Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Silly Monster Encounters for Dungeons and Dragons

The following is a list of silly encounters for PCs in order to liven up the game every now and then...

1- While camping for the night, the PCs encounter a Kobold in women’s clothing who, in so many words, promises them a good time if they follow it to an unseen location.  Naturally there is an ill-intentioned band of Kobold warriors lying in wait at said location.

2- Upon the road, possibly in the mountains, the Pcs encounter an Ogre standing on one foot with one of its hands suspiciously placed behind its back, (naturally clutching some form of weapon).  The beast begs the PCs to stay their course for a moment and provide healing assistance to his bruised foot.  It goes without question that, should they help in any way, the Ogre will immediately attack them.

3- In a foggy ravine, or any other place where fog is dense enough to obscure vision, the PCs come across the ghastly shape of a great dragon, which demands that they place their valuables on the ground before it unleashes fiery death upon them.  Upon closer inspection, the dragon is nothing more than parchment tacked into a wooden frame, all assembled to create the silhouette of a dragon, and the voice they heard belongs to a goblin or some other small, intelligent creature.

4- Near the entrance to a wooded realm, the PCs happen upon an old woman who comes bearing a tray of baked sweet rolls and offers her home to them so that they can rest and prepare themselves before entering dangerous territory.  Should they choose to venture with the aged hag, she will promise them many fine things, but most especially candy.  When her home is reached the PCs will discover that it is nothing more than a barren foundation with a smoldering cauldron set between broken posts.  She will then draw a knife and ask them to please cut their hands and place their blood into the cauldron, explaining that they will have no sweets until they have accomplished this task.  Should the PCs leave the hag will merely scald them, but should they choose to fight her, she will naturally face off against them in her true form as a night hag.  If, for whatever reason, they decide to offer their blood to the hag, she and her “home” will vanish in a puff of smoke and ash.

5- On the outskirts of the wilderness, the PCs find signs along a scarcely trodden path, all pointing to a misshapen house, in front of which stands a Kenku holding a jar.  The creature asks for one gold piece to grant admission into the house’s interior, inside which awaits a band of armed and armored orcs and such.

6- Just beyond the walls of a town, a persistent, if not annoying, young man begs to join the PCs and promises to work very hard performing whatever duties they ask of him.  Should he be taken on as a hireling, he will travel with them until they reach a dungeon or ruin and will boldly offer to wait behind and defend their provisions with his life, drawing a stick from his belt and fencing the air in demonstration of his prowess.  Should he be left to do so, the PCs will return from the dungeon and discover all of their gear missing, along with the young man, but investigation will yield a note in which the man mocks them for falling prey to one of the oldest tricks in the book.

7- A flash of light will surprise the PCs on their way to their next destination and they will encounter a humanoid dressed in strange, metallic trappings.  The humanoid will explain that it has come from the future and is in dire need of heroes to assist him in his efforts to save the land from (insert foe).  In order to help, the PCs will be asked to turn over all of their magical trinkets.  Doing so will cause the humanoid to teleport away with their goods with nothing but a sound heckling as payment.  Should they resist, the humanoid will let out a shrill whistle and more metal-clad humanoids will appear and do battle with them.  When the dust clears, the PCs will discover that the humanoids were nothing more than human bandits wearing pots and pans that have been painted to look silver.

8- While scouring a dungeon, or perhaps while wandering the wilds, the PCs spot a curious medallion on the ground, but if they reach for it, the trinket will suddenly leap away, as though being tugged, (by a string, naturally).  If the PCs pursue it, they will make the unhappy discovery that it is leading them towards a gnoll ambush point.

9- In the middle of the night, while staying at an Inn, the PCs will awaken to someone knocking on their door.  When opened they will see someone short running away.  This will happen all night, or until they decide to pursue the nuisance.  If they all decide to go, they will return to find their room ransacked by goblins, or some other obnoxious creatures.  If any stay behind, they will be attacked by the thieving fiends as they enter through the windows.

