Lawful Evil
            Population: High, mostly human
            Major Resource: stone, timber and slaves.
            Maximum Sale: 28,000 gold per month.
King Kanli: LE, the king of Malisia is a quiet, brooding man with a hateful gaze that causes most men to quake in their boots.  Unbeknownst to even his closest advisers he spends much of his time obsessing and scheming over recovering the bones and armor of his grandfather who once ruled the area as a tyrant.  If he can recover these items he will melt them down, bones and all, and forge a devastating, intelligent weapon.
General Kuvvet: NE, the general of Kanli’s armies is ferocious and cunning, using tactics that involve having his men buried in shallow pits so that they may easily spring forth and attack with brutal force.
Shaman Agri: CE, a crazed old hag, rumored to be Kanli’s mother, she performs special rituals for him every day, which grant him views into the chaotic planes where he is fed by images of endless conflict.  These images allow him to devise methods for training his warriors and using them to torment neighboring kingdoms.

Corinis Empire
While not as blatantly evil as Malisia Corinis still exercises rigid control over its populous with strict, bureaucratic laws and quite possibly the most heavily armed army in the region.  Though evil, Corinis has maintained peaceful relations with the other kingdoms, but in recent years, with the crowning of a new emperor, it has become quite ambitious and either tricks lesser communities into joining them or simply envelops them and commences rigid indoctrination.  All epistles answered regarding this have denied any plans for expansion, but the most elite spy networks of the land have revealed a surge in the deployment of their armies and some are amassing by their borders.
            Major Alignment: Lawful Evil
            Population: Very High, mostly human
            Major Resource: iron, precious metals, weapons, armor and some slaves.
            Maximum Sale: 24,000 gold per month.
Magical Items: though the sale of magical items is strictly forbidden, the black market sells up to +3 in magical arms and armour, and magical items with a cost less than 8,001 gold pieces.
Queen Carissia: LE, this is a woman who rules in a somewhat ham-fisted manner, preferring to punish those who oppose her in a manner that winds up hurting everyone.  Her citizens believe she takes a sick pleasure in writing new and more complicated laws that control every coming and going and every speck of dust in her kingdom.
General Bowman: LE, a short man with a fierce temper, Bowman is not to be toyed with as he employs combinations of brilliant tactics mixed with crushing force.  He obsesses over new technology and will go to great lengths, including kidnapping, to ensure the best minds work for the kingdom.
Ecclesiarch Hemmeric: NE, a deranged man with many paranoid delusions, Hemmeric will openly challenge any who disagree with him and those who manage to publicly humiliate him will soon suffer his wrath as he continually plots in secret with demons and devils.
Archduke Fraskrin: LE, a man who ever seeks to glorify himself and his ego.  Be it through constructing statues of himself or publishing texts that he distributes far and wide, he will do whatever is necessary to prove his own superiority.
Duke Kelfryn: NE, a true narcissist, Kelfryn is an artist and often contends hotly with Fraskrin.
Marquis Norrim: NN, Norrim is not terribly concerned with his station and has a habit of visiting different PUBs and taverns where he drinks in the conversations of the different patrons.
Countess Rebecca: LN, this woman strives to one day rule the kingdom, feeling she would bring necessary change to make the people happier and more productive, but she lacks the charisma to effectively lead her people.
Viscount Clydus: CN, if there were ever a man lost in his own delusions, Clydus is that man.  Be it from his own mind or from other strange sources, Clydus produces a broad range of strange and misleading information, which has caused much confusion in his land.
Baron Marlon: CE, Marlon seeks after only one thing: women.  He will attempt to lure in any woman who enters his realm, most especially elves and half-elves.
Baronet Samia: LE, Samia fancies herself as a great intellect and will run countless experiments, which often utilize unwilling subjects plucked out of her own townships.

Elfin Domains

            Kingdom of Yuce Nokta
Built in the midst of a forest of gigantic trees, the high elves build their homes around the trunks of these ancient spires and use their ancestral magic to cultivate and beautify their natural surroundings.  Though goodly in nature, they are mistrusting of Humans, feeling that they are too fickle and unstable to retain fast relations with.  There is also deep animosity between them and the dwarves, which stems from old feuds that only the oldest of their races remember.  This particular elvish kingdom is densely packed with structures at its core with its common houses spread out far and high in the branches, using clever construction to camouflage them with the woodlands.
            Major Alignment: Lawful Good
            Population: Medium, mostly elf
            Major Resource: timber, gems, works of art, tobacco, alcoholic beverages and precious metals.
            Maximum Sale: 40,000 gold per month.
Queen Meruelic: LG, this elf is ancient and beautiful beyond compare, but has seen enough hardship to know her place in the greater scheme of things.  Though compassionate and kind, she will flare with anger at the sight or sound of injustice.
General Yetki: LN, having lived a life fraught with peril, he has grown over the centuries into a hardened and stern figure who cares only about maintaining his people, regardless of the cost.  This has caused many tensions to arise between the elves and other races wherever militaries are involved.
Ecclesiarch Yertirme: NG, this priest has forged friendships with many planar beings and some deities.  He is now known as “he who stands upon the boundaries” as at any moment he could be called away to take his place in the heavens, but he refuses to depart the realms until he finds a suitable replacement for himself.
Archduchess Judli: CG, Judli goes to great lengths to uphold her position as leader, either through gentle coercion or stern action.
Duchess Naermhi: CN, she is the youngest of the elves to claim a station of importance and because of the indulgences of her parents she has become quite spoiled and determined to enjoy the finest things available to her.
Marquis Hanilik: NG, Hanilik loves languages and it is said that, over the centuries, he has learned to speak every known language, pidgin language, dialect and accent known on the prime material plane.
Baronet Rapiayne: NN, an elvish woman cursed with the looks of an anthropomorphized pig, she still views herself as beautiful and stubbornly disbelieves any notion that she is unattractive.

