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Magical Items for AD&D

My AD&D Magical Item Index
Written by M. A. Packer

The following is a list of magical items, both from video games, movies and mythology.  These are powerful items and should only be given on rare, special occasions.  Items listed with an ‘*’ indicates that these are items of my own creation.  Gold produced by magical items, such as Draupnir, do not provide XP to the user for gold found.

Magical Weapons
Claihm Solais: +5 greatsword with a blade made from light.  Also grants +2 to AC and saves and may be wielded with a longsword or broadsword proficiency, but must be wielded in two hands.
Excalibur: +4 broadsword, which grants +1 AC, a +2 to all allies’ morale scores and its scabbard grants regeneration 2 every turn.
Cornwennon: +3 golden dagger that belonged to King Arthur.
Joyeouse: +3 longsword that drops 1d4 gold pieces a day and grants wielder +2 charisma reaction.
Ascalon: +1 bastard sword, which becomes +5 against dragons.
Dainslef: +1 broadsword that becomes +5 against goblins, orcs and bugbears.
Huntring: +4 short sword that provides a daylight effect when unsheathed.
Vjaya: +3 falchion that strikes out against foes with energy as far as 6 spaces away.
Mystletain: +3 wooden short sword usable by druids as though a club.
Gram: +4 broadsword that causes 1d4 points of bleeding damage every turn to larger enemies.
Burtrang: +3 scimitar that adds 1d4 flame damage.  Targets stricken by the blade must roll a save vs. spell or take 1d3 fire damage every turn.
Rahab: +1 black scimitar that becomes +5 vs. lawful enemies.
Durandal: +5 Paladin’s holy longsword (only +1 for anyone else wielding it).
Levatain: +4 broadsword that fights on its own while staying within 2 spaces of its master.  Attacks as a 4th level fighter with +4 to hit and damage with an extra ½ attack.
Kaladbolg: +3 crystal sword that dispels poison once per day.
Balmung: +3 scimitar that adds 1d4 points of electrical damage.  Stricken enemies must roll a save vs. paralysis or else become stunned for 1d4 rounds.
Crissagrim: +2 estoc (thrusting longsword) that allows 2 extra attacks.
Gurthang: +4 talking broadsword that provides strategic council once per day.  This council grants +1 to all attacks, AC and saving throws for the first 1d4 turns of combat.
Malbung: +3 falchion that worsens wielder’s AC by 1, but sets strength at 18/00.
Luminus: +3 holy Warhammer that adds 1d4 radiant damage.  Enemies stricken by this must save vs. spell or else become blinded, worsening AC by 2 and their attacks by -4.
Marsil: +4 vorpal great sword.
Mormagil: +5 elven longsword that is only +1 for any race other than elves.
Mournblade: +3 poisoned falchion that causes its victim who fails a save vs. poison to suffer 1 damage every turn.
Terminus Est: +4 keen short sword.
Tyrfing: +5 dwarven broadsword that is only +1 for any race other than dwarves.
Dawnblade: +3 great sword that adds 1d4 radiant damage.
Werebane: +1 silver short sword that instantly slays lycanthropes who fail a save vs. death when hit.
Mjolnir: +5 returning throwing hammer that cannot be wielded except by creatures with 18/00 or more in strength.  Giants and ogres stricken by this weapon must save vs. death or die instantly.
Gungnir: +5 spear that ignores all shield bonuses to AC.
Gabolg: +3 bardiche that grants +2 to all saving throws.
Roginus: +1 spear that becomes +5 against all undead and demonic creatures.
Hador: +3 mace that automatically slays all crystal or stone enemies who fail a save vs. death when stricken.
Lunaris: +1 morning star that becomes +5 against all undead.
Valmanway: +3 mace that heals rather than harms, but does normal damage to demons and undead.
Morgenstern: +3 morning star that adds 1d4 radiant damage.
Starcast: +2 flail with four heads.  Roll 1d4 to determine how many hit; each one deals 1d3+2 damage.
