Wednesday, November 1, 2017

AD&D TBS Campaign

I was watching some clever Brits play Stronghold online and got to thinking about how I would love to create a turn-based strategy campaign for my Advanced Dungeons and Dragons games.  So I sat and drank, I mean, ate candy, and scratched my head until the following fell out:

Stronghold: fortified building that contains the lord (or level 9+ character) and his followers.
HP: 200, AC: 8, Saves: as stone, Cost: 500,000 gold pieces.

Watchtower: simple wooden tower used to watch out for enemies and sound an alarm.
HP: 10, AC: 7, Saves: as thick wood, Cost: 100 gold pieces.

Guard Tower: simple stone tower used for defense purposes, usually built into a stone wall.
HP: 20, AC: 7, Saves: as stone, Cost: 1,000 gold pieces.

Wooden Palisade: 50x10 foot wall of vertical lumber.
HP: 10, AC: 8, Saves: as thick wood, Cost: 300 gold pieces.

Stone Wall: 50x12 foot wall of stone.
HP: 30, AC: 8, Saves: as stone, Cost: 1,000 gold pieces.

Barracks: housing for soldiers and other hirelings.
HP: 25, AC: 9, Saves: as thick wood, Cost: 1,200 gold pieces.

Farm: various kinds of food production, such as grain, vegetables, fruit and livestock.
HP: 10, AC: 10, Saves: as thin wood, Cost: 500 gold pieces.
Produces food for 10 people per month and raises extra finds equal to 1d10x10 gold per month.

Trade/Business: various kinds of businesses, such as armorers, blacksmiths, bakers, brewers, tinkerers, Inns, PUBs, cobblers, tailors, jewelers, apothecaries, butchers, etc.
HP: 15, AC: 10, Saves: as thick wood, Cost: 12,000 gold pieces.
Produces extra funds per month equal to 1d12x20 gold pieces.

Other Rules: buildings cannot be harmed by hand-held weaponry, except for those of +3 or greater quality, but these deal only half damage.  Best to use siege weaponry as detailed in the AD&D 2nd edition Combat and Tactics manual.  A unit equals an amount that is used by one person per day.

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