Kingdom of Asak Oyuk
Not quite as pious as their great elfin kindred, the wild elves live mostly underground in caves whose stone spires have been magically shaped to resemble the trunks of trees with intertwining vines and flourishes.  Their leaders stubbornly protect their land, taking captives first then questioning later, and never sparing the bow or the lance when faced with clear threats.
            Major Alignment: Lawful Neutral
            Population: Low, mostly elf
            Major Resource: timber, archery equipment, produce and copper.
            Maximum Sale: 25,000 gold per month.
Magical Items: though the sale of magical items is strictly forbidden to non-elves, anyone who manages to prove themselves as a friend of the elves may purchase up to +2 in magical arms and armour, and magical items with a cost less than 3,001 gold pieces.
Queen Weldelac: LN, a beautiful yet rather silly queen who loves plays and will often change her appearance and travel into other kingdoms to enjoy the best performances.  She has been approached many times by the high elves to merge the two kingdoms, but her people are fiercely independent and she stands by their decision to remain apart.
General Malkelibus: LN, a short elf with a slight inferiority complex, which fuels his desires to surpass the tactical skills of all other generals in the region.  He will often pit his best warriors against visiting adventurers in order to test small-scale battle tactics.
Ecclesiarch Maramil: CN, some may call her mad and they would be right, for Maramil once peered into the plane of chaos in search of strange remedies.  Instead she encountered a personification of insanity and now has a mind fragmented and perception broken.  Her acolytes would like to see her removed from her station, but she refuses to step down.
Archduke Leif: LN, Leif believes strongly in the rule of law.  Though he believes himself to be a force of good, his interpretations of law are exceedingly rigid to the point that mercy has no place in his domain.  His people and the members of his household believe he may be changed if someone can find a way to convince him.
Duke Leverey: CN, best friends with Leif, Leverey also stands at a crossroads in his views, having fallen on the verge of disbelieving in any form of good or evil, instead seeking after immediate gratification.  Many of his own people are slowly bleeding out of his kingdom, threatening to leave him alone, which threatens to take away his station in the court of the wild elves.
Baron Malpear: NN, the youngest in the court and under pressure to find and marry a female aristocrat lest he lose his station and fall by the wayside among his people.
Baronet Jamethas: CN, often referred to as “Madam Aviary”, Jamethas is obsessed with birds and has a vast collection of them in elaborate cages and atriums throughout her tree mansion.  Her obsession has brought her to greatly desire ownership over the legendary Phoenix, which she even now prepares to obtain by constructing a magical bird cage.  Her people worry that, should she obtain the legendary fire bird, it will bring great misfortune to their realm as the bird’s fires may spread unstoppable devastation.

Kingdom of Gumus Ag
Built deep underground in caverns inhabited by giant spiders and lizards, the drow weave perverse magics in the dark where the sun’s hateful rays cannot harm them.  Dark elves pride themselves on their advanced magics and use them to pursue increasingly more debasing and horrific forms of pleasure, which their nobles feed upon to honor their chaotic deities.  While most dark elves are evil a fair number are neutral and quite passive with some few desiring peaceful lives.  As of yet, the dark elves have not openly declared war, but it is not uncommon for small groups of them, led by ambitious rogues, to make raids on surface communities so as to pilfer valuables, most especially gems, which they covet dearly.
            Major Alignment: Lawful Evil
            Population: Medium, mostly human
            Major Resource: gems and slaves.
            Maximum Sale: 35,000 gold per month.
Magical Items: though the sale of magical items is strictly forbidden to non-elves, anyone able to disguise themselves may purchase up to +3 in magical arms and armour, and magical items with a cost less than 9,001 gold pieces.
Queen Cirindil: LE, the queen of the drow is a devout follower of Lolth and brings many races into bondage in the name of the Dark Empress.  This queen is imbued with awesome magical powers, but at the cost of her health, which causes her to become weak if she does not regularly consume a vile of pure blood.  She keeps a glass cabinet full of blood from special sacrifices and should this supply be destroyed it could spell out doom for her rulership among the drow.
General Kalaya: CE, Kalaya is an exceedingly cruel and perverse drow who lusts after fair women, whom she tortures for her pleasure.  She has a deep and abiding hatred of lawful persons, with the exception of her queen, and will work magic to weaken and destroy individuals who pursue peace.
Ecclesiarch Monique: NE, Monique is a human woman who gained favor in the eyes of Lolth and was transformed into “The Grey Maiden”.  She has a fondness for hair as she lost hers during her transformation, and collects exquisite wigs of elfin hair.
Archduchess Kaleti: NG, a strange and rare drowess who secretly adores literature from the surface and thirsts for adventure tales about brave women and their daring acts.
Duke Jeram: CG, a rather silly drow male who dabbles heavily in arcane sciences and studies of the planes.  He reportedly has many connections with planar beings spread throughout the innumerable universes (including modern day Earth).
Marchioness Sornileb: NN, this tall and exceedingly beautiful drow woman cares little for the many proceedings of her court, instead preferring to have sexual liaisons with anyone with potential to give her pleasure.  This places her in a dangerous position in the court as her delinquent participations in proceedings make her a questionable asset.
                        Count: Chris Fewks (whiny and unobservant, doesn’t know why his wife left him)
Baron Perdinel: CE, somewhat of a drunken idiot, Perdinel squandered what little wealth his family accrued during their centuries in power.  This leads him to desperate acts, which include directing raids to the surface where he steals whatever treasure is available.  He also asks for considerable loans from his fellow members of the court, but many are preparing to call in his debts.  Should this happen he will be pushed to initiate a plan to raid an entire city and empty it of its treasures so as to, not only clear his debts, but improve his station in the eyes of Lolth.

Dwarven Domains

            Kingdom of Altin Kalkan
Extremely proud, lofty and full of ancient secrets, the vast halls of this kingdom are home to a people who keep strictly to themselves and do almost no trade with other races.  Intruders are killed with absolute prejudice, causing many misunderstandings with outsiders who view their tight security as nigh unto acts of war.  Almost everyone in the great dwarven kingdom is trained in martial combat and expected to fight whenever their community is pressed against the wall.  Dwarves don’t care for elves and hold grudges against them, but their hatred towards goblinoids is far greater.  Any half-orc seen by these dwarves will be treated with absolute prejudice unless that half-orc can somehow prove himself a friend to their kind.
            Major Alignment: Lawful Neutral
            Population: High, mostly dwarf
            Major Resource: timber, stone, iron, copper, precious metals, gems, weapons and armor.
            Maximum Sale: 50,000 gold per month.
Magical Items: though the sale of magical items is strictly forbidden to non-dwarves, anyone who manages to prove themselves as a friend of the dwarves may purchase up to +3 in magical arms and armour, and magical items with a cost less than 2,001 gold pieces.
King Rimmerek: LN, this king is assured of his own superiority and the superiority of his people.  This intense pride causes the dwarves of this kingdom to hold sentiments of extreme intolerance toward other races.  This prejudice will even spread to certain dwarves who choose to travel with non-dwarven companions.  King Rimmerek is extremely stubborn and will never back down from his principals, even if pressed against the wall with overwhelming odds.
General Shmert: CG, this general is quite a jovial dwarf and enjoys testing peoples’ patience with absurd questions and remarks.  He is willing to make peace, but his oath to the king and his clan prevent him from turning against their commands, even if he feels strongly that their selected course is fraught with peril.
Ecclesiarch Jirda: LN, a priestess who continually petitions their god for strength to crush the skulls of their enemies.  She has been laboring in the forges for almost a century, imbuing an ancient axe with greater strength.  She hopes to complete the weapon so that she may supply her king with an unstoppable weapon with which he may lead his people back into the ancient strongholds of their kin and recover their vaults from dragons and orcs.
Archduke Domni: CN, this dwarven lord is ruled by his emotion and does whatever he feels compelled to do in the moment.  This has lead him to lose much of his wealth and to suffer setbacks in many relationships with both his people and with the dwarven courts.
Countess Jodwen: NG, a strong, beautiful dwarven woman with demi-godlike constitution.  She inherited her lands when her father went missing, and after several decades of his absence she is urged to marry and fully take control of the lands.  She refuses to do this, believing her father is still alive and well somewhere.
Viscount Jogosh: CN, the brother of Domi, Jogosh is quite lazy and obsesses over games, which he plays incessantly.  Because he is overtaken by a love of games, he often sends his squire, Fewkes, to attend the court in his stead and to handle day to day business.  This angers his people and many are now moving to have him overthrown from his position.
Baron Camern: LN, a lowly but successful dwarf who busies himself in the development of new technology.  He is strongly against arcane magic ruling the world and believes that machines and science is potentially less destructive than the mystical arts.