10- The PCs stumble upon a strange yet utterly adorable creature that plays at their feet and tries to lick their faces.  A successful Arcanum check will reveal the creature to be a polymorphed being of some kind.  Should the PCs decide to remove the alteration from the little animal it will return to its true form: that of a slobbering Chuul.  And it wasn’t trying to lick and play with them; it was trying to attack them.

11- Out in a desert city or some other place where street markets are common, a persistent merchant will unyieldingly try to foist off his goods on the PCs.  All of his wares appear to be nothing more than cheap junk, but one item, which he is offering at a rather low price, appears uncommon and valuable.  If the item is purchased and they identify it, they will discover that it is a sentient object possessed by the spirit of another merchant who ceaselessly pesters them about buying things.

12- Out and about, the PCs encounter a wildly eccentric female who promises to bestow a wish upon them if they fulfill a seemingly endless assortment of meaningless tasks (throw three acorns into a pond, gather ten twigs and arrange them on a hill in the pattern of a star, sing an absurd song to a flower, wink at a rabbit, and at least twenty other such trifles).  If the PCs have somehow endured the list of actions, the eccentric female will reveal herself as a powerful Djinn and will grant the party one single wish.

13- A cleric, appearing to be quite powerful, approaches the PCs and begs their assistance in purging a mythical castle of all-consuming evil with the promise that he will bestow a mighty gift upon them from his deity.  Inside the castle, which strangely enough is not very far off, the PCs have the opportunity to dispatch strange, rare and wonderful creatures, all of whom fall easily.  Upon the completion of the quest, the Cleric casts a spell upon the party that causes them to lift into the air and exude dazzling light.  Upon the completion of the whole experience, the PCs find the Cleric and castle nowhere in sight and all of their money stolen.  They also find the calling card of a Gnomish Illusionist/thief.

14- The PCs discover a trail of silver coins, which lead to a green field.  In the midst of this field they discover a large wooden box, under which rests a pile of gold coins.  The box is tilted on its side and suspended by a tree branch, attached to which is a length of twine.  If searched out, the end of the trailing twine is being grasped by the ready hands of a sniggering pair of Ogres.

15- In a forest clearing, the PCs view a small table supporting a freshly baked pie, or something else delicious.  Should any of the PCs bear any amount of perceptiveness they will see that a large net has been placed under the table and is covered by leaves and twigs, with ropes hidden up in the trees.  This particular trap was set by a band of Hobgoblins.

16- In the basement of an Inn, whose owner and patrons act peculiarly and wear sacks over their heads, the PCs are directed to discover a large, unopened box.  They are told that a surprise is waiting for them inside.  Should they open it, the PCs will fall prey to some ten goblins who come springing out of the box.  However, should they inspect the patrons and owner at the main level, they will discover yet more goblins riding upon each other’s shoulders with heavy coats and sacks covering their heads.

17- In a dungeon the PCs find a grimy hole in the wall with writing instructing them to place a hand into the hole for a prize.  Doing so will trigger a trap that holds the person there and opens hidden doors out of which come gnolls.

18- At the heart of a prosperous city, the PCs come across a seemingly wealthy merchant who wishes to hire them to deliver a cart filled with trade goods to a manor out in the country.  He emphatically promises them that the goods are not stolen and that there is no reason why the guards would want to check them at the gates.  Naturally the goods are stolen and the PCs will be arrested.  If taken to prison they will learn from another prisoner that the wealthy man they came across was the actual thief who had made the unhappy discovery that he cannot sell the items and is trying to offload the stolen goods and pass the blame on to someone else.

19- Sitting against a tree, possibly near some woods, is a wrapped gift that has been magically enchanted to explode into a large net.  If captured the PCs should expect a band of thieves or monsters to quickly appear and demand a tribute equal to all of the valuables they are carrying on their person.

20- A rambling old codger approaches the PCs, in any possible location, and threatens them, saying he is a powerful demon in disguise and unless they wish to avoid being smitten to the earth by his wondrous powers, they must offer a sacrifice equal to 100 gold pieces.  He is not a demon, but is a regular old man who will die of a heart attack moments after gold is given to him.

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