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101 Dungeon Ideas

101 Dungeon Ideas
Written by M. A. Packer

A list of my favorite dungeons I have created and used up to this point, these serve as a starting point for your own creative processes.  Some of these could be constructed into entire campaigns if you wish!  Many of the following examples were inspired by scenes in movies, levels in video games, or simply fell out of the sky one day as I was sitting down to type.  Simply read the entries between sessions and allow your own curdled right hemisphere to go to work for you.  Just remember to scale them to be functional for your current party and their relevant character levels!

01- Ruins of Alvinius: Out in the deepest and most ancient part of a giant forest is rumored to exist the treetop ruins of a grand elven city.  Now the ruins are stalked by a creeping terror that attempts to envelope any living thing that enters.

02- Carnal Keep: An abandoned manor out in the wilderness is reportedly a gateway into a chaotic dimension of illusionary and carnal delights that tempt anyone who enters.  Powerful demons will seek to turn the party against each other in the hopes of keeping them away from their treasure.

03- Choked Hollow: In the midst of a great forest is a single, colossal tree whose interior is hollow and rotten.  The walls are lined with scraggly vines and choked by the webs of arachnoid creatures who thrive and multiply.  They have laid many thousands of eggs in a chasm nestled within the cankered roots of the great tree, waiting until they can hatch and release a flood of chittering evil into the world.  A great queen guards these eggs and gnaws at the roots for nourishment.

04- Maw of Dispizia: Out in the middle of the sea is a creature of unfathomable size, which creates maelstroms in order to draw ships down to its gaping maw.  Once swallowed, its victims will find themselves in a cavernous pool of acid, surrounded by the wreckage of many doomed ships and creatures.  Strange, fleshy valves open along the stomach chamber, leading elsewhere in the creature’s body, providing some hope of escape.

05- Wellworth Labyrinth: In the middle of a prosperous village stands a well of considerable width, which sages believe to have been constructed by dwarves in centuries past.  An iron grate covers the massive well, sealing off access to a dungeon complex used by dwarven kings to seal away dangerous magical entities.

06- Sukalp Caverns: Somewhere along the coast is a submerged cave, which leads into networks of flowing waterways.  Many of these channels flow downward into a single, large cavern which contains an underground lake.  At the center of this lake stands a small mound of rock, atop which stands an ancient shrine to an evil deity.

07- Agyaltrak Isle: A flat island floats above the land in a region that is cut off by dangerous cracks in the earth from whence bubble scalding lakes and furious jets of steam lash out at unsuspecting persons.  Atop the floating island is said to be a valley dotted with rows of columns and odd shrines that contain powerful, extradimensional creatures.

08- Agranya: Up in the mountains looms a curious pyramid of glass whose outer surface occasionally sparks with bolts of lightning.  The only way to enter it is through a crack in the terrain, which afflicts one of its far corners.  Once inside, adventurers will need to bypass terrifying traps and battle against a menagerie of constructs.

09- Globe of Tolpan: Far, far to the north in the jagged, broken glaciers is said to be an orb of brass as large as a castle.  A wavering line of drifting icebergs leads to the entrance: a circular opening, which leads to its hollow interior.  When entered the walls will glow brightly and any caught within will be whisked away to strange dimensions consisting of any kind of terrain imaginable, with every monster imaginable.  The way always leads out, but all those brave enough to explore each of the overlapping climates in the dimensional sphere will eventually land in a treasure chamber containing much wealth.

10- Bogu Labyrinth: Out in the wastes rests an immense, broken structure of stone.  Many parts of the building float in the air around it and parts begin to sag as though trapped in a moment of time in which it is erupting.  Its interior is warped with many passages thrown wide open and others compressed to the point that one must squeeze through sideways.  Many chaotic anomalies permeate the place, making it unpredictable and dangerous as merely entering a room will cause spells to go off or monsters to suddenly leap into existence.

11- Utulma’s Cradle: Deep in the crater of a volcano, suspended by massive, charred chains over a lake of lava and fire hangs a fortress, blackened by the eternal flames of its domain.  Living in this citadel are many kinds of fiery creatures and beings from the burning planes.  The only known way to enter this place alive is to carefully traverse the great chains, which hold it up in the air.

12- Greed’s Grotto: Out in the barren hills is hidden a heavy, brass disc, which plugs a steeply dropping entrance into a cave system occupied by many creatures.  Somewhere in these twisting tunnels is another entrance leading to a vault containing countless coins, which lay in heaps and mounds all about.  These are illusionary, however, and camouflage many undead terrors, which will spring forth and attack any who disturb the glittering baubles.  Anything picked up will canker and crumble into worthless dirt.

13- Karticia Kale: In the windswept snow planes of the north are the piled bones of a colossal dragon whose ribs have been entrenched upright into a formidable wall and its skull fashioned into the gatehouse of a stone fortress.  The fortress is inhabited by bloodthirsty warriors who conduct raids in the outlying wilderness under the guidance of a powerful shaman.