Kingdom of Ahmak
Though still quite proud, these dwarves are more amicable and will openly trade with other races.  Lower dwarves have an intense hatred for dragons, save for the metallic dragons whom they revere as lesser gods.  Anyone who brings the skull of a slain chromatic dragon and has proof that this dragon was close to their lands, they will provide a hefty reward of no less than 100 gold pieces per Hit Die of the dragon slain.
            Major Alignment: Lawful Good
            Population: Medium, mostly dwarf
            Major Resource: stone, some timber, alcoholic beverages and iron.
            Maximum Sale: 36,000 gold per month.
Magical Items: sells up to +2 in magical arms and armour, and magical items with a cost less than 1,001 gold pieces.
King Tumultz: LG, a truly noble dwarven lord who believes in sharing hot food and good cheer with any who enter his kingdom.  Having fallen out of favor with King Rimmerek, he took his loyal followers and reclaimed a lesser hold up in the mountains where his people practice goodlier traditions and open their doors more liberally to other races.
General Caide: LN, stern old dwarf who seems to bear all of the burdens of the kingdom on his shoulders.  While most of his kin have somewhat light-minded approaches to the many dangers surrounding them, Caide feels overwhelmed by a need for greater urgency.  This leads him to openly contend with his brother, Adal over implementing stricter policies in dealing with outsiders.
Ecclesiarch Adal: LG, this dwarf is soft spoken and very charitable, even going so far as to dispatch his clerics out to provide aid to any stragglers found in their mountains.
Duchess Bryn: CG, a buxom and very flirtatious dwarf, she loves visitors and insists on entertaining them in her home so as to learn more of the goings on in the world below the mountains.
Marquis Samrich: NG, the people have grown wearied by the endless construction projects that Lord Samrich schedules.  Many believe this is because he is simply never satisfied with any of his projects and always schemes to improve upon every aspect of his domain.
Count Quigley: CN, many speak of Quigley with respect and admiration, for he is a dwarf who famously slew an ancient red dragon with a single swing from his longsword.  Unbeknownst to all, it was not his skill at arms that allowed him to deal the blow, but mere luck, for he was only flailing about to defend himself when the dragon descended upon him, and at the last moment the great wyrm had turned its head to look elsewhere.  This exposed the soft scales around its throat, which Quigley blindly struck with a daft swing.
Baronet Vaselern: NN, this lady dwarf has inherited her father’s kingdom after the older dwarf decided to take on a pilgrimage with his wife to the ends of the earth.  Now she sits on her fortune and enjoys the luxuries it affords.  She places no effort into remedying the needs of her kin, but instead lavishes herself with the funds dearly needed to repair the infrastructure of her domain.

Kingdom of Gri Duvar
Their entire civilization is indeed evil, but the pursuits of the grey dwarves usually lead them from open conflict with other races.  They have a tentative agreement with the dark elves, but this does not stop the two from occasionally feuding over territories in the underground realms.  Grey dwarves obsess over exactness, which has lead them to fashioning castles and communities to resemble pure, unembellished geometric shapes.  This style of craftsmanship carries over into their weapons and armour as well as their other valuables.  Because of their love for bland and smooth designs, they are particularly prejudiced against the surface elves who relish in intricate designs.  Grey dwarves worship no deity as they no longer recognize the dwarvish gods, instead relying on their own cunning and devices to win the day.
            Major Alignment: Lawful Evil
            Population: Medium, mostly dwarf
            Major Resource: stone, precious metals, gems, iron, copper, tin and slaves.
            Maximum Sale: 40,000 gold per month.
Magical Items: though the sale of magical items is strictly forbidden to non-dwarves, anyone able to disguise themselves may purchase up to +3 in magical arms and armour, and magical items with a cost less than 3,001 gold pieces.
King Dengeiz: LE, exactness is at the forefront of this king’s realms, and he brutally reminds his citizens of this on a daily basis.  His rules are precise and the consequences for disobeying them are swift and severe.  The populous of this kingdom are quite used to this, however, and are eager to report incidents that go against the laws.  Dengeiz has a deep hatred for the elves who dwell up on the surface, a hatred that stems as far back as any can remember.
General Jerajom: CE, Jerajom enjoys drilling their soldiers to perform exact maneuvers on the battlefield, and has had so much success doing so that any attack launched against the grey dwarves in their own exactly carved tunnels is nearly impossible to surmount with any force.

Orcish Domains

            Kingdom of Buyuk Kabile
Dedicated wholeheartedly to violence and death, the orcs build their kingdoms on the backs of slaves.  Because of the chaotic nature of orcs and their inability to hold alliances, even with their own kind, it is strongly speculated that their leader is a personage of vast power whom they fear more than each other.  They have declared war against every race in the region, but are yet to act upon it.
            Major Alignment: Lawful Evil
            Population: Very High, mostly orc
            Major Resource: weapons, armor, slaves, alcoholic beverages and tobacco.
            Maximum Sale: does not trade.
            Magical Items: does not sell magical equipment.
Queen Savagi: LE, this monarch cannibalized her own husband and claimed the throne when she heard he had run away from battle.  Now she rules with an iron fist and works tirelessly to weed out all weakness in her armies.  Because of this her orcs have the ability to fly into a berserk rage, gaining +1 to hit and +2 damage.
General Seygan: CE, the biggest and strongest of the orcs and nicknamed “The Axe of Savagi.”  Any time he enters into combat with his soldiers they become fearless and willing to fight to the death at all times.  If he fights on the front line, his soldiers will even become immune to all effects of fear.
Shaman Mukduk: NE, this hobgoblin is quite lazy and bored with his post as the queen and general have placed themselves at the head of any spiritual order that exists in their kingdom.  Mukduk still oversees important ceremonies, and he and his acolytes provide healing services to the fighting orcs.  Through this boredom he looks for ways to reach out to demonic forces so that he may one day rise at the head of the kingdom and plunge them all into the insanity of the abyss.