Shieldling: +2 mace that improves AC and saving throws by 1.
Tulkas: +3 club that grants 1 extra attack.
Sir Grimsley: +2 war scythe that automatically slays any living creature it strikes of 4HD or less who fails a saving throw vs. death.
Executioner’s Wife: +3 battle axe that lowers the morale of any enemy who sees it by 2 (20 for 1st edition).
Cronus: +3 keen sickle.
Pashupatastra: +3 returning flight arrow.
Astra: +4 halberd that has a 15% chance to degrade target’s AC by 1 on a hit.
Cloich Tubaill: +3 returning sling bullet.
Harpe: +3 short sword with a 15% chance to paralyze a living target.
Conairemor: +3 singing longsword that adds 1d4 sonic damage and once per day, when stricken against a solid surface, causes deafness within 30 feet to all living creatures, except the wielder, who fail a save vs. spell.
Galatine: +1 broadsword of the Lady of the Lake, which becomes +5 against all water elementals and their kin.
Aram: +3 returning javelin.
Derg: +2 red returning javelin that has ten times the normal throwing range.
Greenbeard: +3 battle axe that revives its wielder to 1 HP if killed by decapitation or a death spell.
Olyndicus: +4 silver lance that improves mount’s speed by 50%.
Rhongomiant: King Arthur’s +4 golden spear, which grants an extra ½ attack.
Poseidon: +3 trident that has a 25% chance to dispel water elementals on a hit.
Trishula: +4 trident of Shiva that grants +1 to AC.
Gae Assail: spear that grants +5 to hit and +2 to damage and serves as a +2 weapon for the purpose of hitting enemies that require +2 or less to hit.
Sun Wu Kong: +5 golden bo staff that can extend 30 feet and allows Monks to use their number of unarmed attacks to determine how often they may strike with it each round.
Sagitta: +1 returning dart, which becomes a +3 weapon against flying enemies.
Tathlum: +2 sling that turns normal sling stones and bullets into +1 projectiles, which dissolve after striking a target.
Holly Dart: +2 returning dart, which deals double damage against giants and ogres.
Vasra: +3 returning throwing knife that adds 1d4 electrical damage.
Sudorshana: +3 returning chakram that has a 50% chance of deflecting off its original target and striking a second one that is within 10 spaces.
Dagda: +3 club that grants an extra ½ attack.
Kaladanda: +4 quarterstaff that requires stricken enemies to save vs. spell or suffer a penalty of 2 to their AC and attack rolls for 1d4 turns.
Akshay Tunir: quiver of inexhaustible +1 flaming flight arrows, which gain extra 1d4 fire damage.
Shorur: +3 mace that may be sent to fly out, once per day, and deliver vocal messages.  It has a fly speed of 24 spaces.
Parashu: +2 battle axe that doubles its wielder’s movement rate.
Haphaestus: +3 warhammer that slays stricken constructs that fail a saving throw vs. death.
Uchide no Kozuchi: great club that banishes stricken planar entities who fail a save vs. spell.
Thyrsus: +3 staff with a head shaped like a pine cone, which turns stricken enemies into stone who fail a save vs. petrification.
Grioarvolr: +3 staff that slays stricken giants and ogres who fail a save vs. death.
Caduceus: +2 mace of Hermes that places its wielder under the effect of a haste spell while gripped in both hands.
Ichaival: Odin’s +5 longbow, which allows its wielder to fire at the weapon’s maximum range without penalty.
Dahnush: Shiva’s +3 shortbow that has a fire rate of 3.
Kodandam: Rama’s +4 composite longbow, which adds 1d4 electrical damage.
Svefnthorn: +3 dart that puts stricken foes to sleep who fail a save vs. spell.
Failnot: Tristan’s +1 longbow, which grants a +5 bonus to hit.
Cupid: +3 shortbow that charms stricken victims who fail a save vs. spell.
*Unimpeded Mitts: special gloves, which when worn by a Monk allow unarmed attacks to harm creatures normally resistant to non-magical weapons.

