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d100 Post-Nuke Adventure Generation

Here we go, folks, a generic randomization table for your post-nuke games.  Enjoy.

These are starting points for adventures that take place in post-nuclear worlds, such as Gamma World, etc.  GMs should take special care to flesh these out specifically for whatever world they are operating in and potentially use them to tie together important events.

d100     Location                       Condition                                 Dilemma                                             
1-         House                           Abandoned                               Wired to explode
2-         Camp Site                     On fire                                      Bandits use it as a base camp
3-         Storage Center              Filled with nuclear waste            Needs to be swept and made safe
4-         Grocery Store               Crumbling and caving in            Giant insects built a hive there
5-         Specialty Store              Infested (Bugs)                          Strange monsters were sighted there     
6-         Shopping Mall               Infested (Beasts)                       Find a lost person there
7-         Sports Arena                 Infested (Plants)                        Recover lost property there
8-         Church                          Infested (Rodents)                     Recover an artifact there
9-         Office Building              Infested (Robots)                      Recover data there
10-        Sky Scraper                  Infested (Zombies)                    Recover biological sample there            
11-        Airport                          Underground                             Recover plants with curative properties
12-        Army Depot                  Underwater                                Hunt a strange monster there
13-        Army Base                    Waterlogged                             Mercenaries camp there
14-        Fallout Shelter               Muddy                                      Dangerous animals reproduce there
15-        Underground Lab          Flickering Power Source            Dangerous robots reproduce there        
16-        Underground Base        Filled with Garbage                    Cannibals use it as a kill zone
17-        Science Lab                  Filled with Death/Carnage          Mad doctor does experiments there
18-        Crashed Alien Ship        Filled with Holes                        Psychopath uses location for sniping
19-        City Sewers                   Filled with Sand                         Rampaging robot roams there
20-        Sheriff’s Station            Overgrown with plants               Militant group is using it as a base         
21-        Crater                           Overgrown with moss                Possible alien sighting there
22-        Ravine                          Overgrown with fungus              Disable powerful machine
23-        Forest                           Overgrown with organic matter   Disable powerful robot
24-        Boulder-strewn Field      Burned Out/Charred                   Escort a trade caravan through there
25-        Mountain Trail               Riddled with Bullets                   Escort a scientist through there              
26-        Mountain Top                Stinking gas fills the air              Recover old world artifact
27-        Lake                             Poison gas fills the air                Recover ammunition/weapons
28-        Pond                            Flammable gas fills the air          Recover food and supplies
29-        Seashore                      Radioactive haze fills the air       Recover tools and materials
30-        Shallow Cave                Washed ashore on beach          Recover old world books and literature   
31-        Deep Cave                    Devoid of light                          Recover old world movies and media
32-        Complex Cave               Filled with bright lights               Recover keys or pass codes
33-        Crevice                         Shifting foundation                    Recover medical supplies
34-        Garbage Dump             Teetering and ready to fall         Recover scientific equipment
35-        Farmstead                    Covered in graffiti                     Activate old machinery                          
36-        Grassy Valley                Covered in warning signs           Activate old electric/water system
37-        Murky Swamp               Sealed off with barbed wire        Look for valuable scrap material
38-        Flood Plain                   Sealed off with razor wire           Look for rare minerals or crystals
39-        Subway Tunnels            Filled with landmines                 Look for old world body with brief case
40-        Train Station                 Filled with sinkholes                  Look for shipping/flight manifest            
41-        Small Power Plant         Divided by fissures                    Contact NPC with information
42-        Hydro-electric Dam        Half-buried by landslide             Recover sample of special petroleum
43-        Nuclear Power Plant      Assailed by strong winds           Recover sample of special fusion cell
44-        Gas Station                   Threatened by electrical storm   Find lost crew members
45-        Baseball/Soccer Field    Drowning in rainstorm                Find lost scout                                     
46-        Docks                          Drenched in acid rainstorm        Assassinate a bandit boss
47-        Shipyard                       Sinking in the mud                     Sabotage a motor gang’s bikes and cars
48-        Monument                     Slowly succumbing to rust          Sabotage a powerful robot
49-        Giant Tree                     Permeated by radiation              Sabotage an old world machine