Kingdom of Omuz Silkme
Smallest of all the kingdoms, this orcish community is dedicated mainly to mining and a trade.  After obtaining a taste for the luxuries of elfin society, their founder decided that he would rather spend his years in luxury rather than in the mud and blood of war.  These orcs are greatly hated by other orcs, so they have built their stronghold up in the mountains where they protect themselves with piled stones and logs coated in oil.
            Major Alignment: Lawful Neutral
            Population: Small, mostly orc
            Major Resource: art objects, furniture, tools and laborers.
            Maximum Sale: 10,000 gold per month.
Magical Items: does not sell magical equipment, but anyone selling them magical arms and armour will be highly favored.
King Mugmar: LN, an orc caught between kin and honor, he chooses to eschew the way of life adopted by most orcs, instead opting to make a safe haven for himself and other orcs who share his belief in neutrality.  He will not lend help to anyone and he is loath to even trade with outsiders, save those who prove to be trustworthy friends.
General Kipp: NN, a goblin skilled in all manner of military tactics, Kipp loves using traps that cause loud noises and confusion to hold enemies at bay.
Lady Lynwal: NG, a half-orc priestess who is reportedly quite attractive, but because of her lineage she is outcast from orcs and humans.  Though not intelligent she is kind and very loyal to Mugmar.

Goblinoid Domains

            Kingdom of Kiler
This kingdom is primarily underground, but many of its peasantries protrude from sheer cliffs in the crevices leading into their domain.  Goblins hate everyone, but their cunning and craftsmanship is valued by the orcs and most especially the bugbears.
            Major Alignment: Lawful Evil
            Population: Medium, mostly goblin
            Major Resource: tools, weapons and alcoholic beverages.
            Maximum Sale: does not trade.
Magical Items: though the sale of magical items is strictly forbidden to non-goblins, anyone who manages to find amicable goblins may purchase up to +1 in magical arms and armour, and magical items with a cost less than 1,001 gold pieces.
King Cin: LE, this greedy king has his heart set on gold.  Though his kingdom is small, his entire castle is enameled and plated with gold.  It is said he even has a pair of golden golems guarding his throne room.  He will never have enough gold and plots ingenious schemes to come by it more easily.  Because he is so cunning and his kingdom is so small, he serves as his own general and spiritual counselor, which leads some to view him as quite mad.

Fleet of Kara Filo
A black fleet of Oriental Hobgoblin ships lead by a pirate lord.  Having just been ejected from the Orient by a resistance of noble Samurai, they now seek to pillage and destroy all communities along the coast.  They keep their ships together in a hidden inlet along the coast, but will often dispatch smaller war parties to gather supplies and slaves.  Though no formal declaration of war has been made, they are currently brokering deals with goblins and orcs to form an alliance, which will allow them to annihilate human kingdoms and claim their strongholds for their own.
            Major Alignment: Lawful Evil
            Population: Medium, mostly hobgoblin
            Major Resource: slaves and stolen treasures.
            Maximum Sale: does not trade.
Magical Items: though the sale of magical items is strictly forbidden to non-hobgoblins, anyone able to disguise themselves may purchase up to +3 in Oriental magical arms and armour, and magical items with a cost less than 3,001 gold pieces.
King Akuyaku: LE, this ruthless and power mad hobgoblin slew his own father and nearly exhausted all of his resources in a war against the Orient.  Having been forced to flee with his entire fleet of ships, he now sets his sights on Kalbis in the hopes of claiming all of its major ruins and taking the treasure hidden therein for himself.
Doku: NE, a human mage from the Orient, he betrayed his own people to join Akuyauk’s forces.  Now he is disgraced and bitter, and uses his bile to feed the ambitions of Akuyaku in the hopes that he may obtain power and return to conquer the Orient some time in the future.

Kingdom of Umaci
Bugbears inhabit the wastes and live in the ruins of once great and terrible cities, which they paint with crude glyphs that depict their tribe’s victories.  Bugbears are extremely intolerant of other races, including orcs, though they will gladly join with them whenever a fight with the demi-humans is to be had.  They allow goblins to enter freely as these lesser members of their kin maintain their weapons and armour for them.
            Major Alignment: Lawful Evil
            Population: Low, mostly bugbear
            Major Resource: weapons, armor, slaves and alcoholic beverages.
            Maximum Sale: does not trade.
            Magical Items: does not sell magical equipment.
Lord Maximum: LE, a powerful bugbear who wields a spiked club that is taller than a man.  Maximum enjoys keeping a host of enslaved demi-human females to pleasure him.  Some of these captive women are rumored to be the daughters of an elvish nobleman.
General Kuzu: NE, while not quite a general, this bugbear uses his shaman magic to seek out ideal conditions for victory.  Called “The Eye of Maximum,” the Bugbear Lord will not make a move without first taking council from Kuzu.
Ecclesiarch Shurkru: CE, this priestess of chaos derives pleasure from her slain victims, whom she sacrifices to her evil deity.  Whenever she lays hold of a particularly mighty enemy, she will cannibalize the individual in order to increase her power, which leads her to seek out the most powerful of victims.

Other Domains

            Kingdom of Giddykin
Like halflings, gnomes organize themselves into tightly knit clans, which dwell underground in the woodlands.  Gnomes have virtually no military as they rely on their illusions to protect their lands.  They are welcome and friendly to travelers, though they will not allow such visitors to enter directly into their realm.  They have erected larger buildings above their communities, which they use to cater to merchants and other persons who come to conduct dealings with them.
            Major Alignment: Lawful Good
            Population: Low, mostly gnome
            Major Resource: mushrooms, alcoholic beverages, tobacco and healing herbs.
            Maximum Sale: 21,000 gold per month.
Magical Items: sells up to +1 in magical arms and armour, and magical items with a cost less than 4,001 gold pieces.
King Galloim: LG, this king takes great pride in caring for the condition of the natural world around his kingdom.  Druids are well liked by him and his people, and it is forbidden for anyone to slay an animal for food unless there is great need.
General Gaiden: CG, the foremost military expert of the gnomes is a peculiar fellow who spent most of his youth living in the Orient where he became a master swordsman and developed a love for the strange culture.
Ecclesiarch Kadaff: NG, Kadaff is as much a student of arcane magic as he is devout in fulfilling his god’s vision.  He has an extensive alchemy lab and boasts the finest skills in the creation of potions of all kinds.