Magical Armor
Justacorps: +2 bardic chainmail that allows only bards to cast their spells and grants +2 to perform.
Aquarius: +3 leather armor that allows one to breath underwater.
Eversing: +3 field plate that prevents grappling or being knocked down.
Walk Armor: +2 breastplate that grants +1 constitution and destroys spikes, such as those in a pit or in another trap.
Karma Mail: +5 chainmail with a 15% chance to reflect half melee damage back to its source.
Greenmail: +4 green scale mail that restores 2d8 HP once per day to its wearer.
Godswhit: King Arthur’s helm, which improves AC by 2 and grants +2 to saving throws against petrification and polymorph.
Robe of the Fire Rat: kimono that grants bonus of 1 to AC and 50% fire resistance.
Robe of the Wyrmlord: mage robe that improves AC by 2 and grants 50% resistance to all elements.
The 3-7s: +3 leather armor that allows its wearer to reroll up to three rolls a day.
Serenity: mage’s robe that grants an improvement of 2 to AC and +2 to all saving throws.
Fury: +3 banded mail that allows its wearer to berserk once per day, granting a penalty of 1 to AC, a bonus of 2 spaces to movement and a bonus of +2 to attack and damage rolls with melee weapons.
Aegis: Zeus’ +4 large shield that has a 25% chance to destroy any mundane weapon that hits it.
Ancile: Mars’ +3 small shield that grants its wielder 10 extra HP.
Pirwen: arthur’s +5 shield that grants 1 point of regeneration every turn.
Svalinn: +4 holy shield that turns undead as a cleric of the 4th level.
Evalach: +4 large shield that grants 50% frost resistance to anyone standing within 10 feet of the wielder.
El Cid: +4 golden dragon shield that terrifies enemies, causing any foe with fewer than 4 HD to roll a save vs. spell or else flea in terror for 1d4 turns.
Babrebayan: coat that grants +1 to attack and damage rolls and improves AC by 1 step.
Hide of Nemian Lion: hide armor that has the defensiveness of full plate armor.
Hide of Leviathan: +2 leather armor that makes its wearer immune to all poison and toxins.
*Bribeguard: +2 round shield with the image of a coiled serpentine dragon emblazoned on its front.  Will remove any curse or spell if 100 gold coins are inserted into its mouth.
*Butled Round: +2 small shield that floats near its possessor, granting its AC bonus while allowing for the use of two-handed weapons.
*Mojo: +2 studded leather armor that radiates an array of different colors.  Only wearable by bards.
Mirror Plate: +2 silvery breastplate that has a 50% chance to block eye-gaze attacks and a 15% chance to reflect them back to their source.
*Radiant Mail: suit of +2 chainmail, which when worn by a cleric or paladin allows them to turn undead as though two levels higher.