50-        Big Hole in Ground        Sinking in the Ground                Find old photographs                           
51-        Garbage Fort                Sinking in the Water                   Dig up a coffin containing money
52-        Walled-off Community   About to fall over a cliff              Search for a rare case of scotch
53-        Old Well                        About to fall into water               Search for a rare case of cigars
54-        Oil Rig                          Corroding in an acid lake           Search for preserved food stuff
55-        Nuclear Vessel              Surrounded by trees                  A loner in powered armor stalks about   
56-        Steel Mill                       Trapped under wreckage           Bandits compete to find treasure
57-        Cattle Ranch                 Surrounded by animal bones     Copy a map that was drawn on a wall
58-        Greenhouse                  Filled with giant monster bones  Help build a fortification
59-        City Park                       Surrounded by refugees            Help build housing
60-        City Zoo                       Surrounded by mannequins        Help build a greenhouse                       
61-        Mansion House             Covered with doomsday signs   Help build a water purifier
62-        Golf Course                  Disturbed by shaking ground      Flush out vermin
63-        Amusement Park           Filled with hallucinatory fog        Flush out gangers
64-        Freeway Overpass        Surrounded by ruined vehicles   Put an end to a rivalry
65-        Public School                Filled with scorched skeletons    Rescue a hostage or hostages
66-        College Campus            Filled with fungal corpses          Rescue people stranded there               
67-        Arboretum                     Filthy clothes are strewn about   Psycho is throwing grenades
68-        Aircraft Hanger              Rotten food crates lay about      Psycho has set up traps everywhere
69-        Museum                        Covered in strange slime           Investigate new organization
70-        Arid Waste                    Full of counterfeit money           Might contain a clean water source        
71-        Derelict Ship                 A cyclone is drawing near           Investigate possible ghost sighting
72-        Derelict Aircraft             Entrances are blocked by cars   Clear out dangerous squatters
73-        Car Fort                        Furniture is stacked all around    Clear out drug labs
74-        Walled Camp                Surrounded by heads on poles  Clear out vicious plants
75-        Abandoned Train           Permeated by a strong odor      Eavesdrop on plotting enemies             
76-        Beached Cruise Ship     Bugs drop from the ceiling         Recover lost keepsakes
77-        Beached Submarine      Covered in makeshift housing    Look for package containing salvage
78-        Launch Platform            Being excavated for supplies     Look for educational supplies
79-        Post Office                   Being built on by a community    Retrieve fragile mechanical component
80-        Public Library                Being fortified by militants          Move volatile chemicals to safe zone     
81-        National Library             Surrounded by tall grass            Retrieve classified map of silo locations
82-        County Jail                    Strange music fills the air           Find and transport fuel cells
83-        Prison Complex             Strange singing fills the air         Find and transport gasoline tanks
84-        Small Casino                 Has a strange, sealed door        Bring back religious artifact
85-        Grand Casino                Hides a bunker entrance            Confirm and acquire alien tech              
86-        Motel                            Surrounded by small camps       Prevent a robbery
87-        Hotel                            Protected by tripwires                Convince enemies to move out
88-        Grand Hotel                  Has been remade into a shrine   Find hidden armaments and move them
89-        Trailer Park                   Has been stripped bare             Repair and deliver a vehicle to its owner
90-        Suburb                         Strange people stand around     Disarm and retrieve the core of a bomb 
91-        Apartment Complex       Filled with organic growths         Sneak past sleeping foes to scavenge
92-        Fast Food Place            Protected by electric fences       Capture an enemy alive for interrogation
93-        Restaurant                    Obscured by smoke plumes       Set up monitoring equipment
94-        Bowling Alley                Harsh laughter fills the air           Set a charge to burry a monster lair
95-        Race Track                   Has an unexploded bomb          Use sensors to locate a lost supply box 
96-        Hospital                        Lights flicker on and off             Make contact with a wary community
97-        Mechanic Shop             Loud groaning fills the air           Make contact with a secret organization
98-        Convention Center         A putrid stream runs through it   Make contact with an intelligent monster
99-        Water Tower                  A putrid river runs through it       Negotiate with mercs to aid a town
100-      Giant Alien Ship            Skulls are piled all around          Negotiate with thugs to allow passage

Random Faction Tables
For generating random factions that the PCs may encounter in the new world, be they mutants or normal humans.  Humans come in a range of common ethnicities, mild mutants are humans with minor cosmetic features, moderate mutants have slightly more noticeable features and minor powers, and severe mutants have highly noticeable mutations and major powers.  Robots are humanoid in shape and may either be sentient or merely rigorously programmed to follow complex behavioral patterns.