Kingdom of Stoutfold
Comprised of many family clans, these halflings dwell in stout communities that take care of one another.  Unfortunately, they are more concerned with their crops and trades than with defending their own lands, making their armies small and ill-equipped.  Because of this they will trade with local human communities in exchange for protection, but they never allow the humans to enter their lands.
            Major Alignment: Lawful Good
            Population: Very Low, mostly halfling
            Major Resource: dairy products, produce, alcoholic beverages, flocks and tobacco.
            Maximum Sale: 8,000 gold per month.
            Magical Items: does not sell magical equipment.
Lord Belcher: LG, the lord of the halflings is often confused for being a very short, fat elf, for he is mighty among halflings.  Belcher is very jovial and enjoys loud, exciting fun, but this never spills over into chaos as he has much self-control and benevolence.  Like many halflings, he is not comfortable with allowing outsiders into his domain as he views his people as too civilized and weak to defend themselves against sudden treachery.
General Gogin: LN, the general is not so much a ranking officer as he is simply the one whom the clans elected
Ecclesiarch Surmek: LG, this halfling believes strongly in keeping their borders closed to outsiders, but at the same time believes they should aid anyone stranded or struggling at their doorstep.  This attitude of charity is not well-liked by many halfling folk and they would like to see Surmek removed from his position.

Kingdom of Buruk Suruler
A proud and strongly territorial race, the centaurs roam in a great nomadic tribe under a great leader who is larger than the average centaur and crowned with antlers.  Centaurs repel anyone who attempts to approach them or enter their territory, but they are not too proud to retreat when danger is too great.  Should anyone aid a member of their kind, however, the will make such an individual an honorary member of their tribe.
            Major Alignment: Lawful Neutral
            Population: Low, mostly centaur
            Major Resource: precious stones, pelts and archery equipment.
            Maximum Sale: 100 gold per month.
            Magical Items: does not sell magical equipment.
King Basli: LN, the king of the centaurs is a strong and stern monarch with a personality torn between kind benevolence and fierce violence.  He strives to maintain order among the members of the tribe while keeping outsiders at bay.  His wife, Insat, was reportedly raised in a human camp and has since developed a love for literature and would reward anyone gracious enough to bring her books of elven poetry.
General Demir: LG, this particular general is strangely very quiet and kindly, preferring to avoid violence at all costs.  He is very concerned over the survival of their people and will pursue actions that prevent loss of life.
Ecclesiarch Kedli: NN, a truly stern female, Keldi executes her duties as a healer and moral leader quickly so that she may return to her personal projects, which include writing up stricter laws that govern what creatures or demi-humans are acceptable for slaying on sight.  She hopes to convince King Basli to allow their guards to slay all humanoids they encounter so as to prevent their taint from afflicting their people.

Kingdom of Sincap
A vast and scattered kingdom with a powerful leader, the kobolds labor under the guidance of Tiamat herself and are used to plague the demi-human races as well as punish her draconic children who on occasion displease her.  The kobolds love gems more than any other race and will go to great lengths to acquire them, even if it require sacrificing half of their armies.
            Major Alignment: Lawful Evil
            Population: High, mostly kobold
            Major Resource: gems and some slaves.
            Maximum Sale: does not trade.
            Magical Items: does not sell magical equipment.
King Sincharr: LE, possibly the largest kobold who ever lived, Sincharr stands higher than a man and has developed a fondness for wielding a two-handed Morningstar, which he has named “Skull Stover”. 
Gunth: NE, this grey dwarf has found a home with the kobolds through a shared love of gems.  In exchange for gems he has promised to teach them how to create better arms and armor.
Tislama: CE, this she-kobold is the second in command to King Sincharr and evokes the powers of their deity to bless the females with extreme fertility.  This results in many thousands of kobolds being born every year, allowing the kingdom to retain an overwhelming fighting force.

Kingdom of Yumruk
A powerful matriarchy, ruled by a single orc mother, the Ogre Kingdom struggles to maintain itself as the vast majority of its population are male with females coming in very short numbers.  Because of this, and the fact that males are also shorter lived than the females, the Great Mother rules the entire clan and keeps the males on amicable terms with one another.  The ogres within the kingdom tend to be on friendly terms with the other races, but those who dishonor themselves and become disbanded from ogre society will roam the land as vicious marauders.
            Major Alignment: Lawful Neutral
            Population: Low, mostly ogre
            Major Resource: trade and heavy labor.
            Maximum Sale: 5,000 gold.
            Magical Items: does not sell magical equipment.
Great Mother Ulnaru: an ancient female and exceedingly wise, Ulnaru chooses to avoid all conflicts among the other races.  This is mostly because she has her hands full raising a new Great Mother, to say nothing of her constant struggle to keep the many scattered clans of males from contending with each other.  Ogres abhor murder and any time one of their kind is found guilty of this disgrace the Great Mother has the sad duty of disbanding the guilty party, which usually results in another monster entering the wilderness and preying upon the weak.
Kaizak Elimar: a strange anomaly in ogre society, this elvish bard has found great favor in the eyes of Ulnaru, not only as a friend but as a tutor for her young daughter.  Normally it is forbidden for males to be anywhere near a young ogre female, but their society voted that, because elves are very thin and comely, he was “feminine” enough to be allowed to train the girl.
Ulna: the youngest ogress in the region and one who will one day replace the Great Mother, meaning she will need to undergo as much training as she can with tutors and the Great Mother herself.  She is forbidden to mingle with other ogres as the mere sight of her will put them into a frenzy of passion.  She longs to see the outside world, but until she has reached her thirtieth year, or “the year of adulthood”, she must remain in the Great Mother’s tent and train.
Basha Durfus: the head of the Great Mother’s personal guard.  Though they cannot see Ulna, they are charged with defending her and making certain no other males infiltrate the Great Mother’s tent.  These are male ogres who are granted an unusually longer lifespan, making them the biggest and strongest ogres in the territory. 

