Sunday, September 18, 2016

The Cube

Behold the cube: a personal challenge I gave myself to design a home that would offend all the sensibilities, or at least pretended sensibilities, of my neighbors.  In spite of the wonkiness of the sketch, the home would be a perfect cube, smooth on all sides and built from steel frame construction (so this monstrosity wouldn't go anywhere).  Color would be grey and those vertical slats would contain highly reflective pannels, which when angled properly, would redirect the sunlight into the windows of my neighbors' homes, raising their cooling bills in the summer!  The house would lack a basement and as a future investment, I would affix brass pannels to the outside.  These pannels would create convection currents that move heat away from the home, cooling it in the summer, but radiating intense heat that would pose a severe burn danger to anyone who accidentally makes physical contact with the home's exterior.  Lastly, I know I drew hedges surrounding the base of the property, but what you probably don't know is that these would either be extremely thorny, or I would simply erect a ring of razor wire.  You know, to keep children and Jahovas Witnesses away.

My fondest dream home :)

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