Thursday, August 18, 2016

Another Idea for a Campaign

So, admittedly this concept is a bit on the nose, but if given serious development, like many things, it would be fun for a few weeks.  Essentially what we have here is a world set on and in a tower of almost relativistic scale where the base connects with cold, frozen remnants of an old planet.  Nobody knows what waits at the top and empires clash near the cold, upper climbs, believing that incredible power is at the top.  Most folks are content to dwell on great balconies vast enough to cradle valleys, rivers and lakes as well as forests and towns, etc.  Stairs and slopes allow ascension to upper stories and tunnels run and wi d throughout the reaches of the interior.  A solid core of magma flows through the tower's core, and all manner of creatures roam and prowl outside and in.  Oh yes, and did I mention that massive vines hang over the ledges and connect the levels on the outside?

I probably won't be in the mood to even touch this for years, so here it will stay until it fully ripens.  Woot.

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