d20       Demi-humanity                         Structure                                  Purpose/Economy                  
1-         Humans                                    Anarchy                                    Agriculture
2-         Humans                                    Democratic                               Agriculture
3-         Humans                                    Tribal                                        Herding
4-         Humans                                    Capitalistic                                Herding
5-         Mild Mutant                               Socialistic                                 Trade                                       
6-         Mild Mutant                               Minimalistic                               Trade
7-         Mild Mutant                               Theocratic                                 Armorsmiths
8-         Mild Mutant                               Militaristic                                 Weaponsmiths
9-         Moderate Mutant                       Imperialistic                               Water Purifiers
10-        Moderate Mutant                       Sovereignty                              Slave Traders                           
11-        Moderate Mutant                       Anarchy                                    Bandit Raiders
12-        Moderate Mutant                       Democratic                               Bandit Raiders
13-        Severe Mutant                           Tribal                                        Explorers
14-        Severe Mutant                           Capitalistic                                Medical Science
15-        Severe Mutant                           Socialistic                                 Experimenters                          
16-        Severe Mutant                           Minimalistic                               Cannibalism
17-        Robotic                                    Theocratic                                 Mechanics
18-        Robotic                                    Militaristic                                 Reconstruction
19-        Robotic                                    Imperialistic                               Expansion
20-        Robotic                                    Sovereignty                              Technologists

Random Ambushes
For use in generating situations in which the PC party is presented with a scenario in which an ambush has been prepared.  Simply roll 1d20 on the three tables below.  On a d100 roll there is a 15% chance for an ambush any time the party enters a new area.
d20       Terrain                         Ruse                                                                                                   
1-         Flat Valley                     Nothing visible; enemies hidden behind camouflaged blinds.
2-         Narrow Pass                 Distress smoke signals with guns waiting behind points of concealment.
3-         Wide Pass                    Group of females begging help, but turn out to be armed or disguised.
4-         Below High Cliff            Abandoned trade caravan filled with hidden raiders.
5-         Above High Cliff            Dead monster carcass with predators hidden about.
6-         Rolling Hills                   Supplies or something provocative with a snare or net set nearby.
7-         Crossroads                   Radio distress signal broadcast by an apparatus rigged to blow.
8-         Ruined Streets              A small ruin rigged to collapse and trap the party inside.
9-         Crumbling City              Monster setting up an appealing lure to draw party into its mouth.
10-        Ruined House               Civilians taken hostage to negotiate relinquishment of supplies.
11-        Ruined Building             Looted supply crates with enemies buried in the ground round about.
12-        Small Shack                  Enemies ready to dislodge falling debris on a slope.
13-        Sandy Expanse             Food in a cave that has hidden pitfalls set to capture the party.
14-        Burnt Forest                  Abandoned trade caravan filled with hidden vermin.