Magical Items
Shoes of Vidar: armored shoes, which allow wearer to kick as a free attack, dealing damage as a +4 broadsword.  If planted on the chest of a prone enemy, that enemy cannot stand until removed.
Talaria: boots that allow flight at walking speed once per day for one hour at a time.
Seven League Boots: boots that triple movement.  This does not stack with other spells or items that increase movement.
Swan Cloak: magical cloak that sets its wearer’s charisma to 19.
Brissingamen: Freya’s necklace, which raises morale by +2 for anyone within fifty feet.
Harmonia: allows the old to become youthful again, removing all negative penalties for age.  This does not increase one’s life span, however.
Yasakoni no Magatama: jade medallion that grants +2 to its wearer’s wisdom.
Draupnir/Andvaranaut: two different rings, both of which will produce 1d4 gold per day.
Dispel: ring that removes curses once per day.  Will also remove spell effects five times a day.
Mudorra: ring that removes diseases five times a week.
Bone of Ullr: wand that stores any 10 spells that the caster knows.
Olivant: horn that heals 2d8+2 HP to all allies within thirty feet when blown and grants +1 to attack and damage rolls.  May be used once per day.
Rati: auger that can burrow through any solid material except for adamantium.
Wotan’s Sphere: crystal ball that shows what is happening anywhere on the surface of the world.
Phoenix Plume: enchanted phoenix feather that restores life to a dead character once a month.  Normal rules for raising dead apply, such as number of times a PC can be raised, etc.
Falcon Cloak: allows wearer to transform into a falcon for four hours once each day.
Tarnhelm: helm that changes its wearer’s appearance to any humanoid.  The helm is still visible during this transformation, but clothing and gear are disguised.
Mudarra: a magic ring, which when broken in half will cure blindness and other diseases.  It must then be rejoined by expending a 4th level spell.
Girdle of Hippolyta: grants +5 (+50 for 1st edition) to wearer’s reaction modifier from charisma.
Tarnkappe: cloak of non-detection and improves wearer’s movement by 3 spaces.
Shirt of Anti-nessus: magical shirt that prevents all poisoning.
Jarngreipr: gauntlets that set strength to 18/00 and double range for thrown weapons.
Cohuleen Durith: cap that allows the wearer to breathe underwater.
Yata no Kagami: mirror that can fire a beam of light once per day.  The beam extends out to 50 spaces and deals automatic 2d8 damage to everything in its path; undead suffer 4d8.
Aigmat: amulet that grants its wearer 25% magic resistance.
Sibyllina: book that, whenever read, will grant tactical advice, which grants +1 to all attack, saves, and AC for 1d4 turns.
Raudskinna: book that automatically teaches its reader every spell of necromancy, but when the reading is completed, the book will burn, dealing 2d4 fire damage to the reader.  Must be a mage of at least 10th level or the book will be incomprehensible.
Senji ryakketsu: book that can predict the future 30 times before it fades away.
Galdabrok: book that contains 47 spells of the GM’s choosing.
Bezoar Stone: when touched to water, turns it into an antidote potion.
Cintamani: stone that, when thrown at a wall, will break apart into 1d4 pieces.  Each piece will then grant a wish before disintegrating.
Adder Stone: protects holder from poison and disease, but will not cure said ailments if merely put into the hand of someone who has already been afflicted by them.
Stone of Scone: large block of sandstone that can show important visions.  The GM rolls 1d4: 1=location of treasure, 2=location of a lost friend, 3=location of an enemy, 4=important events occurring elsewhere in the world.
Draconite: once per week this stone will produce a breath weapon attack as though made by an adult red dragon.
Skatert Samobranka: tablecloth that produces food and drink for up to 10 individuals once per day.
Brazen Head: bronze head-shaped ornament that answers any question.
Ruyi: golden scepter that grants +1 to any roll (+5%) as long as it is held in the hand.
Nanteo’s Cup: wooden mazer bowl, which may be filled with water that serves as a Heal spell once per day.
Lantern of Diogenes: lantern that produces a zone of absolute truth out to 30 feet.
Gluskab Canoe: canoe that can shrink down to fit in a pouch.
Throne of Kia Kavus: flying chariot drawn by two giant eagles.  The eagles may be summoned once per day for up to five hours, but if killed they will not be able to return for a month.
Danu Monara: flying wagon that can hold up to four medium creatures and moves at a rate of 24 spaces.
Tangu: flying carpet that moves at a flying speed of 24 spaces, has dimensions of 5x10 feet and carries up to 1,000 pounds.
Gullinbursti: a large, golden, mechanical boar with 8 HD, 0 AC, 13 THAC0, 2d6 goring damage, movement 24, maximum morale and immunity to poisons and mind-affecting spells.  Fire spells heal it, ice spells deal half damage, and lightning has a 10% chance to stun it for 1d4 rounds.  Lastly its golden mane glows in the dark, providing light out to 60 feet.
*Conchstout: trumpet that summons 2d4 HD of water elementals once per day for an hour.
*Languished Mantle: black waste coat with a collar of raven’s feathers, which may transform, at will, into great, black wings, allowing the wearer to slow fall or glide forward at their movement rate.
*Witless Walker: gem, which when held in the hand, allows a person to walk over the edge of a cliff and into open air out at a distance equal to their maximum movement rate.
*Door Stoop: ring that allows its wearer to pass through up to two feet of solid wood or stone, but not metal or magically sealed doors.
*Devilbob: a strange, magical plumb bob that, when suspended by a string or chain, will point in the direction of the most immediate source of evil.
*Charm of Unsightly Servants: a crude, lump of adamantium that allows its user to summon up to 4HD of skeletons for one hour, twice a day.
*Copious Coffer: tiny coin purse that can hold up to 1,000,000 coins and/or gems.
*Cupboard Clerk: this tiny wall cupboard may be opened up to twice a day, revealing a tiny room where a spectral clerk sits at a desk.  When paid 1,000 gold, he will process certain requests, such as finding the location of a missing person, lost possession, who and where the best sage is to ask advice on a certain subject, etc.
*Sash of the Wind: sash that grants double movement and a bonus of 1 to AC.
*Gauntlets of the Throng: gauntlets, which grant the wearer 18/00 Strength and provide a bonus of 1 to AC and allows one to punch with +2 to hit for 1d6+2 damage.
*Pilfer’s Hand: mummified hand, which when given a lock pick can pick any non-magical lock.

*Squiggles: an imp in a jar; together they provide the holder 10% magic resistance, and the imp will provide useful advice from time to time as a sage who specializes in magic.


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