Council of Ejderha
Though not quite a kingdom, there is a loose coalition of chromatic dragons, which meets on a small island once every century.  The names of their leaders are mainly known to dragon kind and the leaders of certain races, such as dark elves.  The purpose of this kingdom is to ensure that the feuds among dragonkind do not spill over and risk weakening them on the whole since such an event could bring about their extinction.  Each of the leading dragons is ancient and quite powerful.
            Major Alignment: Lawful Evil
            Population: Very Low, all dragon
            Major Resource: rare treasures and art from ancient times.
            Maximum Sale: 85,000 gold per month.
Magical Items: does not sell magical equipment, but will look favourably upon anyone who gifts them with magical items, and may even reward the deeds of mortals with magical items.
Ardus the First: LE, Ardus the red dragon has very little patience for his kin and even less patience for lesser beings.  Though he will deal with mortals from time to time, he will always look for any excuse to slay them outright, especially elves since his father was slain by an elvish noble in the ancient past.
Dara the Second: LE, this blue dragon oversees many of the war efforts of her kin and looks for excuses to attack dwarven holds as she envies their treasures above all else.
Triu the Third: LE, a green dragon loyal to Tiamat the mother of all chromatic dragons, Triu is devout in the paths of darkness and will start cults in the name of her deity.
Caethru the Fourth: NE, this black dragon cares little for the feuds of her brethren and sisters, though her loyalty to them compels her to always side with them on important matters.  She is the last to admit her fondness for elfin wine and if she could she would drink fountains of it.
Cuigu the Fifth: CE, this frigid white dragon loves killing and has gone as far as slaughtering entire tribes of barbarians and bathing himself in their blood.  He has amassed a vast collection of chieftain heads and has piled their weapons and armor beneath them as tokens of his prowess.  Barbarian peoples would be most pleased to see these items returned to their rightful tribes.
Seu the Sixth: CE, son of Ardus the First, Seu is less ambitious but proud to hold his station in the council.  He has grown to greatly despise the metallic dragons and wishes for nothing more than to lead the entire flight against them in one final, glorious battle.
Seachtu the Seventh: LE, this blue dragon delights in collecting mirrors and has adorned her lair with many of the largest and most beautiful mirrors so that she may appease her vanity.
Octu the Eights: NE, this black dragon longs to reclaim one of his original lairs, which he held when he was very young.  It is said that this lair contains an ancient spear, which has the power to outright slay dragons.  Because of this spear, Ardus the First ordered that the lair be buried beneath the mountain to prevent mortals from retrieving it.
Naou the Ninth: NE, this white dragon shares a bond with winter wolves and allows them to dwell in her lair where she instructs them and breeds them to be more powerful in the hopes of one day using them to spread their cold into warmer lands.
Deichui the Tenght: CE, this green dragon envies the knowledge possessed by some of the titans in the realm and looks for ways to secretly find them and learn all that he can.

Kingdom of Inci Cenetti
Quite possibly the largest and most powerful of all the kingdoms in the realm, the merfolk dwell on the ocean floor where they harvest crops and fashion buildings out of enchanted coral reefs.  Because their underwater life prevents them from working metal, they use tools and weaponry fashioned from bones and exoskeletal structures, which they draw from the many monsters that threaten their realm.  Merfolk simply don’t trust surface dwellers, though more progressive members of their communities would like to establish peaceful coexistence with humans in the hopes of making an alliance to help them fight off their many enemies.
            Major Alignment: Lawful Neutral
            Population: Very High, mostly merfolk
            Major Resource: produce, fish, precious metals, pearls and rare animal products.
            Maximum Sale: 90,000 gold per month.
Magical Items: sells up to +1 in magical arms and armour, and magical items with a cost less than 5,001 gold pieces.
King Okyanus: LN, this powerful merman wields a spear made from the tooth of a mighty sea creature and bears gifts from the gods of the seas, which make him nigh invulnerable in battle.  Because of this he is unafraid of going into combat, but will sue for peace if he feels there is an unreasonable danger posed to his people.
General Malkar: CN, Malkar is fiercely loyal to Okyanus, but often dreams of going to battle against people who live upon the dry land.  This desire causes him to send his scouts to watch the goings on above the water so that he may find any excuse to urge his king to take up arms against human sailors.
Ecclesiarch Nerrus: NG, Nerrus is a kindly cleric who studies the exotic life, which grows in vast quantities on the ocean floor.  From his research he has discovered cures to almost every known disease, including those that plague people on the surface.

Kingdom of Sirtlan
Consisting mainly of scattered nomadic tribes, the gnoll kingdom falls under the guidance of their primary ecclesiarch; an enigmatic male who dwells in a camp, which moves from time to time so as to conceal his whereabouts.  With all the infighting among the gnoll tribes, there is little they come together on, unless their shaman directly commands them, in the name of their deity, in which case they will band together and work rigidly until the task is complete.  Once this happens they immediately depart from one another and resume their old feuds.
            Major Alignment: Lawful Evil
            Population: High, mostly gnoll
            Major Resource: slaves and some herbs.
            Maximum Sale: does not trade.
            Magical Items: does not sell magical equipment.
Ecclesiarch Shurgrin: NE, Shurgrin is an enigmatic gnoll who dwells in a camp, which constantly moves location.  His is the only will that dominates the many gnoll tribes, albeit rather slackly.  Though he allows infighting among the different tribes, should any action, be it by the tribes or outsiders, threaten the existence of the whole, he will intervene with all of his fury.  It is not uncommon for his deity to accept proposals from other demonic lords, which lead him to compel Shurgrin to convince the tribes to amass for war.

Kingdom of Dis Ve Pence
Lycanthropes typically live among their own kind out in the wilderness where they try to eke out a normal living.  Tribes of the Bear exclude themselves from the activities of the other kinds of lycanthropes, viewing them as dangerous to their own survival, but the others will join together, either to conduct raids on towns or find ways to infiltrate cities where they can find more lavish spoils.  Each clan of lycanthropes search for new members to join their numbers and each appoints a clan leader to meet in their council, which they call The Circle of the Moon.
            Major Alignment: Lawful Neutral
            Population: Very Low, all lycanthrope
            Major Resource: no major resource.
            Maximum Sale: does not trade.
            Magical Items: does not sell magical equipment.
Circle of the Moon: LE, the leaders of the Circle of the Moon go as follows, Linus the leader of the wolf lycans, Morris the leader of the rat lycans, Leon the leader of the tiger lycans, Silus the leader of the boar lycans, and Bruin, the leader of the bear lycans.  It should be noted that Bruin and his kin are only part of the Circle of the Moon to ensure that the bear lycans are represented, but he in no way endorses the behaviors of the other lycans as they lean towards criminal behavior.