15-        Sparse Forest               Wounded person calls for help with his/her attackers waiting nearby.
16-        Dense Forest                A straggler begs for assistance and robs the party when they sleep.
17-        Boulder Slopes             A straggler begs for assistance and leads the party into an ambush.
18-        Large Hole/Crater          Another group offers trade, but sells defective items.
19-        Beached Ship               Another group offers to give directions, but misdirects and attacks later.
20-        Sandy Shore                 Device set to stun party so they may be captured by slavers.

Random Communities
For use in generating different communities that the PCs may encounter and establish as enemies or contacts out in the wastelands.  Each name can be mixed around into whatever order the GM enjoys the most, and the name itself can help determine the manner of community it is.  For example, a name like “Red Fang” might belong to a savage war clan, but a name like “Lakeshore Hill” could belong to a fishing community.  Along with the name of a community is a possible “special condition”, which the GM could use as prompts for adventuring ideas.
d100     First Name                   Second Name              Special Condition                                           
1-         Red                              Man                              well and stable.
2-         Blue                              Camp                           suffering from an outbreak of disease.
3-         Green                           Hovel                            troubled with spreading fires.
4-         Yellow                          Hole                             suffering from a water shortage.
5-         Orange                         Squat                           has an influx of trade.                                       
6-         Black                            Way                              has a need for more trade.
7-         White                            Beard                           overpopulated and in need of expansion.
8-         Brown                           Skins                            underpopulated and in need of more inhabitants.
9-         Grey                             Fang                             mysteriously abandoned.
10-        Beast                            Claw                             infested with vermin.                                         
11-        Nutt                              Tower                           troubled by bandits roaming about.
12-        Bear                             Flight                            ruled by a ruthless tyrant.
13-        Owl                               Flow                             manipulated by strange cult.
14-        Coyote                         Trail                              regularly attacked by a large creature.
15-        Raccoon                       Wind                             has a great need for food.                                
16-        Cat                               Home                           has excess food but won’t trade with outsiders.
17-        Dog                              Squalor                         in the midst of a power dispute.
18-        Wolf                             Rend                            in the midst of an election process.
19-        Hound                          Fall                               mistrustful of outsiders.
20-        Dung                            Springs                         deeply hateful towards outsiders.                      
21-        Horse                           Wood                           deeply hateful towards mutants.
22-        Strong                          -ing                               deeply hateful towards robots and synthetics.
23-        Quick                            -er                                deeply hateful towards normal humans.
24-        Wise                             -ly                                 battered after conflict with another settlement.
25-        Glory                            -by                                looking for missing members of the community. 
26-        Cross                           -berg                            supply lines cut off by monsters.
27-        Raccoon                       -ton                              supply lines cut off by raiders.
28-        Quiet                            -ling                              looking to acquire arms and armor.
29-        Silent                            Stead                           looking to acquire tools and services.
30-        Long                             Wallow                          strange, old-world relic in the middle of town.
31-        Short                            Flow                             unexploded bomb near or in community.
32-        Wayward                       Stretch                          nearby ruin troubles residents.
33-        Deep                            Reach                           community practices cannibalism.
34-        Sunrise                         Flow                             string of murders plague and baffle community.
35-        Sunset                          Flowing                         receiving threats from bandit group.
36-        Twilight                         Way                              in need of mechanical component for machines.
37-        Darkness                      Mountain                       looking for data to run machine function.
38-        Starshine                      Rock                            makes use of slaves to build.
39-        Moonlight                     Hill                                acid rain from an old power plant threaten life.
40-        Sunlight                        Tongue                         heavy rainfall threatens to flood the community. 
41-        Cloudy                          Hate                             sinkhole opened in community.
42-        Murky                           Hang                            unearthed robotics lab now resumes function.
43-        Bright                           Fall                               dormant military robot has rebooted.
44-        Lackluster                     Falling                          old drones reactivated and fly about.