14- Havoc Saray: In recent years, travelers speak of a new fortress appearing out in the wastes where scarcely any water is to be found, and yet veritable mountains of thorns and briars encircle this place, warding off intruders.  There are paths through the thorns, but these are twisting and treacherous, and many vile things skulk about the winding brambles.  The fortress itself serves as the stronghold to an order of undead knights who, even now, labor to revive their ancient king: a cruel and malicious man bent on obtaining godhood through the sacrificing of every innocent he finds.  The king’s corps is chained to a massive log, which burns with hateful energy when approached, and once per day the undead knights take it in turn to hack at the chain with magical swords, which break after each swing, yet each swing brings them closer to bursting their master’s bands.

15- Kalkessius Cave: A seemingly mundane cave outside of town has a secret wall, which opens and drops sharply into an underground river.  Following the river, which becomes exceedingly deep at points, will flow into a great, wide chamber with a rather low ceiling.  At the end of the chamber is the ornate outer wall of a sunken temple that had been built a thousand years ago to honor strange, ancient beings who even now lay entombed within and will waken if disturbed.

16- Somaz Harrow: Hidden in a mage guild’s basement is a curious cube no larger than an outhouse, but whose surface is covered in strange carvings.  Should a primer be discovered for the runes etched on the front of the cube, the structure will reform itself so that a doorway appears.  Passing through this doorway will reveal a maze with gravity-defying passages going in all directions.  Insectoid constructs populate the maze and attempt to turn away intruders lest they discover the central chamber where a powerful lich is entombed with all of his artifacts.

17- Colossus of Nehrsurmek: Straddling the great river where it leaves the mountains, a stone monument stands and casts a stern gaze over the regions beyond the jagged slopes.  Somewhere by his left shin is a hidden door, which opens into his leg, leading into a narrow stairwell that climbs into his main body.  The body of the colossus contains many secret chambers, some of which contain undead creatures while others possess small amounts of treasure that had been hidden away by a greedy king in ancient times.
18- Ship if Gemisarkma: Somewhere along the coast is a reef of jagged stone where an ancient giant’s ship had crashed during the previous age.  Because of the magical qualities of the vessel, it remains rather intact, though its lower bowels are flooded by the sea.  Aquatic creatures use it as their fortress and keep treasures in its lower holds.

19- Cage of Ormanda: Deep in the jungles is an ornate stone pyramid, covered completely in vines.  Clearing some of the vines away will reveal a pair of stone dragon’s heads.  If special carved stones are set into the dragons’ mouths the entrance will open, leading into a veritable maze of pit traps and monster-infested rooms.  The carved stones may be acquired from collectors of antiquity in a nearby city, but these wealthy men will likely send assassins to slay the party and claim whatever treasure they come by in the pyramid.

20- Venom Pots: Travelers warn of a certain part of the desert where the ground will open and drop into rocky tunnels containing giant, venomous creatures.  The treasures of many lost caravans lay strewn about these places.

21- Downward Spiral: Hidden below an old church in the city is an immense, cylindrical pit, which drops deep into the earth.  A circular stairway spirals down the entire length of the pit until it converges with round chamber.  Water flows waist-deep in this chamber and columns rise high above one’s head, obscuring the hiding places of swimming and climbing creatures.

22- Yusek Crypt: Out in the midst of the most monster-infested region of mountains is rumored to exist a tower whose foundation crumbled long ago, yet it remains fully standing in the air, upheld by powerful magic.  The ruined base of the floating structure repels all grappling hooks and ladders, but a large balcony on the lowest undamaged floor is wide enough to admit several persons, provided they may find a way to enter.  Inside the tower is filled with glass jars containing preserved and dormant monsters, which will burst forth from their enclosures if disturbed even slightly.

23- The Cosmic Disc: Nomads and dervishes who brave the deepest desert regions speak of a curious vessel crashed into the dunes.  This vessel is of otherworldly craftsmanship and emits strange lights and sounds during the night.  Its interior is alive with living machines that continue to perform their duties even though the crew that once manned its sprawling decks had perished long ago.

24- The Temple of Mind’s Eye: A noble family keeps a secret from the populous: their eldest son has been in a deep sleep since he entered an old tomb and will not waken.  Should the tomb be explored and a lich’s journal recovered, one will learn that the young man’s mind has merged with the will of the lich, causing his very thoughts to take form into a citadel of metaphorical terror.  Only be entering the youth’s mind and slaying the lich in his fortress of memory will the curse be lifted and the lich be destroyed once and for all.

25- Dunyasi Delve: Nestled far below in the roots of the mountains is a kingdom that once belonged to a mighty clan of dwarves.  Consisting of one great, magically preserved chamber stand six great spires, which extend from the flowing lake below to the cavern roof above.  Each spire contains level after level of simple housing with noble mansions at the top.  Aqueducts span each of the towers and the bridge-like avenues of the streets interconnect like spiderwebs directly above glistening water, which hides terrible watery denizens that continually watch the dark, forgotten city for intruders.