Kingdom of Bogwollow
Established in the deepest, darkest part of the swamplands, the lizardfolk have built for themselves a fastness of bone and lumber with houses crafted out of crudely sharpened stone.  The lizardfolk are a sinister lot, finding great pleasure in capturing their prey and torturing them for long periods of time before finally devouring them.  Lizardfolk are fiercely loyal to their tribe and their king, but should any other Lizardfolk tribes enter the area they will go to war and fight one another to the death.
            Major Alignment: Lawful Evil
            Population: Low, mostly lizardfolk
            Major Resource: slaves, herbs, animal skins and bronze.
            Maximum Sale: does not trade.
            Magical Items: does not sell magical equipment.
Ulurumar: LE, this king only desires two things: slaves and power over his enemies.  Though not the brightest ruler, he is rightfully wary of dealing with anyone not of his kind.
Shulurga: NE, the leader of Ulurumar’s warriors, he is the most cunning, but honors his king for being the largest and strongest in their kingdom.  Though his king is paranoid and unwilling to deal with outsiders, Shulurga will parlay with any whom he deems a worthy opponent.
Sharaska: CE, Sharaska is the tribe’s arch shaman and is usually responsible for fueling Ulurumar’s paranoia.  Like Shulurga, she appreciates strength and will even transform herself so that she resembles the race of one whom she deems worthy.  After assuming this form, she will attempt to seduce the object of her affections so as to mate with them.  After consummating, she will retreat back to her home and cast a spell upon herself so as to allow herself to become impregnated with lizardfolk that will grow to embody the powers of her previous lovers.

Notable Quests and Locations
The following places are major places of interest within the realm and may be anything from dungeons to shrines or immense castles.  These locations are meant to serve as large plot points for the players to settle through their courage and valor.  Upon resolving the issues attached to each of these locations, each party member will be rewarded with 1 point of ability score increase (which cannot push an ability past 18).

Glass Mansion
Out in the hills there is a sprawling estate of gardens surrounding a handsome stone manor made entirely out of glass and iron beams.  Upon entering the grounds the way will be sealed off by a powerful force field (a gardener will leap over the wall just in time and shout joyously as he finally escapes the nightmares within).  The grounds are filled with headless stone statues that will come to life and attack as soon as the sun goes down.  The owner of the mansion is hidden inside the cellar where he works evil magic to create a pair of flesh golems.  Once these golems are defeated they will destroy the machinery, which will cause the manor to slowly collapse, requiring the party to escape.  Once the manor is fully destroyed the way out will be opened once more.

Dimensional Dial
Somewhere in the wilderness there is rumored to be a great sundial, which may be activated by hanging a certain magical medallion from its style.  This will cause a very narrow fissure to open in the mantle of space and time, allowing one to squeeze through into another realm.  The realm entered upon will be a time in the island’s distant future when a fierce battle is being waged between two armies, armed with muskets and fighting through muddy trenches.  If the party enters into this battlefield they will be trapped and forced to press forward up the trenches toward a dark fortress.  Here the party will have to do battle against vast enemy forces until they reach the command chamber where a Rakshasa of terrible power runs the war.  The Rakshasa built the sundial centuries earlier so that he may travel to a future where he may acquire terrible technology to aid him in his conquest.  Once defeated, the fissure will reopen, allowing the party to return to their normal time.

The Ziggurat
An ancient tower that was believed to have been constructed by ancient beings to serve as a bridge between earth and heaven.  The grand entrance into the structure is sealed by a most peculiar diagram, which has several recesses.  The keys that fit into these recesses are kept in the treasuries of every kingdom as part of an ancient covenant to prevent the tower from being unlocked.  A sinister organization is stealing these keys and must be stopped, for the tower does not contain great treasure or power as they believe.  Instead the tower was built by the gods to serve as a prison to some of the most deadly villains ever to ply the sea of stars.

Wardens of Destiny
In the days leading up to the creation of the world, Bahaumut and Tiamat waged a fierce battle, which culminated in the latter being broken apart into pieces and scattered across the land.  Most people have forgotten about this, but in recent days five peculiar female elves have appeared.  The elves go as follows: Mercis the red elf, Halav the green, Occi the blue, Revana the black, and Deleni the white.  Each of them seek out one of five shrines, which contain a crystalized portion of a heart, which belonged to Tiamat herself.  If all of the parts are restored, the five elves, who are secretly dragons, will fuse together at a sixth and final shrine, and Tiamat will be reborn.

Hammerest Hill
Up on the highest mountain is a flattened area with a circular stone slab surrounded by stone chairs whose size was meant to accommodate beings even larger than giants.  Here the titans will gather from season to season and discuss all that they have been thinking about and learning over the centuries.  The titans have a variety of dispositions, but always treat one another amicably as they were all created by the gods at the same moment for the purpose of sculpting the land.  They did this alongside dragons and though the two care little for each other they have held a strange peace and will never do battle.  Though very cold and uncomfortable up on the mountains, the titans will sit and have battles of wits with one another, discussing things that go beyond the bounds of mortal comprehension.

Heaving Hull
Crashed against the shores of the sea there is an immense, jagged object the same size as many castles, which breathes and groans.  This is because it is a living ship filled with twisted, jagged creatures (slivers), which cling to its underside and writhe in the many conduits and tunnels that run throughout its body.  The Heaving Hull is very ill, however, and dispatches some of its members to find a significant source of energy for it to feed upon and replenish its power.  Once this happens it will unleash its entire swarm against the land.  The only way to stop it is to enter the body and fight the queen, which lives up near the brain.  (The party first learns about it when they steal a magical orb back from some bandits and one of the twisted, jagged creatures appears and tries to steal it from them during the melee).

Tower of Pearls
Rising out of the ocean is a white tower, which has the appearance of a bleached coral reef, which spirals upwards like a unicorn’s horn.  There doesn’t appear to be any means of entering, leading sages to speculate that the only way to enter is somewhere on the ocean floor.  This is indeed the case and any who wish to enter from the bottom must bypass a kraken, which guards the gates from a deep crack in the earth.  Inside, the tower is smooth and bears a pinkish luster with slender arches upholding a spiraling stairway that rises all the way to the top.  The upper chamber is occupied by a powerful merman sorcerer who puzzles over a rotating orb of energy.  This orb, if given the right sequence of commands, will cause fissures to open in the basaltic earth, unleashing a swarm of aquatic nightmares that will cover the surface of the water and attack any ship or creature that attempts to ply the seas. Jeremy Almond

Lair of the Tarrasque
Out in the midst of a barren valley there looms a ghastly shape of a monster whose size baffles the imagination.  Through the efforts of valiant elfin warriors, the Tarrasque has been laid to rest, petrified with a gaping wound, but should the body be disturbed by a significant force, such as the blast of a fireball or a bolt of lightning, its body will waken and resume its rapid regenerative cycle.  Should this happen, the land may be paced in great peril as it will immediately resume its path of destruction.  Currently a great wall of carved timbers surrounds the Tarrasque and a host of elfin war pavilions, all set to repel any force that should seek to waken the terror.

Rift of the Planar Spectrum
A band of hideous energy spans part of the horizon, marking the place where one of the gods of evil dealt the continuum a mortal wound.  Now this wound has hardened into an oscillating rift from which many elemental monsters fall and enter the realm of mortal men.  The only way to close this rift is to enter each of the major planes and acquire an object whose material makeup is synonymous with the plane from which it was taken.  Once these objects have been assembled, they must be placed into a crucible of stone and fused together under the intense heat of an eldritch flame.  Once the materials have been fused together, a skilled blacksmith must smite the new and unstable substance into an arrowhead.  Once an arrow has been created, an archer must then fire the arrow into the center of the rift, triggering an event that will draw it closed, mending the continuum forever.

