Monday, July 7, 2014

Introductions, of course, introductions...

Here is the first of (hopefully) many posts.  This blog is dedicated to my writings, my works in progress, and most importantly, my RPG settings.  Most of these will be compatible with the OSRIC/AD&D systems because you can't beat the classics :)

Simple Bio: I grew up on a farm in Honeyville Utah.  During this time I fell in love with drawing/coloring and loved to draw pictures of the games my older siblings played on our awesome NES console.  When I was seven we moved to Germany and lived there for three years.0, during which time I encountered many challenging and interesting things.  Unfortunately my autism frustrated my educators to no end and I wound up teaching myself how to read and write through the help of Bill Waterson's Calvin and Hobbes comics.  My cinical sense of humor developed out of reading Gary Larson's Far Side strips >:D

To wrap this up, I've lived a challening, if not interesting life, and look forward to the absurdities of the next few decades that I may be privileged to live through.  I'd really like to see one of these flying cars I've heard so many people whine about.  And I hope to see if mankind ever lives in houses on poles, like the Jetsons cartoons.

Well, enjoy.  If I ever go off on a rant, just change my batteries and hit the reset button.

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