26- Katran Kem: Out in the bubbling swamps and tar fields rests the ghastly remains of a colossal insect whose interior holds many labyrinthian tunnels and chambers, all remnants of its inner workings.  Monstrous slimes and molds roam about its dried and crumbling body, and a terrifying creature lairs in the head, peering out of its glass-like compound eyes for approaching victims.

27- No Land: Positioned on a tiny island a short distance from the lakeshore is a huddled collection of torn, mildewed tents.  During the night when the moon waxes full, however, the tents come to life and colorful lanterns cast a cheerful glow over what appears to be a circus.  Many strange and shadowy personages wander amid alluring and splendid displays while gaily clad and charming figures cry out to visitors with promises of fun and amusement.  Anyone entering the No Land will be subjected to powerful illusions, which mask dangerous undead beasts.  A powerful necromancer and illusionist stands in control of the cheerful facades and uses his magic to warp the minds of travelers, trapping them inside until they perish, further supplying him with the corpses he requires for his perverse rituals.

28- Yorgun’s Watch: In the middle of a shallow pond leans an old, moss-choked tower.  The water bubbles around its foundation as though the earth were ready to draw the structure down into itself at any moment.  Inside, the walls and floors are choked with mud and the stench of dead things hangs thick in the air as muck-dwelling creatures writhe out into the open and attack any living thing foolish enough to set foot in their domain.

29- The Bridge of Derin Su: Far below the rolling waves of the sea there stretches a jagged crevice in the earth.  Spanning the interposing cliffs of this mighty ravine is the sunken ruin of an ancient galley, which hangs crooked like a dilapidated bridge.  Vast treasures, which the ship’s original crew had foolishly packed into its hull, sank the vessel and now an aquatic dragon and a vicious host of marine creatures protect it from would be adventurers.

30- Eskasil’s Beard: Deep in the jungle where the trees collide with a steeply climbing cliff, an ancient shrine with the face of a humanoid being is carved into the rock face.  Dense vines grow and tumble down from the open mouth, serving as the only means of reaching the ruin, but horrid flying creatures assail anything that climbs the strange beard, and inside even greater dangers wait in the form of cunning traps and wandering beasts.

31- Turm’s Shrine: Located in the hatchery chamber of a giant ant queen there is rumored to be an ancient shrine.  This shrine was built to house a wellspring of magical liquid, which when drunk causes chaotic effects.  It is for this reason that the giant ants in the surrounding tunnels have gained the ability to breath elemental energy and teleport at will.  The ant queen, who has quaffed a significant amount of the strange liquid is wreathed in elemental energy and possessed of keen intelligence.  The best hope for defeating this menace is to destroy the main support columns for the shrine, triggering a cave-in that will bury the wellspring for good.

32- Frost Veins: Winding, frozen tunnels coated in slick ice cascade downwards into an immense chasm.  A lake of drifting ice fills this cavity and situated atop a particularly massive ice formation is the frigid mansion of a planar being who enlists armies of monsters to patrol his realm and wreak havoc on nearby settlements.

33- Ruins of Ka’vel: A city exists where the fires of the war that ruined it still burn and the sky is poisoned by endless fumes of smoke.  Demonic and burning creatures roam the charred streets and dig through the ashes of ruined buildings.  In the heart of the city is a new castle of obsidian and brimstone where an Efreeti sits enthroned, entertaining visits from demonic beings and plotting on ways to spread his havoc throughout the surrounding realms.

34- Boclamak Spires: Out in the rocky wastes there is a deep, wide chasm filled with strong, swirling winds.  Built throughout the chasm are spires of stone whose tops are linked by arching bridges.  A great serpentine dragon uses this place as his lair and uses a vast tribe of lizardfolk to keep the spires clear of intruders.  At the center of the network of bridges and towers is a singularly large spire with an ancient shrine positioned at its top.

35- Old Hain’s Shack: Deep in the woods a shack leans on its sinking foundation.  The shack conceals passage down into an old and forgotten mineshaft, which opens into a deep chasm through which lava flows.  Cults of deep creatures live down here and mine for gems, which they use in rituals that summon demons into the chasm.

36- Smuggler’s Holes: Giant vermin appear throughout the city and seem to stem from a particular neighborhood.  Hidden among rows of dilapidated old houses is one particular hovel with a basement, which hides a secret door down into a network of tunnels once used by smugglers in the old days.  These tunnels form an intricate network of passages, which connect with old farmhouses.  Now giant vermin live in the tunnels, feeding off the crops and livestock of nearby farms and then spreading into the city.