45-        Lakeshore                     Clear                             a volcano has awakened and spews ash.
46-        Wooded                       Clearing                        town is surrounded by newly formed acid lake.
47-        Grime                           Castle                           strange fungal growths are covering buildings.
48-        Grungy                         Crosse                          mutated virus turned community into zombies.
49-        Dingy                           Fort                              hostile robots control community.
50-        Dungy                          Fortress                        parts of community are in danger of sinking.      
51-        Bleak                            Pool                             sewers have giant alligators rising up at night.
52-        Borrowed                      Tier                               strange prophet speaks of the return of bombs.
53-        Stolen                           Slope                           peddler sells miracle mutagen or medicine.
54-        Forked                          Hovel                            town worships a strange machine.
55-        Crooked                       Fastness                       town worships a large creature.
56-        Jagged                         Slumber                        town worships an old war vehicle.          
57-        Ajee                              Restore                         town worships a seemingly powerful mutant.
58-        Barren                           Heim                             large walls built to keep something sinister out.
59-        Nestled                         Town                            strange mist settles over town at night.
60-        Crestfallen                    Community                   people mysteriously wander off.                        
61-        Wind                             City                              town of good bandits who want better things.
62-        Sky                              Retreat                          seemingly normal people with a sinister secret.
63-        Valley                           Organization                  community of adolescents and no adults.
64-        Arbor                            Trap                              town with legends of a great bird.
65-        Meadow                        Center                           town with legends of a great beast.                   
66-        Snowflake                     Refinery                        town with legends of a holy mutant.
67-        Trader                           Glide                            town with legends of a new end to the world.
68-        Forked                          Crater                           town with legends of a new start to the world.
69-        Antler                            Place                            town that fully embraces technology.
70-        Tusk                             Commune                     town that abhors technology.                            
71-        Horn                             Group                           town of artists.
72-        Spire                            Party                            town of scientists.
73-        Track                            Resort                          town of motorists.
74-        Rail                               Farm                             a massive wall with no response from inside.
75-        Cavern                          Field                             community consisting of only one family.           
76-        Ever                             Mine                             strange probe is watching people in town.
77-        Forever                         Space                           people in town are in some kind of stasis.
78-        Languish                       Respite                         invisible creature or creatures pester locals.
79-        Republic                       Haven                           water well has mysteriously gone dry.
80-        Democratic                   Base                             creatures infest the community’s well.                
81-        Sovereign                     Pad                              livestock are vanishing from grazing grounds.
82-        Even                             Hole                             slaves revolt against their masters.
83-        Crooked                       Cove                            vermin in community are stealing tools.
84-        Darkly                           Hideaway                      youth in community are stealing from people.
85-        Lightly                          Hollow                          giant, intelligent monster holds town hostage.    
86-        Meager                         Fort                              town has improved food that bandits now seek.
87-        Luster                           Colony                          evil men threaten to detonate explosives.
88-        Tepid                            Village                          town of intelligent monsters who want peace.
89-        Moonshine                    Hamlet                          giant robot stands outside and prevents exit.
90-        Staller                           Hide                             giant robot stands guard over community.          
91-        Quaint                           Refuge                         radio broadcasts urge folks to flee for their lives.
92-        Trappers                       Sanctuary                     alien artifact has appeared and divides the town.
93-        Stately                          Caravan                        great packs of predatory beasts have moved in.
94-        Everglade                     Harbor                          vehicular raiders circles the community.
95-        Everest                         Spot                             psychopath with a flamethrower attacks fields.   
96-        Meager                         Tub                               giant ant colony has sprung up in the fields.
97-        Slow                             Lot                               crops are mutating and attacking the farmers.
98-        Sleepy                          Bridge                          overrun with furry things breeding out of control.
99-        Groggy                         Wall                              overrun with mind-controlling cerebral growths.
100-      Lumber                         Quarry                          not a town, but an alien starship.                           


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