Final Adventure
Suddenly an immense craft appears in orbit over the world.  The craft is shaped like two interposing skeletal hands with a great, circular nucleus.  The craft belongs to a cybernetic demonoid who has come to feed off the world’s life energies.  He sends an army of robotic warriors to fend off the world’s defenders while he prepares his craft to destroy the world.  The party must enter the craft through one of the flanges, which is high up in the air over the island.  Once inside they must transit from one knuckle to the next until they reach the demon.  After the demon is defeated his craft will clench itself together and implode, forming a new, steel moon.

Major Guilds
The following guilds exist in every major human settlement and are needful if the players wish to level up to the next level in their chosen class!  The cost to level up is equal to 100 gold per level being attained.  For example, to level up to 3rd level a player will need to spend 300 gold pieces.  These facilities mainly provide the tools the players need to level up and it should be stated that there are no teachers actually instilling new knowledge into the PCs.
            Arenas of Martial Law
Consisting of small, circular buildings with open training grounds at their center, these places allow fighters, paladins, rangers, barbarians and gladiators to practice their physical prowess and adopt new skills.

            Universities of Arcanum
Tall towers with multiple levels dedicated to different schools of magic.  Equipped with tomes, laboratories and meditation chambers, this place has everything needful for mages, sorcerers, bards and so forth to increase their knowledge in arcane areas.  Spells, scrolls and potions may also be acquired here.

            Temples of Enlightenment
Any temple where a deity is worshipped serve as appropriate locations for all kinds of priests, including clerics, druids and monks, to train themselves.  Healing spells may be acquired here as well as certain potions and divine scrolls.

Colleges of Thievery
These places usually exist spread across an entire city, tucked away in the sewers, back alleys or secret cellars below honest businesses.  Such organizations are known by thieves who know the Thieves’ Can’t, but any others will need to do some digging just to obtain a rumor.  Thieves, bards and assassins come here to hone their special talents and to have acquired items fenced.

Bandit Organizations
The following are organizations of bandits, which operate throughout the land.  These fiends are responsible for the worst forms of burglary one can expect to encounter or hear about.
            Band of the Rat
            Lead by a 3hd thief who is smart, but always knows when to retreat.

            Band of the Asp
Lead by a 4hd bard, cunning and deceptive but quick to strike when an opportunity presents itself.

Band of the Crow
Lead by a 5hd wizard, very clever and makes use of trickery and illusion, but will surrender when beaten.

Band of the Fox
Lead by a 6hd thief, very secretive but ready to put up a fight.

Band of the Wolf
Lead by a 7hd fighter, uses superior numbers and speed to target his victims.

Band of the Bear
Lead by an 8hd fighter, uses brute force to win.

Band of the Lion
Lead by a 9hd cleric, uses power granted from his deities to strengthen his followers.

Band of the Dragon
Lead by a 10hd fighter/mage, most cunning and deadly of them all

The gods of the campaign by alignment.  These gods are mainly worshipped by humans and half humans, but the other races have access to their own deities as outlined in various D&D books.  The overdeity, an entity known as The One, cannot be worshipped by mortals, but is at the head of all other gods.

Lawful Good
Thuas: the first of the followers of The One.  He is the great overseer of creation and judgment.  Symbol: a four-pointed star, elongated vertically with small lightning bolts between the north/east and north/west spurs.
Leigis: the god of mercy and healing.  Symbol: a standing bundle of leaves with a red blossom at the crown.
Dleacht: the god of good tidings and swift execution of duties.  Symbol: an ink pen pointed down with ink flourishing from its tip.

Neutral Good
Eagna: goddess of wisdom and perceptiveness.  Symbol: a scroll standing in a circle of fire.
Baila: goddess of firm foundations and welcoming abodes.  Symbol: a four-spurred mountain crowned with clouds.
Thogaila: goddess of the crafting of beautiful things.  Symbol: a blossoming rose.

Chaotic Good
Cosaint: god of defense and the preserver of individual liberties.  Symbol: a war hammer set into a shield.
Ceila: goddess of love and genuine affection.  Symbol: a bar pointing downward with an intertwining set of bars rising up.
Chumadh: god of invention and forethought.  Symbol: a hammer pick set into a cog.

Lawful Neutral
Aimsira: goddess of rains and snows and all other manner of precipitation.  Symbol: a swirling cloud with rain falling.
Eolas: god of learning and accumulated knowledge.  Symbol: an isometric book set into a ten-pointed star.
Uaimh: god of refinement and of deep places in the earth.  Symbol: an anvil set against a stone turret.

Neutral Neutral
Uaigha: goddess of death and rebirth.  Symbol: a skull exhaling swirling vapors.
Greine: god of sunlight and the hard day’s work.  Symbol: a crescent moon with its ends facing down, resting over an eye with three points rising from the curved back of the moon
Gaela: goddess of the moons and restful nights.  Symbol: a crescent moon with its ends facing up, cradling a five-pointed star with three tiny bars radiating from its curved back.

Chaotic Neutral
Caillte: god of uncertain roads and the lost.  Symbol: a crossed path with an open eye at the bottom left, a closed eye at its bottom right, a moon at its upper left, a sun at its upper right and a human shape at its heart.
Anfa: goddess of storms and frenzied seas.  Symbol: a cloud formed into a skull with lightning stemming from its teeth.
Draiochta: god of arcane power and the mysteries of the universe.  Symbol: an elaborate circle with four tiny symbols radiating around it.

Lawful Evil
Scrios: god of devastation and malice.  Symbol: a bloody gauntlet with spiked knuckles pointing downward.
Leisca: goddess of laziness and decadence. Symbol: a single, ornate eye.
Uafasacha: goddess of fire, exploitation and torture. Symbol: a black tree engulfed in flame.

Neutral Evil
Fearg: god of berserk rage and bloodlust.  Symbol: a beastly face with large tusks.
Claona: goddess of perversions and abominations. Symbol: a tower breaking apart at its middle.
Dramhaila: god of gluttony and wastefulness. Symbol: a leg bone gnawed at its middle with four ribs coming away from it like a comb.

Chaotic Evil
Breaga: the liar goddess and architect of corruptions. Symbol: a wagon wheel with the top broken open.
Goid: god of thievery and secret works of darkness. Symbol: a jagged, downward-pointing dagger with thorns lining its grip.
Neamhord: supreme demon-god of chaos and disorder. Symbol: black, dimpled circle with a red drop of blood at its heart.

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