37- Gate Cellar: In the city there exists a great, old house belonging to a wealthy aristocrat.  Rumors report that the foundation of the house was built over an ancient stone ring used in the past to make sacrifices.  Each time a sacrifice is made, the ring of stones opens a gate into a nether-kingdom filled with countless, tormented souls whose demon lords compel to dig vast trenches in the hopes of uncovering the remains of one of their greatest masters.

38- Agri’s Embrace: Somewhere in the capital city’s sewer systems is a wall covered with invisible runes.  Those who see the runes can find a hidden door leading into a newly constructed tunnel network belonging to an order of sadistic knights.  These knights capture victims in the city and drain them of their blood, which is drunk during perverse rituals that increase the strength and vitality of the knights, allowing them greater prowess in battle as well as the cunning to obtain more prestige in the city.

39- Towers of Astellum: Reports have come in, speaking of an illness spreading among many outlying villages.  By examining the position of these villages, one will be lead to discover the source of the illness, which stems from a lake of acid.  From the center of the lake rises a structure with five spires, like a ghastly hand.  A cult of evil clerics dwell here and use their unholy magic to transform the water of the lake into the poisonous acid, which seeps into underground rivers where it continues to poison many settlements.  For every person who dies from the acid, a great serpent demon gains in strength and will soon emerge from the lake.

40- Kingdom Below the Mesh: Deep in the jungle is an ancient city, overgrown with dense vines and trees so that only the tallest spires of the once grand settlement rise up through the foliage.  The streets, which are narrow with overgrowth, serve as a home to packs of ferocious beasts and all kinds of poisonous creatures.  One of the temples, which lays buried in the jungle, contains a bright stone that will grant its finder three wishes.

41- Library of Solus: A tower once belonging to a great mage has been discovered by local authorities, but every floor, save one, is sealed off by powerful magic.  Adventurers must search the library on the main level where they will discover that by opening certain books they will find portals to the other floors.  In order to reach the primary quarters of the deceased mage, keys must be located.  The keys are found in the different levels of the tower, each of which contains different habitats and roaming monsters that were placed to protect the keys.

42- Skyward Estate: During certain times of the year, an immense cluster of cumulus clouds appear in the sky directly above the mountains.  Stairs exist on the high slopes and connect directly to the cloud formation, which becomes solid when walked upon.  Hidden in the folds and ridges of the cloudscape is a sprawling estate belonging to an evil cloud giant.  Many flying creatures and wind elementals plague the cloudscapes and the interior of the giant’s home is filled with traps.

43- Mountain Below the Sands: Out in the rolling sand dunes is a worm-like creature as massive as a city, which swallows anything that moves above its domain.  Inside its body is a long network of stomach chambers littered with large rocks and the remains of broken caravans.  While the creature rests horizontally, the passages may be traversed more easily, but this also causes parasitic creatures to stir and come out to attack any living thing they encounter.  The only way to leave the worm is to slay its ten hearts, which are adjacent to each major digestive chamber.  Once this is accomplished, it will rise to the surface and expel everything it had swallowed.

44- Three Wells Crypt: An ancient crypt, which had once been sealed off by a boulder now lays open.  The inside of the crypt consists of three deep pits lined with stairways and ledges.  Doorways and alcoves also line the ledges and stairs, and each contains the undead bodies of many traitor knights and their followers.  Anyone who explores the crypt will fall prey to its undead denizens.

45- Sleeper in the Void: Clerics guard an ancient gateway, which connects to the deep cosmos where a being of inestimable size rests.  The being is in a dormant state as it slowly recovers from wounds it suffered in an ancient battle with the gods.  Its wounds allow one to enter into its body and explore the many vessels and organic chambers, which are heavily populated by fleshy monstrosities.  It is said that somewhere near the brain there is a cache of powerful magical items, but the entity protects them with powerful creatures of its own creation.

46- Maze Below the Watch: Somewhere out in the wilderness, travelers report seeing an unkept entrance to a hedge maze.  Strange sounds emanate from the maze as a peculiar standing stone at its center resonates with arcane energy, drawing in deadly creatures, which roam its interior.  The standing stone is built over a stairwell, which descends into a chamber filled with many bones, including the skull of a demilich.

47- Blackmire Canyon: Out in the hills is a jagged, narrow ravine perforated with cave networks and small cliff dwellings where many wicked creatures dwell.  In the furthest reaches of the ravine is a particularly large cave opening whose interior is filled by the crumbling walls of an ancient citadel.  The interior of the citadel is occupied by powerful magic creatures and one demon prince who governs them through a pool of black water.  The only thing that will prevent the demon prince from reaching out to the mortal realm through this pool is to defeat his guards and pour a flask of holy water into the bleak fluid.

48- Choral Maze: Somewhere under the waves of the sea is a coral mound as large as a mountain.  A single opening penetrates the multi-colored bastion, leading into dark and winding maze-like passages, whose walls are lit with dazzling, florescent lights.  The passages connect with several chambers where the lights are particularly spectacular and emit magical energy, which may dazzle those who look on it.  In the core of the great mound is a singularly massive chamber where an evil aquatic dragon guards a pearl of considerable value.

49- Duckunder Delve: Dwarves had once constructed a tunnel system that allowed for safe passage through the mountains, but this passage has been invaded by a force of monstrous humanoids who intend to use it as a refuge for their soldiers.  Once they have accumulated enough weapons and armor, they intend to launch an invasion.

50- Moonbridge: During a certain phase of the moon, a glistening white palace appears on the surface of a lake.  When the strange abode appears, a bridge made from condensed light emerges from the water, leading straight to the entrance.  Shadows and fiends populate the palace, which contains a sleeping succubus who uses the structure to amplify her ability to invade men’s minds.

51- Haralp Shrine: Built in the hollow of an ancient volcano is a shrine containing a powerful ruby.  The ruby is set atop a pedestal in the shape of a serpent and is guarded by elemental creatures.  Should the gem be taken, a fire elemental of tremendous size will be released from the volcano, triggering an eruption that will threaten to blanket the earth in ash.  The only way to stop the cataclysm will be to destroy the fire elemental and entrap it in the ruby.  Once this is done, the rub must be set back into the shrine.

52- Gluttony’s Grave: In ages past, a grand merchant city is said to have been swallowed up in the sea.  Many believe it still rests underwater, but is now overgrown in choral and aquatic plant life.  Many creatures infest the ruins and a dragon turtle nests in the ruins of a great castle.

53- Harrow Holes: Multiple levels of cliff dwellings loom in a deep canyon.  Rickety wooden scaffolding connects the different levels of sprawling stone buildings and secret caverns lead into well-guarded chambers where all manner of treasure, stolen over the centuries, waits to be claimed.  Manticores inhabit this realm and are used as watchdogs by vicious gnoll tribes.

54- Bottled Bowels: A knowledgeable sage has recently come by a strange, magic bottle filled with mist.  Anyone who looks deeply into the bottle can see a contained wilderness, at the heart of which stands a peculiar structure.  The sage would like someone to enter the bottle and explore the structure, which holds a vast labyrinth.  At the center of the labyrinth is an atrium where a mighty djinn reigns and waits to slay any who enter.  Upon being defeated, the djinn’s magic over the bottle will fail, sending the party and the wilderness back to its place of origin in a distant land on the prime material plane.

55- Mossbreak Chasms: Somewhere in the deepest woodlands is a patch of wilderness where the trees and plants grow together, forming a dense, living tunnel.  The ground here is moist and choked with ferns and glowing lichens illuminate the many winding passages.  Plant creatures threaten the safety of any who enter this wooded maze, but an ancient elven treasure is hidden throughout under the preserved roofs of small ivy-clad shrines.

56- Asmevi Grotto: Deep cave systems open into one large cavern whose floor is drenched in scattered ponds and walls are alive with massive root-structures.  Shanty towns are built along these roots and are inhabited by savage, sightless grimlocks.  The grimlocks worship a many-armed demoness and prepare to invade other cave systems where deep gnomes live.

57- Ring of Kader: In a dead field near the borders there is a vast array of columns and arches built in concentric circles around a single, immense shrine of great height.  Minotaurs and gorgons roam between the columns and dwell in tents and shanties around the shrine, and the shrine itself is manned by clay golems who follow the instructions of a powerful mind flayer magic-user.

58- Gate Mound: On a tiny island in the middle of a pond is the ruin of a castle, which rumors say was abandoned shortly after its construction.  The only part of the ruin still standing is a curious arch, which when acted upon with magical energy will open into a ghostly castle filled with the shadows of frozen denizens.  Ghosts and other undead haunt the halls as well as a wicked demon carrying a giant staff affixed with a pulsating orb.  If this staff is ever broken, the castle will appear on the prime material plane, fully intact with its residents returning to life.

59- Strangled Cavern: Tunnel system near the surface, whose interior is choked with roots that slow progress.  Burrowing creatures infest these passages, which lead to a central chamber filled with the bones of many slain animals and treasures left from humanoid prey.

60- Maze of the Broken Spine: A series of murders at a local castle have brought about the discovery of secret passages in the lower levels.  These passages lead to an underground labyrinth, which is populated by a cult of demon worshipers and their master, a Marilith.  This demoness seeks the skull of one of her sires, which she intends to return to the hells so that she may revive the fiend and restore his ancient and ambitious order.

61- Drowner’s Delve: Caves along the coast tumble downward into a waterlogged chamber, which connects with a peculiar gate.  The gate is comprised of magically strengthened crystal, which opens into an equally magnificent tunnel system, which exists under the churning waves of the sea.  The tunnels allow travelers to glimpse the splendors, which exist on the ocean floor, but their halls, which run with water, are also inhabited by fierce aquatic denizens who protect their treasures from trespassers.

62- Smoldering Mounds: Under a particularly large hill, which puts out columns of smoke, there is hidden a machine citadel run by clever goblins and their powerful king.  The citadel has been under construction for over a hundred years and will soon emerge as a great, quadrupedal monstrosity that will trample everything under its feet.

63- Bones of Rezaloth: Within a great barrow mound is a network of tunnels leading deep into a great ritual chamber.  The chamber and tunnels are all lined floor, wall and ceiling with the bones of many slain sacrificial victims.  Powerful skeletons and abominations of bone lurk throughout the complex as a coven of hags, under the guidance of a powerful necromancer, labor to revive an ancient blight, which will spread across the land, killing all living vegetation until everything becomes dead and barren.

64- Sanctuary of Golge: In a part of the woodlands the elves were forced to abandon centuries earlier, a great ancestral tree has fallen to evil arachnids, which have formed a colony of webs high up in its canopy.  The webs now spread to other parts of the forest, creating gossamer tunnels of silk, littered with the many strung up carcasses of drained victims.  The slightest disturbance to these webs will bring many arachnids to bear.

65- Gaddarum Spire: Out in the mountains where many rocky outcroppings pierce the land, one particularly large plateau of stone has been capped off with a citadel in the shape of a beast’s head.  The mouth of this hideous visage is open with a drawbridge that extends to an adjacent row of stone columns.  Bridges further connect these columns and are regularly patrolled by the monstrous creatures who dwell within Gaddarum.  Their domain is also watched by flocks of gargoyles under the direction of a demon lord.

66- Shroom Gladness: In a great, meandering chasm deep in the earth a maze is formed form colossal mushrooms.  Pools of scalding sulfur bubble and steam throughout and horrid lizards and fungal humanoids ply the scattered passages, which run through the tall stalks.  A particularly large lizard, whose body is writhed in flame, dwells in this peculiar chasm, guarding the hidden ruins of a forgotten, sunken city.

67- Crimson Palace: Hidden by an expanse of illusionary mist is a seemingly simple castle.  Rather curious-looking people garbed in white robes wander about the grounds and welcome people into their domain where they are fed and cared for.  These white-robed persons will even remove diseases and curses.  Unbeknownst to any who enter, the castle is secretly a haven for wicked vampires who lure in victims and prepare them to have their blood drained so that it may be stored underground in pools that have been enchanted to preserve it.

68- Conch of Bagbalen: Below the churning sea is a valley choked with tall growths of seaweed.  In the midst of this peculiar field is an immense, pearlescent spire in the shape of a conch shell.  The seaweed is stalked by a massive sea creature and the spire itself is occupied by many kinds of dangerous aquatic creatures.

69- Fumedeep Shards: Deep below an old coal mine, a vast chasm has been found, which drops down into an exceedingly hot ravine.  Crystal formations grow throughout the chasm, forming massive bridges that span the muggy expanse, connecting with jagged ledges, which all run down into a scalding hot lake where an abomination of gems lumbers about.

70- Nautaloid Chariot: Wicked elves, who long ago abandoned the surface world, discovered the means of producing technological terrors.  Their recent creation resembles a mechanized kraken, which they use to sink merchant ships and rob the wreckage of their treasures.  The vessel often returns to a hidden cave in the hollow of a small island where the elves run maintenance on it.  In this cave they have a machinist lab where they are working on a more horrifying form of the mechanized kraken, which they intend to use against every coastal town in the region.

71- Befallen Hopeshire: Under a century old landslide is a buried city whose populous turned to stone moments before the catastrophe.  Descendants of the creatures responsible still roam the subterranean ruins, guarding it against treasure hunters and sages.

72- Desert Island of Gearwatch: Out in the desert people claim to see an immense shape moving through the sand storms.  Nestled in the midst of the billowing, blasting sands is an ancient clockwork fortress, which drives about on wheels.  These wheels are the only known way to access the fortress as they round up toward open windows.  The inside of the fortress consist of many stacked layers of clockwork machinery, which runs off a cryptic perpetual motion machine.  Dangerous flying creatures circle the exterior while mechanical automatons and other clockwork horrors infest the interior.

73- Crevice Wedge: The wastes are rumored to have a narrow crevice in the rocks, which meanders along a monster-infested stream until it converges with the entrance to an old temple complex.  The temple is dedicated to an ancient and mostly forgotten god of Lycanthropes, and in recent days it has drawn a ponderous number of were-beings.

74- Stacked Platters: Nestled between mountains and forests stands a most curious tower, which consists of great, flat levels upheld with pillars.  No walls adorn any of the floors, but stairwells and pits extend at odd intervals, and traps plague any who search the ruins for treasure.

75- Wall of the Adjoined: Out in the midst of a wild forest are the remnants of an ancient fortification.  Consisting of several watchtowers joined by segments of crumbling walls, the ruin is rumored to contain an armory, which a lengthy search will reveal to be trapped under the roots of a large oak tree.  Many scurrying and creeping creatures populate the ruin in vast numbers and lay in wait for wayward footsteps to enter their domain.

76- Rivergate: Spanning an estuary is a grand, multi-leveled bridge.  Consisting of arches and hoardings, the bridge is a veritable fortress, which once protected the rivers from coastal raiders.  Now it begins to crumble, threatening to burry its treasures for good.

77- Curse of the Forgotten: The sudden appearance of a tower of bones has the capital city scrambling.  In the midst of the city’s cemetery is a bastion, seemingly made from the bones of great creatures.  The tower’s interior is infested by slimes and wights, all laboring under the guidance of an undead lord who intends to transform the entire city’s denizens into its mindless minions.

78- Kayip’s Compass: Buried beneath an ancient library is a circular room whose walls are comprised of multiple archways.  Within each archway is a colorful mural, depicting a different location in the world and on the planes.  Interacting with the murals through spoken arcane phrases will cause their images to become vivid until they melt away into a portal.  Each portal leads to the location depicted and each location hides parts of a curious tablet.  When fitted together the tablet will provide a means of releasing a horrifying plague, which causes people to transform into wretched shades.

79- Sacmar’s Globe: A narrow cave in the wilderness winds and spirals down into some of the deepest reaches in the earth.  At the end of the tunnel system is a spherical cavern of immense size, which contains an entire valley with forests, swamps, a lake and a great spire of stone where savage humans dwell.  Dinosaurs and other ancient creatures thrive in this spherical wilderness and a magical stone in the roof of the chamber sheds perpetual daylight upon the land.

80- Nectarbaum: There is a massive tree just beyond the farmlands, which buzzes with giant bees.  The inside of the tree is hollow and used as a hive for the giant bees, and it is said that its combs drip with the most succulent of honey known to man and is highly prized by elves and giants who brew magical mead and spirits.

81- Alan’s Dread: Out in an abandoned field, where wheat grass grows higher than a man’s head there are tunnels through the rows, which meander and divide, forming an eerie maze.  Beasts stalk the field and protect the very heart of the wheat where a vast clearing houses a crude monument to a demonic god.

82- Terraces of Korku: An underground dungeon opens into the bottom of a great fissure.  Stairs of enormous size, broken up by wide terraces, ascends to an upper platform where a shrine to a planar entity looms.  The dungeon and stairway are protected by many strange monsters and intelligent beings who work to empower their master through sacrifices.

83- Labir’s Pendant: One of the more notable sages in the region has in his possession a strange disc made entirely of brass.  The disc’s surface is deeply etched with the pattern of a concentric maze, which leads to an enigmatic symbol at its very center.  Casting the right spell will transport the party into the maze, which comes to life with traps and monsters.  The maze’s center houses a large obelisk that pulsates with powerful magic.  Destroying the obelisk will release an entrapped entity that will grant a single wish.

84- Windmill Laboratory: Beyond one of the main cities is a wide hill, atop which is built a giant, rickety windmill.  The windmill has many copper cords, wrapped in burlap, which run down into its heart.  The interior of the windmill is protected by homunculi and animated objects.  A powerful necromancer uses the windmill to give power to his perverse experiments down in the cellar, which involves the creation of fleshy abominations.

85- Bones of the Iron Bird: Sagging against the cliffs where it crashed centuries ago are the ruins of an iron bird.  Though the strange, otherworldly craft is damaged beyond repair, its interior is alive with wicked goblins seeking to learn from the craft that made it.  Many of their camps surround the terrain above the cliffs and they labor intensely upon their own smaller flying vehicles, which they intend to use against dwarves in an adjacent mountain range.

86- Irreversium: In the midst of the rolling sand dunes is a square foundation of stone covered with rows of columns and statues.  One of these statues, which depicts a figure sitting enthroned, hides the entrance to an upside-down pyramid.  The lowest chamber of this curious structure contains the resting place of a powerful mummy.  Undead minions of the mummy and many kinds of scorpions and venomous serpents populate the dry halls.

87- Eyes of Kasvet: The densest part of the elvish woodlands sports a cluster of interconnected clearings.  Each clearing sparkles with the waters of enchanted ponds, which are connected to underground, waterlogged caverns.  Hidden below the ponds are shrines belonging to ancient elves, but the entire area is haunted by sylvan beings and monsters.

88- Chimney of Thorns: An ancient volcano lies dormant and its chimney is overgrown with jagged crystal formations, which form bridges and pathways clear down to the bottom.  At the bottom is the bone-littered lair of a great dragon.

89- Lonely Gates: Out in a region of hilly country is a place where great bushes grow over the earthen mounds and boulders litter the ground.  In the midst of this place is an old fortress of crudely piled stones.  Its courtyards and battlements are populated with monstrous statues that come to life and attack any who poke about the roofless structures contained within the walls.

90- Glory’s Old Ring: Down in a canyon, which may only be accessed through an exceedingly narrow trail, there looms an ancient coliseum, which still operates under the management of wicked men who capture slaves and monsters alike.  These are used to train their clients: powerful warriors who seek to hone their skills in preparation for their dastardly campaigns against goodly folk.

91- Silas’s Love: A lady of dignified standings was recently gifted with a medallion and has since vanished.  The medallion contains a pocket dimension in which a crumbling tower floats in seeming nothingness, and anyone who puts the medallion around their neck will be transported here.  The tower holds the preserved body of an ancient mage and is populated with no enemies, but many clever traps, both magical and mundane.  The lady is kept prisoner here and none may escape until the mage is awakened and allowed to leave.

92- Pyramid Below the Lake: In ancient times a desert people constructed a pyramid and cast a spell, which transported it to a suitable body of water.  Unfortunately, the pyramid and its denizens were teleported below the surface of a great lake where they drowned.  Now aquatic creatures dwell here and protect its many treasures.

93- Buffington’s Resort: A castle once belonging to a nobleman has been taken by goblins and orcs living in the mountains near to the place it was built.  Their leader, a cunning orc, conducts raids on trading caravans and hires strong creatures, such as ogres and trolls, to help protect his small, would be kingdom.  Because the trading companies are aware of the dangers of this place, the orc lord prepares to dispatch his denizens further out to claim the treasures in border communities.

94- Terminus Haven: One of the abandoned cities of elvenkind is frozen in cursed obsidian and its people completely vanished.  Pools of venom dot the blighted ground and dreadful hydras roam about the still houses and mansions.  A mad elf dwells here on his own and raises the hydras so as to prevent his goodly brethren from reclaiming the area.

95- Frigid Grotto: Far to the north where the oceans have frozen solid there is a crack in the glaciers that leads to a palace of ancient beings.  Much of the palace is encased in the eternal ice, but may be breached through the careful activation of magical artifacts on pedestals.  Yetis, arctic wolves and other creatures of the trundra keep intruders at bay and a band of ice giants encamped nearby will descend upon any who leave the ruin to claim what treasures they manage to remove from the forlorn place.

96- Zubrist Tower: In recent years a mad mage relocated into the city and constructed a large tower.  With the appearance of monsters in the city, authorities believe them to have originated from the tower and entering the mage’s abode will prove this.  Inside are many levels of habitats dedicated to the climates of different monsters, which the mage has been collecting and breeding illegally and secretly releasing them into the city.

97- Jackal’s Reflection: A grand mirror in the palace has been cursed in such a way that any who look into their reflection are transported into a skewed and warped version of reality.  What is more, any who attempt to remove the mirror are shocked and driven insane.  The one responsible for this cursing lives in the warped version of the palace and sends maddening illusions against any who pursue him.

98- Cellars of Anaus: Long ago a fishing village, built along the shores of a lake, sank halfway into the water.  Inhabited by predatory fish and reptiles, the ruined settlement is highly dangerous, but its wells connect with sunken caverns where intelligent creatures hoard the treasure that had been abandoned by the town’s original residents.

99- Mind’s Fortress: An ancient lich calls out to the party telepathically.  Deep within its crypt it stirs, unable to rest because of the theft of its phylactery.  The artifact in question was taken by a powerful mage who sealed it away in his dreams, which the party must enter through the help of a skilled illusionist.  Once in the mage’s dreams, the party must do battle with fragments of the mage’s memory across a shattered reflection of the capital city.

100- The Walls That Bleed: People keep a distance from an old manor, which reeks like rotting flesh.  The reason for this putrid stench is that the walls and rafters of the old building are packed with the corpses of sacrificial victims, which will burst forth and become a plague upon the region should the estate be molested by intruders.  The basement of the manor house is of particular interest as it contains the corpse of a necromancer who first conjured the zombies, but in order to breach his barrier and end his spell, which has continued for decades, a particular zombie must be found, which wears a key around its neck.  Once acquired, the key will allow one to pass through the barrier.

101- Blight in the Purge: Sages scramble to find the reason for why the earth continues to tremble and cracks in the ground open, spreading fire.  It turns out that demons in the lower planes have recovered a celestial artifact, which allows them to fracture the barriers that separate their hellish planes from the prime materium.  In order to prevent the demonic devastation from spreading further, the party must enlist the aid of clerics to open a gate to the lower planes.  Once in the hellscape, the party must locate a lake of fire where a demonic citadel stands atop a disjointed, haggard column of brimstone.  The only way to cross the lake of fire is to bribe a demonic ferryman with something of great value.


  1. Fantastic work - brimming to the top with creativity! Happy New Year.

  2. great list. what's the reason that you modeled so many of the dungeon names on Turkish?

    1. Because it's a very strong-sounding language and I like that it rests between extremely diverse cultures, helping me visualize fantastical concepts with an under-used medium